Top 10 Nintendo Games of 2014

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2014 was an awesome year for Nintendo. Here are my favorite games I was able to play from it!

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it's that time of year again looking back 2014 was a genuinely great year for Nintendo especially when it came to getting more quality titles to fill the slowly growing Wii U library 2014 was also the start of expanding my channel to content from all Nintendo franchises linking this year even more fun to experience both personally and with my videos today I'm gonna go through my favorite Nintendo games of the year as always this is just a personal list with my personal preferences starting off this year's list a little differently I want to go over a few honorable mentions for one while I have been able to play through almost every major Nintendo released so far this year there are a few downloadable titles that have missed out on such as as your striker gunvolt and shantae and the pirate's curse which both look excellent then there are games that I just haven't been able to complete yet but I still really like of those there are two that I'm really into right now persona queue is an awesome labyrinth based JRPG that blends tons of mechanics from persona 3 and 4 with Etrian Odyssey even though they are Nintendo games I highly recommend checking out both persona 3 and 4 before playing this one I've always been a fan of the Pokemon like capturing creation and persona creatures to fight with and this game adds more combination options for a humongous cast of characters I'm about 15 hours in and I've really dug with a played so far but there's no way I can finish a giant JRPG like this any time soon the other game have just started and really loves Theatrhythm Final Fantasy curtain call again I haven't had enough time with this one to place it on a list but I just picked it up for Christmas and it's been extremely addicting so far the 3ds needs more rhythm games for real but at least one of the ones it has is really good with tons of classic Final Fantasy pieces and cutesy visuals my final honorable mention goes to shovel knight which honestly might be my favorite game of the year it's a 2d platformer built around themes of classics like Megaman and Castlevania but its level design and fair challenge make it one of the best 2d platformers I've ever played both classic and modern the only thing keeping me from dropping it on this list is that I can't in good conscience say that it's my favorite Nintendo game of the year did it launch on a Nintendo platform absolutely but it also crossed launched on the PC and it's coming to ps4 soon as well don't get me wrong I have absolutely zero problem with the game coming to multiple platforms and shovelknight deserves multiple platforms but in keeping with each year's a Nintendo theme list it just didn't feel right to include it even though I really wanted to without further ado though here's my main list I'm going off the US release date calendar so you might have played some of these games before 2014 if you live overseas number 10 Hyrule warriors Hyrule warriors is exactly what I expected it to be it's not a Zelda game it's a dynasty Warriors game with The Legend of Zelda universe skin and you know what it's a darn good dynasty warriors game of The Legend of Zelda universe skin tearing apart hordes of Zelda enemies while controlling characters that have never been playable before provides a release that's uncompelled it's dumb fun at face value others actually love a strategy when it comes to capturing keeps and managing troops across a humongous battlefield I'm a little bummed with the gameplay tips in framerate when playing co-op with another player on the gamepad screen but shouting orders alongside a friend while you divide the battlefield is still very rewarding shared experience unlocking every character in weapon is a humongous undertaking bound to take hundreds of hours in the most dedicated players number 9 Donkey Kong Country tropical freeze poor tropical freeze was probably overlooked by many this year and honestly I can't blame you the 2d platformer has been done to death and Nintendo platforms but that doesn't stop tropical freeze from being one of the better ones released this year tropical freeze brings in a few new tricks not yet seen in the excellent country returns the main ones being dixie kongs hair lifts and cranky kong AKA scrooge mcduck choosing between different side characters to optimally navigate levels and uncover treasure is a blast well I like many other Nintendo fans and waiting patiently for retro studios to work in a Wii U Metroid Prime title you can't deny that they can develop fun and deep platformers number 8 Professor Layton and the Azran legacy alongside Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright I've decided to lump both of these games together because they're both so similar Ezrin legacy was fitting as the sixth and final game to close the main Professor Layton story I know all Professor Layton games are largely the same following the incredibly damp Leyton through mythical journeys while solving touchscreen puzzles but the game story does an especially good job of tying together loose ends while bridging into the original