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In this video… I finally get around to upgrading from the Super deluxe to the ULTIMATE EDITION! We get the Nocturno & many other iconic weapons and heroes!

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oh god damn I think it's time to be upgrade these super deluxe to the limited edition mmm hello everyone my name is Aidan and welcome to at this video so I'm gonna be upgrading my super deluxe to a limited upgrade be primarily for some trolls – llamas so we can get some birthday tickets I don't really care about the rest of that so let's go ahead and purchase this okay so I've just I've just brought it and still says purchase there but oh my god the ultimate upgrade what the hell I didn't realize there was another one now what my done limited edition rewards there's some upgrade llamas there's some stuff that I don't need all set back plate whoa oh ma very nice legendary troll stache llama tokens founders hero bundle oh okay okay hmm is that mega base coil can I just grab mega base from this what do I want I actually don't even know why I want drumroll I'll trade I'll take the drumroll how many can i chew two legendary heroes and one upgradable assault rifle can I can i ctrl and click all of them no I can't oh oh damn one do I choose I guess the drumroll it's probably the only good gun there don't really need jonesy but Special Forces Ramirez copper founders drumroll sure thing never get to go up one two oh yeah I am I didn't realize that the Oh 80 pounds 80 is this some kind of sick joke epic you expect me to fork out 25 pound an upgrade and then another eighty hundred account inventory slots Oh 36 more daily pinyon 6 exclusive founder Lupin yarns immediate loop pinata pack extra backpack inventory slots transform keys I guess we're doing it ladies and gents we don't know when this thing's s coming we're coming back around do we okay so we've just gone and got the ultimate upgrade pack let's back out here jump over to loot pinatas and upgrade llamas we've got ten of them we've got some trolls – llamas okay here we go ultimate edition reward so I didn't even really read over what we got XP boosts something I do not need extra inventories back pack that's what I wanted though and there we go the the the scam turn oh that's what it's known as and then a bunch of epic stuff that I really don't need damn man daily llamas all run out of mine a long time ago some trolls – llama tickets that's gonna be awesome another nocturnal hell we're getting two nocturnal schematics quest complete power base coil mmm power base penny mmm copper's founders 2d constructor mm oh my god I guess some ninjas here Lotus assassin although its assassin oh where do I get all of them oh oh sweet yo I didn't realize that that's pretty awesome I didn't even realize so we've got our hands on some new schematics let's go have a gander so we got ourself for the Nocturna schematic scam turn oh we got a thin detectives from the llamas we've got the founders quick shot like machine gun where's the other ones where's like Oh yesterday quests for them right yeah I'll go do them after but we are gonna do the main thing for this video which is damn man this is gonna be a long one go get your popcorn go go yourselves and drinks because we've got a lot of stuff to open ok legendary trolls – llamas let's open ten of these literally this is for birthday tickets epic now had to get money out of us oh if they buy the upgrade they get all damn tickets from the legendary trash – llamas hell yeah and then I've got that for cat another 20 quid for another save the world code to start my alternate account to start the race – twine series and roted maxed rift skin series so that's probably going to be coming next week by the way guys so stay tuned for that I'm looking really forward to having a sort of schedule for my videos as well you know so that's gonna be fun cuz yeah I can jump on and I don't have to spend the evening worrying about like a video I say worrying you know I don't really worry all my cheer but you know it's sometimes I can't think of an idea and I get a little bit worried you know truth be out there man man oh man I might do the birthday llamas in a separate video depending on how long this one is I hated my VBox as well I'm gonna be strapped for cash oh I didn't even really pay attention to that was the dragon file wasn't it the pistol that's awesome because I am working on the Ranger dead boy that big project right it's nice it's been so long and I didn't mean for it to take so long but you know come on guys so many updates have come out during this I've had to cover it and my fall focus has gone onto these new updates Oh a thousand tickets hell yes it's a thousand tickets from each one I didn't even pay attention cuz that would be hella dope your man getting a thousand tickets per each one would be pretty incredible what else we gonna get sorry for all the llama videos as well I know some people enjoy them and some people don't you know I just have like my channel it normally goes my comedic stuff all the time and then bang out of nowhere you got like 50 lower videos back to back to back I don't mean for it to be like that it's just it just happened really all the bullets warm someone wanted me to upgrade that and test it out damn man this was a jackpot troll stash llama we're gonna go for these survivor obviously hell yeah little lady what the gold are we gonna get can I get mega base coil from this I'm pretty sure I can so maybe if we pulled mr. mega I would be pretty I'll be mega happy myself we're gonna go for floor we're looking for floor spike still don't have them in gold oh my god patrol wood oh look there we go the term layer I won't need to buy any flax flax spinning flex for bow strings trying to make some money oh yeah the runescape guys get there you remember spinning flax