Top 40 NEW Xbox One Games of 2019

Another long list of our most-anticipated 2019 games. What will you be playing on your Xbox One this year? Let us know!
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#40. Outer Wilds

#39. Tropico 6

#38. Devil’s Hunt

#37. Digimon Survive

#36. ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove

#35. A Plague Tale: Innocence

#34. The Surge 2

#33. Wasteland 3

#32. Dirt Rally 2.0

#31. Dead or Alive 6

#30. Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

#29. Jump Force

#28. Sea of Solitude

#27. Skull & Bones

#26. World War Z

#25. Control

#24. Dauntless – PS4/XB1/PC/Switch – TBA 2019

#23. Biomutant

#22. Wolfenstein: New Blood

#21. Trials Rising

#20. Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled – PS4/XB1/PC, June 21

#19. Anthem

#18. Dying Light 2

#17. Code Vein

#16. Battletoads

#15. Doom Eternal

#14. Rage 2

#13. Mortal Kombat 11

#12. The Division 2

#11. Far Cry: New Dawn

#10. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

#9. Kingdom Hearts 3

#8. Resident Evil 2

#7. Metro Exodus

#6. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

#5. Ori and the Will of the Wisps

#4. Devil May Cry 5

#3. Gears 5

#2. Crackdown 3

#1. The Outer Worlds

Cyberpunk 2077

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20-19 is upon us unlike the start of every new year we like to cobble together all of the games to look forward to for whatever console you play on in the upcoming year so we're bringing you 40 new games coming for Xbox one in 2019 let's get started off with number 40 and talk about outer wilds not to be confused with the outer worlds this is a different game this is kind of like a more indie more artsy version of something like no man's sky it's heavy on space exploration it's being published by Annapurna interactive who lately has been killing it putting out really different unconventional indie games and the outer wild looks promising next up at number 39 let's talk about Tropico 6 this is dropping earlier in the year and it brings a lot of improvements to the tropical franchise which is a really good one as a fan of city builders and RTS and management style games Tropico has always had a very different spin being somewhat of like a dictator simulator in a way but also having a really good sense of humor to it Tropico 6 is boasting a revived research system they're bringing back election speeches also gonna have online multiplayer for up to four players which has huge potential if you know these types of games and it's just gonna have a lot more customization and player control this time around the way we look at it is that as if it's as much fun as tropical 4 & 5 a tropical six should be pretty awesome and it's one of the few games of this style that are just really decent to play on console fairly well optimized for a controller so it's gonna be good on Xbox next at number 38 we have a game you may not have heard of called Devil's hunt this is a third-person action-adventure game based on a novel that kind of deals with a lot of angels and demons good and evil type stuff and it's got lots of really cool like demonic melee action to it most interestingly enough the game is heavily heavily focused on story and narrative interestingly enough the marketing page for it both said it has 100 high quality cutscenes sum of up to 2 hours in length so if you are a story based player this could be right up your alley that's launching on Steam and Xbox one later in this year and honestly we hope it's good because it sounds cool on paper next up at number 37 we have digimon survive which we're including on this list for those of you out there who are still Digimon fans because we know you're out there this looks like a pretty solid entry the battle system looks cool the animation is gorgeous and it's apparently gonna be one of the more complex did your mom games so there's that but next up at number 36 we have toejam and Earl back in the groove just the fact is game exists is absolutely huge I don't know if you guys grew up with this style of game but the earlier toejam and earl games are pretty legendary for a reason really just their style their attitude and their appeal more than the actual gameplay itself and back in the group seems to be bringing things back into a groove I don't know it's got the same type of early 90's hip hop and style and aesthetic and vibe it's got the music it's got the look it's got a lot of the people behind the original 1991 game and it's cobbling up a bunch of elements from console games and classic games and it seems like it could be awesome it's got over 30 music tracks a lot of which are licensed and nine playable characters we're keeping our eye on this one just because of the pedigree alone now at number 35 we have a plague tale innocence another game that you may not have heard of but the concept is really interesting this is an adventure story based game focusing around two siblings surviving through 14th century France in the middle of a plague it's got some action it's got a lot of sneaking around and honestly just the idea of a taking place in a plague France I think is really really interesting it is being published by focus Home Interactive which you know makes all different types of games some pretty interesting and different some horrible but just from what we've seen so far it looks pretty gorgeous and like a medieval story based game in like a very grim setting that is also realistic just seems like a good idea now at number 34 speaking