latent trilogy Layton versus Wright on the other hand is an equally great game that have been waiting nearly two years to come since the game's Japanese release it's definitely more influenced by professor Layton's gameplay than Phoenix rights but the thought-provoking court cases are still full of unexpected twists battling with two different protagonists of logic and a world where magic is everywhere if is a fun challenge and I'll honestly never get tired of playing these logic driven games Layton vs. Wright is especially bittersweet when you consider that we won't likely see either protagonist for a while the next Ace Attorney game is a prequel while the next Layton game is hmm let's not talk about that right now but if it is truly the last year of Hershel Layton it's been the perfect send-off for him number 7 bravely default now here's a weird game to put on this list Japan got the original game in 2012 then Europe got the game in 2013 so even though people kept asking me why this game didn't make last year's list I didn't get to play it until February of 2014 and it was worth the wait bravely default is a class-based RPG that plays like the Final Fantasies of old and that's a good thing instead of flashy graphics and cutscenes the focus of bravely default is all in the combat there are so many crazy combinations every character has a class a subclass and side abilities that can be selected from any class they've previously leveled there's also a ton of features that involve working with friends and street passes to make levelling up classes much much easier combining that with gear and different special abilities would be wild enough but the game is built entirely around a unique tempo system where you can take multiple turns at once at the cost of losing future turns this is a crazy unique system that begs to be solved and broken and it can be but for fans of traditional JRPG combat this is as good as it gets where the game loses me a little is the abysmal final chapters which force you to fight all the game's bosses again and again and again it's just wrong and it turns the closing chapter of an otherwise incredible game into a little bit of a drag but from a gameplay perspective I can't deny that bravely default wasn't incredibly engrossing adventure for most of the game number 6 Kirby triple deluxe every Kirby game follows the same premise Kirby eats things and gets abilities but triple deluxe has a ton that makes it feel all its own for one new abilities have so many different attacks that it's just silly sure you can always button mash your way through the game but if you're looking to get the most out of everything just check out your attack list the sword alone has four pages of different attack commands that you can learn on top of then is the new hypernova ability central to the game's plot which allows Kirby's inhale to enter Super Saiyan levels this seems overpowered but instead the game cleverly designs all of its stages around clever puzzles and challenges that rely on hypernova it feels powerful but it still forces you to think carefully add to that a ton of bonus modes on the side such as a miniature smash bros like battle arena and a DDD rhythm game and you've got yourself a charming portable adventure well worth the spawn on your 3ds library number five captain toad treasure tracker remember those gimmick stages he ran into every once in a while in Super Mario 3d World they've decided to make a full game out of it and guess what it's really good captain toad looks basic on the outside even so much that fans believe that the reduced $40 price tag was too much to pay but honestly this game has the depth and level design of a fully price release making it a pun intended gem of a puzzle game for Nintendo this year captain toad has the ironically enough curvy philosophy where completing levels is often easy but finding all the treasure is extremely challenging every stage feels like it's been designed to the fresh mechanic and with over 80 courses it's an absolute joy to play everything is colorful cheery and genuinely calming number 4 Mario Kart 8 Mario Kart 8 is undoubtedly my favorite game in the series now it's the perfect blend of old kart racing and item throwing that you've seen over the past few decades the new items are smartly designed the new courses feel like instant classics that the multiple bikes come with their own unique feel and 12 maximum racers instead of eight multiplies the chaos in the perfect way the online multiplayer works great too making it easy to hop into a group of a dozen players from across the world at any point perhaps the number one way that Mario Kart 8 excels though presentation I still believe that this is the most beautiful game on the Wii U in terms of graphical polish and colorful design this isn't something that I've ever really commended a game on before but Mario Kart 8 also has some of the best DLC I've ever seen offering a huge amount of fun new tracks that actually increase my enjoyment of the full game right when it was starting to feel just a little repetitive the first pack featuring link was fantastic and I can't wait to check out the Animal Crossing themed one come May of this year number 3 Bayonetta 2 this will be a strange story for the record books remember when Nintendo