Xbox One X Review One Year Later | Should You Buy Xbox One X This Holiday 2018?

Should you buy an xbox one x in 2018? NEW 2018 Xbox One X Review | Why You Should Get An Xbox One X in Holiday 2018!
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what is going on guys is dealer here back again with my xbox 1x review one year later keep in mind there are a ton of people that don't know anything about the Xbox one X and they are very curious as to if they should buy one maybe this Black Friday this Christmas maybe they've got a kid that wants better fidelity better graphics and they don't want to wait until next generation they want a better box now I've got all the information you need and more regarding the performance the graphics the features what you can expect improvements all of these things in this review now of course keep in mind I've had a year with the console today I've had exactly 365 days with the Xbox one X and I'm actually afraid to look at the amount of time I've spent on this thing in that year but I want to make something absolutely clear these are just my opinions keep in mind I have a particular set of circumstances that may make me like this console more than someone else so I do encourage anybody watching this review to check out another one and then another one but if you find your circumstances your train of thought to match mine maybe this is the only one you do need to watch so first and foremost yes let's address the elephant in the room games if you want certain exclusives no amount of performance and features is going to bring them to your box so if you are into Halo Gears of War for some Motorsports things like that of course you are right at home here on the Xbox platform 2019 has crackdown 3 as well as Gears of War 5 slated Ori and the will of the wisp is also coming out in 2019 and apparently more things are going to be announced but like always some games may be available on a platform or two that you do not own so if you want to play god of war this holiday if you want to play spider-man this holiday both absolutely phenomenal games I have basically praised these games top to bottom there are must owns if you want a Playstation 4 then the Xbox one Xbox 1x isn't really the console you're looking for and bless you are looking for a multitude of benefits outside of a few different exclusive games this year but that varies I personally have both systems I don't have to worry about that I can play those few exclusives that I want on the PlayStation 4 and then play every single multipe lat on my xbox 1x if I want I can even play those multi plants and exclusives on my PC which far surpasses both consoles combined but I am a console gamer I prefer consoles that's just how I am so yes games across the board multi-platform games be that the biggest latest and greatest replace like Red Dead Redemption to Assassin's Creed Odyssey call of duty black ops for Fallout 76 battlefield 5 and more if you're looking to play these big triple-a games at maximum console fidelity then you want to play them on the Xbox one X reason being is that Xbox one X tends to render games at around double the resolution of ps4 pro quite often you are often looking at the difference between 1440p around 3.6 million pixels and full 3840 by 2160 full 4k or over 8 million pixels the performance Delta is very wide here but for those craving performance along with the fastest load times the best visuals 99% of the time on these multi-platform games you want to go with the Xbox one X and this has been proven over and over and over and over again by digital foundry I will link their channel down below along with all of their analysis showing the comparisons between the two platforms performance is not the argument here between the two platforms Xbox one X takes this easily the question is are you into that kind of stuff do you want the best visuals do you want the best load times do you want features like Dolby vision which has been patched into the system the best HDR is available on Xbox platforms do you want services like Xbox game pass 10 bucks a moth download and play almost 200 games as much as you want including new exclusives like Forza horizon for it is by far one of the best values in gaming and an absolute must for those buying a console for their kids are you interested in AMD freesync because technology that allows a perfect match on refresh rates to of all jetter and stutter do you use a PC monitor do you want access to a dedicated 1440p resolution mode for that monitor for ultra-fast low latency response time are you into 4k media do you want the least compressed audio and video from your brand-new movies well you want to go 4k blu-ray for that and the Xbox one X has one of these built in it is a very good value for the money especially this holiday being as you can find these for around 400 bucks quite easily and with the trade-in you can save even more so all of these things depend and if you want more detail on these features check out the video I link to down below it will be titled more details and that will have more information on things like HDR 10 versus Dolby vision and more I've covered all of this before if you are curious as to what the games look like on the Xbox one X every single bit of gameplay you see in this video has been captured from an Xbox one X using nothing more than a flash drive yes the Xbox one X has an internal DVR that can record to any 3.0 flash drive and it will capture up to 4k and 60 frames per second even including HDR metadata in the mix to get a capture card that does this you've got to shell out several hundred dollars for that alone so if you are thinking about picking up an Xbox one X for yourself or a loved one and they create media they love creating gameplay videos and uploading them to YouTube and have the hardware to do so on the PC side then the Xbox one X has them covered with just a thumb drive no capture card required so if some or all of that sounded very compelling to you then maybe the Xbox one X is going to be the console you are looking for keep in mind that it also has backwards compatibility with over 500 original Xbox and Xbox 360 games as well several of those are also Xbox one X enhanced to run in native 4k to I've got to be honest the console is just a powerhouse it is a few millimeters smaller than the Xbox one s is substantially smaller than the 2013 Xbox one fat it runs quieter than its competitor at a lower temperature than its competitor while producing over double the pixels of its competitor and that's not all thanks to its additional RAM it often has higher resolution assets and additional graphics effects over its competitor and I know there's got to be a few of you that are like is it really that big is it really doing that much more than the pro yes it really is and and it should be because it's $100 more and once more for those thinking about picking up an axe and you're really curious about the real performance differences between this and the PlayStation 4 Pro I encourage you to click the digital foundry link down below detailed analysis after detailed analysis it all comes out in the wash so yeah ultimately that is kind of my informational tech based review of the system for those that are curious and you just don't know now you know this thing offers a lot of features and a ton of performance for four or five hundred dollars what you'll likely see this thing at on Black Friday or around Christmas so if you're thinking about picking the system up it's got a ton to offer if you're into certain games this console will not fix that as has always been the case with consoles negatives of the Xbox one X include well honestly I'm struggling to think of one really this one is a negative of the Xbox platform in general it doesn't pertain to the Xbox one expa free-to-play games on the Xbox platform require a gold subscription to play online whereas PlayStation does not need a PlayStation Plus subscription to play free-to-play games online this could make a big difference if your kid plays one or two free-to-play games if you are thinking about upgrading from an existing Xbox one it's probably not a big issue I hear Microsoft are talking about this internally making free-to-play games playable online without the gold paywall but as of right now you do need an Xbox Live Gold to play online other than that it's pretty straightforward it is an iterative upgrade of an Xbox one much like a PlayStation 4 pro being an iterate upgrade of a base PlayStation 4 it does all of the same things with the addition of some console exclusive features like the 4k game DVR things like that otherwise it plays all of your existing games with automatic benefits to performance texture filtering load times and games that get those Xbox 1x enhanced patches often see 3 to 6 times resolution boost with some additional graphics effects sprinkled on top it's a good time and I guess the only real drawback would be the price depending on how expensive you've got it for but at the end of the day your alternative is buying a PC or building it yourself something most console guys probably aren't gonna go do their first time out but of course that's a whole different video let me know what you guys think down below do you have an xbox 1x are you thinking about getting an Xbox 1x if so let me know what you think about the system show this to a family member or somebody you know that might be on the fence about grabbing an Xbox one X and of course hit that like button if you enjoyed the video maybe agree with the message or learn something here today it's well appreciated share this video with as many people as you can if you're in this kind of content subscribe if you're new and remember all the gameplay footage in this video was captured on an Xbox one X and believe it or not the footage actually doesn't even do the game just this it looks even better in HD our 4k in person so once more I'm dealer I'm out

