Tom Clancy's The Division 2: Part 1 – PS4 Pro Gameplay Walkthrough

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The Division 2 is here and it looks like it is full to the brim with abilities to play with, gadgets to collect, and missions to complete. We begin our adventure by becoming the new “sheriff” of D.C. and we quickly find ourselves helping out people in the White House and a nearby settlement in an old theatre. We’re quick to earn the trust of these people as we go about saving those who they care about most when they’re unable to and bringing them home safely. We have a chat to a whole bunch of people around the new settlement and, quite happily, begin to realise just how much content there is here.

Enjoy 🙂

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hello everybody and welcome to the division 2 we are beginning a full playthrough of the campaign here on a PlayStation 4 pro and thank you to OB soft for sending a copy of the game through they did a super awesome of you but this is pretty much how the game starts throws into the character creation we can randomize our character as many times as we want until we find something that we can work with and we're gonna pick one out that we like the look of and then jump into customizing them a little bit so if you want to skip ahead to the game just skip here to the time on the screen now or there'll be a link in the description down below that'll take you right there as well we're gonna pick out a character when we see one see one that we like and actually we could probably work with this yeah miss work with that why not we'll see what options will go here go ahead 12 it's the very last one so we'll see what other options there yeah we're not gonna do an exhaustive look at every single combination of things in here but we're gonna have a pretty good look at what there is around makes you kind of like the look of this one yeah why not what else have we got here then rau Heights raise it up a little bit I guess depth that should be yeah basically it's eyebrows sure that it looks fun I'll line that's gonna raise in low his eyes by the looks of it now there looks alright to me how about spacing there his eyes too close together we're too far apart I don't know that that looks like a to me the amount that he's moving around has had to kind of get a very accurate judgment of how much or how far apart as eyes are exactly well though some of the movement is me I think most with looks about their heights yep sure that seems about right I know it doesn't look weird at any of those heights really and Malphite oh that weight mouth I changes the whole jaw height as well okay well maybe if we do that and then lower the nose a little bit ya know kind of like that cheeks what's this gonna do cheekbones o-rings in the jaw a bit as well if you really bring it in think about via looks alright and this is kind of width of the chin itself sure about there seems right ear protrusion less let's just see how he looks with them all the way out I think we'll bring those all the way and make them a little more aerodynamic and with small ears I guess it's like a pretty good place to start anyway and we've got skin tone it's not all that dark so it looks like the one that you start with sort of dictates the scope of options there so if you start with someone lighter or darker that's sort of the range that you're looking at and it's see these are very very dark eyes Oh have a look what we've got here oh those really pop might use those there are kinds of eyes usually let's equip them but they're the kind of eye that I'd expect to seem like a sci-fi movie or something something that really stands out it's pretty cool too very bright green like this I think we'll stick with those ones that we equipped though and here we're really at the top of the menu but we'll see we'll see what all of the hairstyles that was not bad though well I quite like this one though miss equipped it for now we have a look at where the others are some good options in here could probably make him look like almost anyone you want it's nice one too I think we'll stick with the one we've got though and then that looks like hair color this looks like facial you let's let's choose a beard before we choose the color his chops are pretty cool Mike over those actually below there's some pretty typical options in there I don't know it's a bit of a toss-up between the full beard and the chops I think we'll go full beard yeah what color are we gonna make all of it got very dark colors let's have a look at a few more of these pretty traditional looking colors so there any really ridiculous oh yes there there's some greens blues purple Reedus I've met people with that color here though just naturally seems a bit odd to have that right at the end there I think I think about here where I want to go and we'll see what markings we can choose from I don't normally go with scars or base paints and whatnot it's this one you see okay hang on it looks like we've got a face painting let's get rid of that so that we can actually have a look at these scars see what they really are well that does have a nice subtle menu that's showing you what they are that's not bad looks like there's another scare under the beard here's some some more subtle ones and some more dress at once this one kind of looked okay with sort of going into the mustache there might go with there just for a little extra character and I'd be very surprised if I choose to put a face paint on here but we have a look at it to see why there is available there are some interesting ones there's more chemical aji ones okay there's some interesting options here and some that just kind of look a little bit dirty okay well I am happy without facepaint so we'll see what else we've got here oh and Nick tattoo so they can be on either side or right in the middle this okay in general I'm not a big fan of Nick tattoos personally so we won't be equipping one of these but there's some pretty cool looking options there might get one on the arm though we'll see what we've got we've already got the very first one it but this turn so we can have a bit of look playing knife oh this one takes you pretty cool there's equip there might change it later on but we'll see we've got a set of brain here jug okay there are some very unique designs here nothing does it on the other hand okay so we're going over the other arm now that's a can't quite make out everything on there but that looks pretty cool that one there's some good designs in here a little more unique than I would expect from from a game like this some of them anyway it's pretty cool okay I think we'll stick with that one that we have equipped might not see much of it though for we've got sleeves on and again we've already started with the first one equipped AC can we turn here so what we've got here yeah okay I'm not really a big fan of lip tattoos personally so we'll just stick with the one on our arm and we'll see what fashion accessories we've got here okay I think go hitless for now glasses though we might pick out