of games published by focus Home Interactive one of the good ones was the surge and now we're getting surge to in 2019 these games are awesome and addictive and take some of elements of Dark Souls games and really brings it to a new level in terms of a limb targeting armour building and just general sci-fi awesomeness the original was incredibly challenging and lengthy and it looks like we're getting a lot more of that in a search – as well as just vastly different environments considering the first game took place mostly in like a factory wasteland style thing the search – definitely seems like it stands out more and we hope it's as good as the first one if not way better next at number 33 we have wasteland 3 these games are legendary for a reason and after wasteland 2 and the massive success it wasn't kind of like a return it's really nice to see that wasteland 3 is dropping and it's gonna be on consoles these are classic PC style RPGs with turn-based combat but this one's gonna take place in the frozen wastelands of Colorado after an apocalyptic event you got new characters you got new groups and ideally new mechanics it is being developed by the people who you know who brought us torment tides of numenera and the fact that it is coming to xbox we do think is really cool so keep an eye out for that if you are into the style of game wasteland 3 is gonna be dropping sometime in 2019 now next up at number 32 we have dirt rally 2.0 the original dirt rally is one of the best racing games ever so we're so excited to see dirt rally to drop in this year compared to the mainline dirt games dirt rally games are even more challenging a little bit more realistic and just more intense and dirt rally 2.0 looks like it's gonna continue that trend the big thing in this one is more emphasis on tuning more cars than ever and developing your own racing team and you know what rally races are just awesome and fun and they always have been in the dirt games so here's looking forward to this one but at number 31 we have getter alive 6 yes remember Dead or Alive well it's back this team ninja classic fighting game is making a return with a kind of like a new design freshened up characters the game looks pretty damn good characters are now gonna show more damage there's a couple of new mechanics apparently they're also going to be making it a little bit more accessible for newcomers but they're still there be enough mechanics that are difficult to master generally what it looks like here is that they're gonna be focusing and doubling down on the gameplay itself there is going to be a plot to play through an experience if you are into that type of thing maybe you're just more into the Dead or Alive spin-off games but still it's nice to see yet another classic fighting game returning for this console generation so we're keeping our eye on Dead or Alive 6 man but at number 30 we have ace combat seven skies unknown these games often no pun intended fly under the radar but ace combat games have always been incredibly satisfying because while they look like just generic flight simulator action games there's actually a story and a lot more style and awesome action to it than you'd expect this is a Japanese game through brew and once you actually get your hands on it you can tell and that's a good thing this one will have two players local multiplayer which in this generation of consoles is kind of a rarity so that's cool it's also the first game in the series to be running on Unreal Engine 4 so it looks really damn good and apparently if you get it on Xbox one you'll get the Xbox 360 Ace Combat 6 to play through the Xbox backwards-compatibility thing so there's a lot of value there for a game that on the surface might not look that cool but they are a ton of fun trust me but over at number 29 we have jump force the fighting game that brings together many people's beloved anime characters in one big place for them all to punch each other the game features various characters featured in a Weekly Shonen Jump anthology and it's a three-on-three tag-team fighting game that just has lots of dudes of course it's got Naruto it's got Luffy it's got Goku it's got bleach characters it's got a bunch of other Dragon Ball Z characters and it puts them in a very interesting realistic cityscape setting with some pretty detailed visuals and it's very interesting to see a lot of these characters with different art styles come to life in this unified way I think this is a game very much for a specific type of fan maybe you're not a big anime manga person but I think for those of you that are this is definitely gonna scratch some sort of itch you got cuz next at number 28 we have a game called sea of Solitude you play as a girl named Kay who explores this sunken city that's half under water this is being published under EA's indie title thing called EA originals and it's a very personal project for the developers apparently it deals a lot with fear and emotion becoming a monster yourself they did make quite a splash when it was first revealed a couple of years ago so we're hoping that the project has really panned out because apparently early 2019 is when we're going to see it now next at number 27 we have Skull and Bones this is ubisoft's answer to more Assassin's Creed pirate games without Assassin's Creed attached and more of an emphasis on multiplayer battling and stuff like that basically if you like pirates and you like shit battling but you don't like sea of Thieves Skull and Bones might be your thing it's a bit