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  1. The console wars is just plain retarded. Theres a thing called "Preferences".

  2. Next gen I'll go with Xbox, tired of scummy Asian company with shitty product and services. I would had buy Xbox One X but with next consoles around the corner I want a fresh start.

  3. I'm planning to buy it in this Christmas.

  4. I want to buy one but I feel like next gen is right around the corner

  5. I might be able to get a xbox one x fo 250 amd a ps4 pro for 300 so yeeet

  6. I had mine since May of 2018. Not happy since they announced next gen Xbox coming possibly November 2019 or 2020. Feel like I was ripped off. Now if it will be able to play next generation games then that would be awesome. If not, then it’s not worth it.

  7. As a predominantly PC gamer, I was pleasantly surprised with both graphics and performance whilst playing Red Dead 2 on my preowned Xbox one X. The only thing I don't like is that if you want to swap out the hard drive, you have to void the warranty and tear the thing to pieces to get at it.

  8. I already have the fat one,im thinking about upgrading to the X,is It worth it ?

  9. Just got this today, fuckin buzzing cause I got black ops 4 and GTA 5, nephew is jealous cause he only has the xbox one.


  10. This should of been next gen because the new xbox is out next year. Only some games play in Uhd. Why pay £500 for all you get is a sharper image. Graphics are still the same. Plus the one is 6 years old now. Microsoft are just greedy ripping people off. Don't give them your hard earned cash.

  11. It feels like nobody cares about the x box one x and thinks the xbox one is the latest

  12. Debating on whether or not to pay my rent or get xbox Haha. Fuck it, I deserve it for all the bullshit I I suffered last year

  13. I need some help deciding. I have a Playstation Regular and a regular 1080 tv. I have been hearing that with it capped at 1080p, I can still benefit from the massive boost to frame rate but I wanna know if it is actually possible. Are games able to run steady 60+fps on a 1080p tv with the X or will they stay capped low and stutter?

  14. I hate Microsoft bt I'm commin to Xbox one x because too many nerds on ps4

  15. I own the original xbox one is it worth buying the x box one x?I just bought a new 4k tv so I am wondering if I should upgrade to a new xbox even though I already own the console.

  16. I have a white xbox one fat. I've been thinking of trading it in and getting the xbox one X for a while. May just keep both.

  17. I own a PC with 1080 ti, a original ps4 and a xbox one x. Obviously PC is best but the one x costs less than my graphics card of my PC or quite a few other components to be honest. So I don't know how to feel PC has some killer games only on PC but xbone x is super good especially with red dead 2.

  18. I got mine for ~ 380€. And I don't regret it. So much power and functions, free graphic upgrades for old games, I love it!

  19. As someone whose owned and loved the X for about 6 months and loves it, this sounds like a straight up paid for ad. I’m not saying it is, I’m just saying you sound like someone paid you to read a script. That said, I agree for the most part

  20. Been with Sony since 1997 was hard letting go but I think it’s for the best rip ps1,ps2,ps3,ps4 thanks.

  21. Just upgraded from a One S to a One X and love it so far. The only concern I have, is that while installing games, we decided to watch a 4K blue ray on it, and it made a very noticeable buzzing sound the whole time. Do you think this is normal?

  22. I need either a nice tv that works well with the xbox one x or a gaming monitor that’s not too expensive.

  23. So the ps4 is better than xbox one but the xbox one x is better than the ps4 pro?

  24. Honestly, no games excited me on Xbox One, PS4 Pro at least has amazing exclusives.

  25. Loved my Xbox 360, then bought an Xbox one and loved it then I bought an Xbox one X and it’s runs like a piece of crap! Keeps kicking me out of my games, even the ones that are not online. I don’t know maybe I got a defective one? I do like the graphics but I just can’t play long enough to really get into it, anymore have any suggestions for me?

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