of lumbridge castle oh I spent other stories episode 2 welcome back I didn't mean to dismantle you we got the we got the memes a patron back man we're never getting rid of him ever again but I remember spending like eight hours at lumbridge Castle was spinning these flags so basically as a game called Brune skip run and you could literally type in spinning flax right on youtube and you're just going to see these guys repetitively taking this inventory of what a flax which is a plant and they're spitting it into bowstrings for you know bow and arrows and used to make money on it you could you'd buy the flax for like 80 coins and then you'd sail the bow strings after spinning them for like 140 or whatever so you know nearly doubling your profit and I spent like a whole eight-hour evening with one of my friends doing it so that I could buy myself a dwarf cannon hell yeah how cool is there anyone who doesn't play runescape it's worth playing or old school runescape at least anyway we're in scape 3 is a bit bit messy now but you know they sort of they do what they want to do man I mean we've got old school that's what I play for the last couple of years as well anyway let's get its tool back to Fort Knox everyone we've probably lost there like Aiden boy are you on about old school runescape flax and stuff wrench dead re-enforces I don't think haven't forced grizzly and she don't think I do I think I dismantled or to recycle them a while ago it looks like you don't get a thousand per each one just five hundred which isn't too bad if I get a thousand here and 500 there I ain't gonna be complaining we're gonna go for hardware there's an urban assault on mr. corporate I think that that yes there we go floor spikes in legendary I needed that what I think there's maybe one of the last traps I needed the patrol water actually did need as well in legendary but I just yeah we celebrated patrol Ward let's be honest Hale Oldham mummy come off Romeo never 500 tickets Oh shame bunch of survivors though we're gonna get a bunch of tickets copper sledge copper zapper freedoms Hera what have you taken the mick here Dan that was a small llama it was a small llama extra extra read all about it aaden's about to get mega base coil I repeat he's about he's about to get mega base coil if you think I'm joking if you think I'm joking okay give me my ticket oh this is a jackpot llama I think so we should get four golds one two that won't a jet polymer I don't even know how you tell if you get jet Paloma someone told me whenever the llama squints its eyelids that's how you know it's gonna change to the next thing so hmm hmm interesting interesting concept they're more tickets that's what I want to see Matt the way to form these tickets though it's so long you've got the birthday cakes I've been doing the candy Valley campaign and I've been getting like a 200 permission and it's just long it is long a pickle like we're only gonna release these ultimate birthday llamas for a little amount of time and yeah you know we are we're gonna make you buy the upgrade I actually don't even think I had the gold healing pad this is quite an awesome opening I'm like I've got like it's like completed completing side quests on the way to complete in the game you know you should get all these little things you didn't need to have but at some point they're probably gonna be really useful I know healing pads can actually be very useful so hmm got front of a 500 tickets in there damn needs to stay blue if I'm gonna get that second chance of tickets I wonder how red that is to get a thousand tickets hmm choices choices the copper trooper I don't know I feel like blues and purples don't really serve a purpose in this game I feel like epic should release mythic weapons but they should be really difficult and have a very rare drop rate and I think that would be saying that'd be really cool to come out with raids or some kind of boss event or something like I want to grind out raids for months to get myself a special weapon you know I love that that's something I loved about destiny 1 I played destiny 1 I've brought excellence one just for destiny 1 I was so hyped by it and I remember like getting the full exotic weapon collection took such a long time and when I got around to the final weapon that I needed sorry I'm going off a destiny right now that's right there was a gun called the Gjallarhorn it was a rocket launcher it was very overpowered and it was the last weapon I needed and basically what happened was they brought a new DLC oh oh turned a deaf baby but they brought out this DLC right where it was like a second raid and this boss now dropped a new weapon and what happened was I completed this raid with my team I got given the Gjallarhorn and this brand new weapon or this crystal that you needed to make the weapon oh look at that 7 llamas oh ma we're gonna open it another five legendary troll stashed though let's get this up and this is gonna be what another two llamas at least her birthday she might get 10 birthday long was hmm I really really want to get my survivors for the Jacko launcher I need the witch and I need the other one I can't remember her name my man Lauren he was streaming and he pulled all three he pulled all three of these survivors with no duplicates and I'm hoping now because they fix the llamas okay guys listen the llamas when released were giving duplicates and they weren't giving as many rewards as they were meant to apparently they are fixed and epic are looking for a way to how do I put this had a word this – nicely refund the value of what you've spent to the people who have already bought the llamas do not worry this is epic epic have always responded to us if something goes wrong epic or a really good company and you know you don't see this with a lot of companies but epic oh yeah actually they're just straight up about the play but as