more of a realistic take and so far it does seem to be shaping up to be pretty interesting it seems like they might be treating it sort of like a forerunner but on boats in terms of how its set up multiplayer wise and community wise but it's still a ways out and I'm sure we're gonna see a lot more from it regardless it's it's pirates so we're good forward to it if we're honest next up at number 26 we have World War Z a multi-platform game that should be dropping this year it's been in development for a while and people keep saying wow really they're making a World War Z video game but surprisingly it looks fairly impressive it's got hordes and hordes of zombies rushing towards characters sort of like the movie version but it seems to be trying its own thing because I mean I mean Brad Pitt's not in it but what we do get here looks to be like a multiplayer left4dead style shooter I know we've said that before we were hoping that the overkill Walking Dead game would be like that but this really does look like a third-person left4dead type of thing and I really hope it pans out to be good because we definitely need something like that and thankfully we should have our answer when it launches later in 2019 now at number 25 we have control this is remedy entertainments new game the guys behind you know Alan Wake quantum break Max Payne so we are absolutely looking forward to control this looks to be a shooter that is a little bit more trippy and cerebral and judging from the teasing and the trailers we have gotten it looks like remedy is still gonna be focusing on narrative which we're really happy to see it revolves around like an otherworldly trippy threat and only you can solve it as the female lead it's being published by 505 games and as far as we know right now it is dropping sometime in 2019 so look forward to that next at number 24 we have dauntless this is a free to play action RPG from Phoenix labs it has had some alphas and some betas and we have seen a tease that various events you know to varying degrees of excitement if anything a decent free-to-play game on your xbox would be nice in 2019 just to kind of shake things up it's a fantasy setting it's got lots of weapons and giant monsters and all that stuff but to me personally it looks a little bit generic but on the flip side there is apparently going to be raids and hunts that take a long time and require a lot of teamwork thankfully it can be played single-player or you can play cooperatively with four people and apparently the grind the game has and the thrill of the hunt has been inspired by Monster Hunter games so you know I think if there's any game you should take inspiration from it should be Monster Hunter and that's awesome at number 23 we have bio mutant and action-rpg where you play is like a little pissed off raccoon boy I don't know but it's being published by THQ Nordic it's dropping sometime in mid 2019 and you kind of create your little raccoon character there's armor there's different weapon types and a lot of RPG elements in fairly large environments for you to explore you know honestly it seems really unconventional but all the elements that seems to be taking from other games seems like it might be a good combination for something really special we don't know for sure though there is gameplay out there as you can see it does a pretty action-oriented and what however the RPG mechanics really turn out to be it does look like it's a lot of fun so we're keeping our eye on it but next at number 22 don't forget this year we're getting a Wolfenstein spinoff with Wolfenstein Youngblood this apparently takes place in a far-off like alternate future with BJ blaskowitz as two twin daughters hunting Nazis and just doing Wolfenstein stuff it's the 80s in this weird Wolfenstein universe and thankfully it's a cooperative adventure if you want so expect lots of shooting lots of guns lots of gore and lots more Wolfenstein which I'll always take whether it's an expansion or a sequel or a spin-off I'm there and it seems like a lot of people are and it's coming from Bethesda and machinegames once again who were great developers so keep your eye on it but speaking of things to keep your eye on I've probably been saying that a lot in this video number 21 we have trials rising man the trials games are really good and trials rising looks to be no different that's really on it they honest straightforward truth if I'm telling you these games are fun and addictive 2.5 D physics based racing games while they might look dumb just from gameplay you have to feel it like playing it with a controller you really get why these games are so fun this is actually the first main game since 2014 okay trials fusion we're hoping that this one really kicks ass it's gonna have this awesome local multiplayer mode called tandem bikes where we're two people control the same motorcycle and while it's gonna once again have a lot of emphasis on multiplayer and leaderboards and stuff like that the thing I'm most excited for is the new environments every map here that we've seen so far looks absolutely intense so we can't wait now next at number 20 we have Crash Team Racing nitro refueled now for a lot of you kids out there who maybe didn't have a Nintendo 64 the 1999 Crash Team Racing game was basically your Mario Kart so for a lot of people this is really really exciting to be getting a remastered cleaned version of it here in 2019 similar to last year how we got a nice good-looking new version of the old Crash Bandicoot games we're gonna be