saved the game where the sexy witch uses BDSM and stripper moves to violently destroy demons from hell I never thought I'd see the day but I'm so glad I have Bayonetta 2 is brutal but if you like action titles it is glorious Bayonetta 2 does add a ton of color and over-the-top scenarios that make it it all together more fun game than its original it's all about creating concise combos with tons of primary and alternate weapon options all while dodging at the last minute to enter a slow-motion bullet time from a purely technical standpoint it's one of the most engaging action games I've ever played there's always a new weapon or action or costume to try and the stakes just keep getting bigger and bigger plus the online co-op play is really enjoyable letting you test your combo ability against another player varying skill levels it's over the top in every way and it might not be your cup of tea but man is Bayonetta 2 satisfying number 2 Pokemon Omega Ruby alpha sapphire I was skeptical this game right out of the gates I'll admit it I've never been a big fan of game freak's remake games I don't blame them for doing it they'll always sell but typically I'd rather get a new adventure than reliving one that have already been a part of for some reason Omega Ruby Elvis a fire was able to crank my cynical core and simply remind me why I love Pokemon games so much maybe it's the change in visuals but Hoenn is a pure joy to visit again and it offers a ton of fun new modes that make you feel better than ever being able to fly around the world in real space is breathtaking and the ability to fly to individual relics as walls towns is a huge time-saver at its core it's more Pokemon Quechan babylons save the world and then maybe scratch the surface to the ridiculous death of competitive battling Omega Ruby alpha sapphire aveer new mega evolutions and attacks to the mix but there isn't really anything that changes the games formula much I can't quite explain it but it's the first time in a while I've played a Pokemon title that gives you reason to keep coming back every day there's always a new Mirage spawned or a new secret base am i inadvertently giving in to our gamefreak overlords desire to remake all the old Pokemon video games maybe but honestly I came in expecting to enjoy this one a little less than usual and now I can't stop playing it number one Super Smash Bros for 3ds and Wii U there really isn't anything more Nintendo than Super Smash Bros every time a new one drops it's an event this year was the first for the series because we got it both portably and on home console and while the Wii U version is obviously the better one the 3ds still comes with a fun exclusive smash run mode and plenty of great unique stages my real favorite game experience this year came from the Wii U version but it just doesn't feel right putting the same game on this list twice I'm already super biased I love fighting games to their core but Smash Bros is more than a fighting game it's quite possibly the greatest game for gathering people together that I've played in a long time the new 8 player mode is hectic and wonderful the new roster additions are creative the new stages are gorgeous the soundtrack is the best and biggest I have ever heard there's just so much to do in this game the amount of modes is ridiculous even if you don't like one of them it's almost impossible to grow bored because there's always a different way that you can play there's just so much to say about these games and I have set it into full video reviews but it all boils down to this Super Smash Bros is very fun it is the most fun ahead playing a video game this year and in the end that's all that really matters thanks for watching this year in Review hopefully you were all able to enjoy Nintendo's new games as much as I was just recently I've been able to add fully fledged reviews of new games to this channel I wasn't able to cover some of the older games on this list but if you want to hear more of my thoughts on some of the games that came out this past year you can check them out right here thanks for watching and I'll catch you all over the rest of 2015 you've made it known that you'd like to see more top 10s in facts of the day and there will be plenty more of those to come over the rest of this year

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  1. When you got to Kirby you forgot to mention that it's Kirby, which means it's just pure joy to play.

  2. both number 8's arent nintendo theyre a level 5 game and a capcom/level 5 game.
    bravely default is square

  3. Looking back on it, 2014 was an EXCELLENT year for Nintendo. Let's hope 2017 can be this good.

  4. 2014 was a good year for nintendo gameing

  5. pokemon and smash would be the same on my list ( the best ones ).

  6. I know the real reason you like Mario Kart 8, It brought back waluigi!


  8. +TheJWittz Thanks to your Videos, I went out and bought Super Smash Bros. for 3DS.

  9. I know it's a Sega game, but I've got another good rhythm game on the 3DS for ya: Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure

  10. Azure Striker Gunvolt, and Hyrule Warriors look interesting!

  11. Imagine just what the X and Y remakes will be when they come out some day…

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