much as I take the mick out of epic they genuinely do care so that's saying really good so if if you get scammed or you know epic could be taking your V bugs with you for your tickets do not worry they will refund it if they were not the means they were meant to do damn man we get a lot of stuff a lot of recyclable stuff a lot of collection book stuff I must say literally here for the Holden is he gonna squint here – I see if it goes jackpot no just go just go small eyes and my phone be gone my phone stop that Vodafone be telling me there's a big bundle now you boy don't need no big bundle he needs a big boy llama couple site huh Cabana Glor mmm well all Dinamo's Wow double dynamos what a joke what a joke a bigger listening to me they like Aiden which is gonna troll you man we just love trolling I want a I want a new pinata Lama I want I want one to pop up on the screen it's like not a llama and it just has better loot and it's like a troll or if it was that little bug thing that has all the little troll games whatever is almost a hand-tied the shield bug I mean he'd be a great thing to smack I'd love to smack that little dude just hang him upside by his technical I'm sure that'd be great but let's be honest Larry the llama is a pretty awesome thing man I haven't enjoyed like the R&G of opening such packs before as I have for tonight it's been a long time FIFA packs are probably the last ones I done on covers go dragonfly intractable floors bug that's not bad actually and floor Sparks pretty good and a last troll stashed llama for this video magna this has been a long video I'm gonna do the birthday ones in a separate video as well but I'm just gonna go over the ultimate found this edition schematics and stuff and the heroes as well come on finish yourself of an extra dam you just more survivors okay let's let's skip this we know what we're getting hold on what was that all really but that's a really good pool actually and a survivor nice upbraid llamas we got 20 upgrade llamas oh my god do we you guys don't want to see that dear I mean I get 50 tickets per each one right so that's that's what – I'm not gonna do math let's forget I'll do that later on I'm gonna open them though later how many of these about 9 so I should be able to get 10 birthday long was once for the next video so let's head over to Oscar Mattox yeah there it is Dragon's Breath hell yeah awesome weapon got bunch of gold's there oh my goodness bunch of epics as well but we got to do quests we got to do the quests for the Nocturna and the other weapons but if we head over to our heroes I should have a bunch of heroes here where are they power base Kyle I didn't actually ever own power base car and I always get mixed up with mega base I don't know why I oh I actually brought myself lucky here I brought myself sword master Ken from the store as well yeah but birthday Brigade Marie Ramirez mmm power base shop hey Mia then we were Lotus assassin sera snuggle specialist Special Forces Special Forces I ain't no fourth to be recommitted well go do some quests then for these guys you know for the home edition pieces but we have our hands on you know let's take a look at the store that shouldn't be yeah it's just v bucks now so I mean hey let's let's call it quits less in the video here I'm gonna get I'm gonna be right back though with a birthday alarm video a little bit later and I hope you enjoyed this as some legendary troll stache llamas we primarily brought it just so we could get more birthday llamas because that is where the hypes at that's where I want to get myself some loot and I'm praying to Lord man that we get that pumpkin launcher survivor stuff let me just quickly show you now what we need we need two more survivors from the four nightmares party attendance we need this guy here and we need this bird here so I mean from 10 llamas that's gonna be a feisty one I have this dude here as well I have his purple card I actually got it back from the event back in the day so wolf I mean if I got purples that I guess I can upgrade them to a gold but then it's a random gold and if I got a dupe you man's about to go mental that's so guys be sure to leave a like and subscribe hit the notifications bell next to the subscribe button if you want to stay know if I with my daily videos that's right daily and guys I'll catch you a little bit lay off for the birthday llamas and that's where the real fun begins I'll see you then

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  1. Hope you all enjoyed this video! Simply put this is the SET-UP A LOT OF FUTURE CONTENT! With these I can get 10! Birthday llamas! Which will be a video coming out later tonight! So make sure you are SUBSCRIBED with the NOTIFICATIONS BELL ON! Asides from that, don't be shy and come say hi to me at https://twitter.com/AidanOP
    EDIT: Some people have said the video is slightly out of sync, really sorry about that! but enough to be too annoying though, but enough to notice! thanks for letting me know!

  2. Speaking of boss battle I play robotic mad city and if u fill the fuel on the rocket it will launch and come out at the egg and turn it into a chicken and it is a boss and if you kill it it will give you the banshee it is a car without wheels and it flys

    3 seconds later…..: ok guys we have just bought it let’s see what we have here.

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  7. I’m Australian so it costs $150.95 AUD and it is really annoying

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  10. When I bought one of these packs it said I would get a 'exclusive founders chat' and then they took it out of the game. FALSE ADVERTISEMENT

  11. Anyone down trade 130s in my hb add me stephenprew6 ps4 only

  12. I’m an OG D1 player and I worked for months to get that rocket launcher and I sadly never got it

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