able to jump back into CTR and run some cups June 21st 2019 next at number 19 we have a little game called anthem anthem is of course Bioware's big new huge project and for a lot of us out there we think it might be Bioware's big attempt to kind of you know restore some faith in it after a lot of people were disappointed by Mass Effect Andromeda anthem could be the one to save it all not just for you know fan appreciation but also for EA itself who you never know what studio they're gonna close by or we're of course have always been legendary and masterful designers of RPGs with deep narratives and anthem seems to be going a different direction with a lot of combat and a lot of games as a service stuff similar to something like destiny a lot of grinding a lot of looting a lot of shooting but it does let you fly around and what looks kind of like Iron Man suits and that looks like a fun mechanic in and of itself and someone who mostly plays and mostly preferred to play Bioware games completely alone I don't know what to really think of anthem yet and that's kind of weird considering the game is dropping soon but we'll have to just decide when we get it in our hands because it's dropping February 22nd 2019 wow this one is thinking of longer than I expected but next at number 18 we have dying light – a surprise sequel to a game that was surprisingly awesome we really hope this one releases this year essentially it's more dying light but you're getting a vastly bigger world now Chris have alone the famous RPG writer formerly of obsidian is doing a lot of the scenario and quest system stuff here there's apparently going to be a lot of emphasis on different decisions that you make that will actually shape the world in front of you and the original dying light was criminally underrated seriously there's still time to check it out before this one but we're really looking forward to dying lie to you and hoping it definitely makes it for 2019 but moving on to number 17 we have code vein a kind of anime inspired Dark Souls style game that also involves vampirism and just a cool art style this one has been anticipated for quite a while and it has been delayed here and there but essentially it's an action game in a post-apocalyptic setting with some really really unique looking characters but apparently people in the game get certain supernatural abilities or gifts from consuming blood and apparently that ties to gameplay it's a very bandai namco ass game and we're all about it we're looking forward to it and it seems like 2019 is finally going to be the year we get our hands on it because it was supposed to drop September 2018 and it never did so this has got to be the year but speaking of games where it's got to be this year at number 16 we got that Battletoads game that Microsoft and Xbox teased at e3 the first Battletoads game was dropped in 1991 and it's got a lot of old hardcore fans actively anticipating something new and it seems like it was always kind of like this like pet idea or project from Microsoft and yep now we are getting a new Battletoads game in 2019 these were always challenging and intense awesome action games is like a dumb style kind of like a similar attitude to something like Ninja Turtles that's all we really know we know it's gonna be a reboot it's gonna be a PC Xbox one game it's developed by diallo studios and rare and 2019 is supposed to be the year so we hope it's awesome but moving over to number 15 we have doom eternal this is of course the sequel to the new and improved and revived doom game from a few years ago that was absolutely awesome and incredible and doom eternal looks to be stepping things up quite a bit with more movement options in the environment a killer grappling hook thing on the doom Slayers arm a little bit more story a little bit more tongue-in-cheek humor and the game really just embracing itself more than ever 2016's doom was so so awesome that we really just can't help but be more excited for doom eternal if it's more of the same I hate to say it I still might probably be ok with it because after I finished 2016 doom I just wanted more I know a lot of you guys out there probably feel the same and thankfully we'll know for sure when it drops in late 2019 next at number 14 we have Rage 2 the sequel to a game not a lot of people were really into but it seems like Bethesda is really spinning things around this time and not taking the game as seriously and especially considering this is a post-apocalyptic open world first-person shooter in a sea of other games that have those words tacked onto them as well this one has to do a hell of a lot to stand out and so far it looks like it's doing a good job from the story and the gameplay and the trailers we have seen it does have a little bit more of a cool attitude to it and just a light-hearted vibe while also still having really good graphics and raw punchy shooting considering we've also been playing things like doom really hoping this one's good because we could use a good shooter like this we'll find out for sure May 14th 2019 next at number 13 we have moral Kombat 11 it looks like there's gonna be alternate character dimensions and time travel maybe and the ability to customize and build out your own Mortal Kombat character similar to how you could armor up your Superman or your Batman or something like that in injustice – that was an awesome mechanic so if it translates over to Mortal Kombat it could be really awesome Mortal Kombat games are just good clean fun and by clean I mean not