Xbox Live Is Coming To Your Nintendo Switch

Microsoft is bringing Xbox Live cross-platform support to Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android devices. Let’s Discuss.

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xboxlive coming to a Nintendo switch near you that's not a mistake it's actually happening ah skip it uh buttoned up so if you remember round III time 2018 there was a trailer that came out called minecraft cross play trailer where it was Nintendo and Microsoft joining together to throw shade at Sony kiss at that time Sony wasn't doing anything with console cross play if you wanted to do cross play with PC and other platforms fine but they weren't cooperating with either Microsoft or Nintendo and they finally succumbed to it now Sony allows cross play with games like fortnight which you only had to be criticized for months upon months upon months on end to finally give in yeah good on you not really you should have done it way earlier than he did well Microsoft Service Xbox Live which I feel that even PlayStation fanboys will say is superior let's just face it PSN needs some work is now coming to Android devices iOS devices and I you not the Nintendo switch you're gonna have xbox live on your Nintendo switch that this is what Microsoft had to say about it Xbox Live is about to get much bigger Xbox Live is expanding from 400 million gaming devices and to reach to over 68 million active players to over 2 billion devices with the release of our new cross-platform xdk get a first look at the SDK to enable game developers to connect players between iOS Android and switch in addition to Xbox in any game in the Microsoft Store on Windows PC so you're gonna turn on your switch one day and you're gonna go into Xbox Live just things are getting crazy but it's smart it's smart man Microsoft knows what they're doing Microsoft knows two things especially for next generation cross-play is gonna be the norm ok even good old PlayStation here I'm sure is gonna reluctantly completely get on board and if there is a third party game that it's not an exclusive and if it's out for the switch the PS 5 Xbox Xbox nipple we'll call it yes we're gonna call it the Xbox nipple the next-gen Xbox it's gonna be playable cross-platform it's a multiplayer game anyway it should be playable across platform it's just gonna be expected at that point it's not gonna be exciting anymore it just to be like wait I can't if I have a switch I can't play with people on the PS 5 why what's the point it's a cross-platform game it's not just an exclusive to the PS file what's the big deal and Microsoft noses Microsoft also knows and they are setting themselves up because it is going to be the future I know I said this when the eighth generation was starting but it's get we're there we're getting married it's gonna happen slowly but we're getting there they know that gaming is gonna become a service and Microsoft wants to be the first out of the gate to be the service company when it comes to games so if I want to play him on my one +60 I can I want to play them on my iPad I can't I've talked about this before I want to play them on my PC or whatever the case may be I'm gonna be able to and Microsoft with this too as well they have Project X cloud which is gonna be streaming the games and they're sitting sitting up all the servers and getting that going and what they're doing with Xbox Live and making it for basically every platform out there they're setting themselves up so they could be a step ahead of everyone else and now you see it I even hear like apples try to do their own game streaming service because they know it's going to be the future when it happens I don't know who the hell knows we could have another console we could have a tenth generation of consoles and I'll probably like 70 by that time but it's coming it's coming that games are going to be a service that you're just gonna stream from the cloud now whether you like that or not I'm not super excited about it I like my physical copies I'm I'm an 80s baby I grew up when you went to the store and you got games like this but that's where tech is going and Microsoft knows that and they are preparing better than any of their competitors and I don't think even if you don't like Microsoft that you could disagree with that this is rich of review tech USA signing out have a good one hey congratulations if you made it to the end of the video you should subscribe to review tech USA so you could hear me blabber on some more also to starting this month I will be live-streaming solely on twitch all the link to my twitch channel below in the description and last but not least make sure you click that like button and helps out the show big time see you guys in the next video

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  1. Ever since minecraft Xbox and Nintendo became friends, sometimes wish minecraft wasn't a thing

  2. I really don't like the idea of games as a service. Its basically selling you a service for games you probably dont want to play and maybe that one game you do but you have to pay for everything to get 1 thing. I prefer physical games and I prefer full games. I also prefer exclusives. Sony in my opinion has the better exclusives, but I digress. What microsoft wants to it bridge their PC and console people together, as consoles are just extremely watered down gaming systems without worrying about a complete computers OS and needs. Sony does crossplay with PC already but honestly I can see why sony wouldnt want cross play with the switch, the game experience between the two consoles is massive. the switch cannot make a game look as good as on PS4 without it being scaled down massively and the problems with that are a thing.

  3. So we are definitely getting Master Chief, and maybe getting Banjo Kazooie in Smash.

  4. Wait so does that mean if we have a switch we need to pay for Xbox gold?

  5. Lmao! Bad move for Xbox consoles! They becoming irrelevant. Will finish last this generation and next generation also! Still won’t have the same exclusives quality as Sony and now what they do have can just get a switch and play!

  6. Microsoft isn't taking over, its just asking Nintendo for help to push PlayStation of of its cage and become Cross-Platform freindly. Basically, Microsoft is trying to tell Sony that it's ok, and nothing could go wrong. Once Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony team up, we'll be in the Greatest Gaming Era of all time.

  7. I just want Battlefront 2 on the switch

  8. Does this mean that opportunities like Super Mario on Xbox can be more open now!?

  9. Lol I'm actually Happy about this. It means Nintendo might sell there company to Microsoft it also might mean we might get proper games again because it's clear Nintendo does no longer care about it's games just the Money. And if they do sell then it only proves my point and we are better off without them

  10. Physical/Digital copies won't go away , streaming services can only exist as an alternative. Consider Netflix for instance, an average subscriber wouldn't watch and rewatch the same movie over and over for the entire month. To get their money's worth they will stream as many movies as they can. It is the same thing for gaming. You'd typically find players going from game to game , mostly story driven ones which have very little replayability value and some multiplayer games. The other aspect is of course that they don't have to keep upgrading their specs. It will not work that well for RPGs, Racing , Sports , Simulations ,Sandbox etc. basically any game that typically fans would play for many months or even years. It's also a big loss for the game developer if their players drop out of their game for this reason. Moding would die as well and this is something that they benefit from without having to spend a dime. In these cases, complete ownership of the game becomes important. If big corporates don't do it right, many new developers will step up to it and serve the purpose.

  11. Going to keep 100 with but xbox is for filthy casuals.

  12. Try to get an understanding here guys does this mean skate 3 on switch?

  13. I’m ok downloading games but streaming? How can that be better than running an ssd?

  14. Theory: the iPhone 9 is just an unreleased mobile gaming console

  15. I hate Xbox live idc cause I sold my Xbox I got a PS4

  16. Soooo no body will buy an Xbox because if you know a friend that has an Xbox you should just buy a switch and ps4 ps4 for exclusives switch for Nintendo exclusives and Xbox games

  17. I think that when I wake up to play on my switch and see xbox live I’m going to be turning it on and off so many times thinking I’ve lost it

  18. Lol Xbox is using Nintendo and they’re falling directly into their trap

  19. Did he really just say Xbox live is better than psn

  20. Think about it was obvious they have all sorts of games and Nintendo is doing a lot more in gzmes

  21. Why no Xbox live. On PlayStation?

  22. Could’ve just called it Xbox Cucumber.

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