at all but still that should definitely be coming this year and we will be playing it but over to number 12 we have the division to which the division was an interesting game that disappointed a lot of people but it also found quite a dedicated fanbase similar to something of a similar nature like destiny this is a loot and shoot games as a service game designed to keep you playing and whether you like that or not we are getting another one and this time it takes place in a fully designed Washington DC which honestly looks to be a pretty interesting environment for shooting stuff also it looks like they are paying attention and really taking care of the PC version which is nice it's dropping for everything including Xbox one on March 15 2019 next at number 11 we have Far Cry New Dawn which interestingly enough spins off of one of the endings of Far Cry 5 and takes it to a whole post-apocalyptic funky bright colored setting and we have been seeing a lot of this so I think Far Cry has to do a lot to stand out I think maybe the Far Cry formula will do pretty well in a post-apocalyptic setting but we're just gonna have to wait and see it could be pretty awesome especially if you're still clamoring for more Far Cry 5 and thankfully you don't have to wait too far into 2019 for it that'll be February 15 to 2019 and cancel your Valentine's Day plans now coming down to the final 10 we have Sakura shadows die twice this is from software's new game which is definitely straying from the typical Dark Souls formula that they are legendarily known for Sakura shadows die twice looks to be a little bit more of a linear sequence with a tighter narrative and just generally an action-adventure game it is going to have a skill tree to level up and you get new abilities and do cool new things in the environment but this is very much an action game through and through and last so of an RPG but we're really excited because we think that from software wouldn't set out to make a game like this unless they think they could really do something awesome with it so while it may not be Dark Souls in formula we are totally excited to see what they're cooking up well find out what the deal is on March 22nd 2019 but you know what the deal is next at number nine we got Kingdom Hearts 3 a game that is like a bajillion bazillion years in the making and now we're finally getting it and if you like Kingdom Hearts hopefully this makes you happy January 25th 2019 is define and release date it's not moving any further it's got lots of crazy new worlds in it like Toy Story and Pirates of the Caribbean and if you are a Kingdom Hearts fan out there we're speaking to you directly in that we hope it lives up to your expectations there's really not much more to be said about it honestly but moving over to number eight we have Resident Evil 2 this remake reimagining of the beloved Resident Evil classic looks really awesome and you get Leon you get Claire you get Raccoon City I know zombie apocalypse and it looks like it's a lot of fun and it's scary believe it or not this one is designed not to be a complete 1 to 1 remake of the original Resident Evil 2 that I love so much this is actually apparently designed to surprise old fans while bringing in new ones and new ones are gonna have a great time because Resident Evil 2 is where the whole umbrella Resident Evil or really goes buckwild so buckle up this might be one of the biggest games of the year and it's dropping at the end of January and number 7 we have Metro Exodus which takes the metro formula from Last Light and gives it a little bit more of an open-world setting the game revolves around a train that goes around from place to place Artyom and his wife are there and they're adventuring out of the wastelands through Russia and thanks to the disaster of the war all these environments have a lot of variety to them and some of them are fairly large will that be enough to make a metro game feel fresh if anything does a Metro game really need to feel fresh does it need open world conventions who knows still it looks cool and it looks fairly unique the metro games always have been and we'll be able to play this one on February 15th 2019 next in number 6 we have Star Wars Jedi fallen order the Star Wars EA game that has been announced but we don't really know anything about it other than its name and that it is definitely coming this year it says it on the official website the big thing the most exciting thing is that it's being developed by Respawn Entertainment the masterminds behind the awesome and criminally underrated titanfall games who knows what the hell this game is really gonna be like is it going to be another Star Wars disappointment from EA holding the license we don't know but since we like Star Wars we're still holding on to hope because that's like the whole thing with Star Wars right I hope see what I did there I don't know I'm sorry next at number 5 if we're getting into Microsoft exclusives let's about Ori and the will of the wisps this is the follow-up to Ori and the blind forest and that game was incredibly awesome it was a very charming inventive creative platformer that had a lot of heart but was also kind of old-school and challenging in the same way and will of the West seems to be following up that whole thing with a whole different look on new characters and stuff like that embracing more Metroidvania elements it's gonna have the same soul link type elements from the previous game and I gotta say this story and the world they got going on here just seems really interesting I want to know more and thankfully we'll find out in 2019 now at number 4 we have Devil May Cry 5 it is so awesome to beginning a new Devil May Cry game in 2019 and to have it on Xbox is also awesome for you Xbox fans out there because Devil May Cry is awesome that's really the gist of it Devil May Cry 5 is adding a ton of new characters all alongside Nero and Dante who seem to be the focus here and just from what we have seen from gameplay and stuff like that it looks awesome it looks like more Devil May Cry apparently the campaign is gonna be like roughly 15 to 17 hours which if you played it definitely a cry game you know that's just right in line I'm not looking for an open world action-adventure game from this I'm looking for a Devil May Cry game goddamn it and it seems like we're getting one March 8th 2019 will be the day that we finally get to play more Devil May Cry as an old school fan of the series I'm looking forward to it a lot and I hope you are too but next at number three we have Gears 5 the follow-up to Gears of War 4 which kind of served as a bit of a reboot or refresh of the series while we still got Marcus Fenix it focused more around Marcus Fenix son and his friends and stuff like that and Gears 5 is continuing to make good on that with Diaz 5 focusing more around Kate Diaz who has a very interesting family lineage that ties into the whole Gears of War saga and it's about her kind of figuring that all out here's four was good it didn't blow the doors down but I thought it was a solid entry in the series that changed things up a little bit we'll see where Gears v goes with it but honestly if anything as an Xbox one owner it's nice to just have another Gears of working once again this is being developed by the coalition a group that was designed specifically to develop these newer year's games and we'll find out for sure hopefully in 2019 it has no definitive release date but 2019 is the year now at number 2 we have crackdown 3 a game after many many delays is finally dropping February 15th 2019 it's the return of the beloved classic Xbox franchise that myself and Falcon that a lot of people really enjoyed open-world superhero action destruction there has been a lot of talk about this one a lot of controversy a lot of delays a lot of waiting but we're hoping if anything it's just a fun regular old-fashioned crackdown game can it really live up to the massive anticipation people have lumped on it who knows but sumo digital and Microsoft Studios are finally getting this game out there and apparently the multiplayer destruction wrecking zone mode is really impressive and we can't wait to get our hands on that as well and thankfully we don't have to wait too much longer but coming down to number one we have the outer world a more recently announced game that we didn't expect to be so high on our list but we can't help but be excited it's being developed by Obsidian and this is very very much an obsidian game while this one isn't necessarily a Microsoft exclusive so to speak what we get here is obsidian in their best form making a game that is kind of like a fallout game they were famous of course for new Vegas and this is a completely new space adventure built from the ground up by them and there's not too much to say about it other than that the exploration the combat the character designs the per affix all looks really awesome and as huge RPG fans here this is just really something we're looking forward to as of right now it is slated for 2019 if the game does need more time it can take it but we would be so excited to see it come out this year and since we're on that as like a bonus game included we do want to mention cyberpunk 2077 because you guys would freak out if it wasn't on this list that we don't know for sure if it's gonna drop in 2019 but the developers have been saying that it's still got a lot of work to be done we don't know for sure though 2019 could be the year for it either way we just wanted to give it a mention because we talked about so many games here we might as well cover them all those are 40 games you should look forward to playing on your Xbox one this year in 2019 we would love to hear from you guys in the comments what games you're looking forward to the most so be sure to leave us your own top 10 or your own top 5 or whatever you want down there if you enjoyed this video and learned about a game or two clicking the like button will really help us out we really appreciate it and if you are new you should consider subscribing because we put out new videos every single day but as always thanks for watching we'll see you guys next time

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  1. Another lengthy one…we wanted to include as much as possible. What will you be picking up in 2019?

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  3. I just bought a Xbox x just to play mortal Kombat 11 with best graphics far as consoles are concerned. Of course I'm playing other games till then.

  4. 1 Rage 2
    2 Doom Eternal
    3 Gears 5
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  5. Anybody think about games instead of being digital or disc maybe their own usb? Idk just an idea

  6. Looks good, but all of those games are either also on pc or Ps4, so still not reason for me to buy an xbone. But good for the folks owning one anyway I guess

  7. Main things I'm looking forward to are halo infinite, doom eternal, gears of war 5, and Ori.

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