some glasses like those aviators and stick with those okay he's looking pretty cool now and like this yeah there's very homely stick with it oh I don't think we want such tight jeans with the running around we're gonna be doing these look these look the best we've already got those um no and footwear we're probably not gonna see much of our feet in this game I imagine but let's pick out a good sturdy set of boots and a pitch as only one available okay I think we have our character so let's go ahead and confirm and get into the full game it's a smooth transition I like that whoa all right there's only the Exynos okay okay oh no there's some really hit people around here okay same control scheme is the Division one just blow some stuff up looks like something else a blob there enough we've got an angle on here we go popped up at just the wrong time Denis just make our way down I don't think we've really got a long-range weapon right now CS go shimmering out there but nice there's not that many of them lift on your couple well they're coming out coming out this way huh let's get up a little bit closer this is black mo my vision I think I need to get right up in here this feels a lot like the Division one Oh Nate coming in some guys on fire dela Cruz needs reviving isn't he just over there okay they're kind of hard to see get up soldier see those barricades have some ingredients patroller be on the lookout for stragglers some of those bastards died away unexpectedly their attacks okay just keeps up we're gonna have to relocate come on help me with this we're stretched too thin to protect everyone here to the waterfront they can't be right this is a distress code the coordinates for Washington DC someone has to say we can't just leave– these people whatever happened it needs to be big sports all over you know I'll do what I can here we took things for granted we expected coffee in the morning we expected free Wi-Fi when those were taken from us we survived when communications broke down the trains stopped and the internet went dark we survived but when the pharmacies were looted and hospitals shut down asthma became lethal and with no police to protect you did you own a gun did your neighbor survive we are a resilient species when our society collapsed we found ways to go on and now for the first time in centuries what we want is also truly what we need in the face of disaster we helped each other we built new communities and the ruins of the old we adapted we survived established a new normal but there are also those who build nothing create nothing hyenas preying on the weak they've made our world bleed but we don't stand alone a brave few have sworn to protect us and save what remains they unite us remind us that we are one people they are our shield and our light but if that light goes out who can save us then it's been seven months since the outbreak we still live in fear of the virus the green poison the real danger is out there waiting [Applause] [Applause] incoming alert on the shd emergency channel flash priority the base of operations is under attack hostile forces have breached our southern perimeter we are in need of immediate assistance repeat need immediate assistance from any nearby agents ok we are here to assist and I'm pretty sure we gonna enjoy exploring around Washington here I just kind of wanted to see if we could kick that sick of all soccer balls her hands look like we could kick it around a little bit these logs look like they could be used as cover maybe we should take cover up here that was stealthy king netbox around I might have maybe should have got a bit closer before attacking they're witten doesn't have the greatest range with the amount of recoil it has no they were kicking someone though I saw the guy well we're either too late or they were kicking a corpse we wouldn't even know for sure it looks like there's something here restocked got quite a lot of bullets back barracks Lee I didn't expect to get their mini back there looks like we've got another bunch of enemies here into fire track and let's see if we can get a little bit closer before we alert these guys working fire oh he really ducked down immediately okay oh that's a grenade you can have your grenade back thank you very much did someone just come up here totally dude nice try if you can hear us on this frequency keep pushing forward and blindside these bastards well keep pushing forward but we might need to equip some new kneepads to do that so let's see what we've got here these ones it was so slightly bitter so equip those and carry on I've seen the enemies here actually we don't need to move from cover to cover man there's been some serious fighting around here little the bob wire and all of that going on it's still some serious fighting going on sooo it will focused on the white house so I think they might be able to get up here nice little fantage spot here yeah okay let's go that might have got their attention I kind of want a lot more stuff but they're not anywhere near though oh oh goodnight you can reach up to Mexico up maybe it was a smoke grenade or something someone right here I want to get them so don't want them to get up too close to me not popping up a big cover which is very smart it seems like the AI in here here they're doing a good job of taking cover from me rather than just taking cover where they think they probably should oh god you though load them a drop of Luke to grab all of that before we make our way into the White House let's let's just get a little bit closer I think another guide to the live there though there are only two left it's not popping up pop him down let's try mr. outside on but show it won't be nearly as effective at this range it's actually pretty alright okay sir probably play it safe probably and heal up before trying to move forward here grenades wait wait wait wait wait I don't want to go around their side yeah and it looks like there's one more but probably just resham okay okay do we have some lutes around here no that's unfortunate okay let's make our way into the White House then make some new friends pretty sweet base of operations if you ask me no monument white house discovered I'm pretty sure we discovered it before we got here but we'll go with that so saying I should check my stash I think this mustache rants that's got an exclamation mark on it I forgot a special token but move to an inventory oh oh oh you can pick out some binoculars as an emo okay whip and skin some clothing can I preview these with some oh yeah it's previewing them as I go through just can't see the boots scarf and the pants look okay looks like we've got to move them all to inventory though okay it's pretty cool let's have a look at apparel just briefly we'll see what these things are and then we'll continue on earn a stick with that shit the new pants though yeah okay there okay there may be a little bit tight but they're okay this okay is that hanging on my back or something can I turn around okay it's just dangling on the back there okay why not the scarf police equip it's the only one we've got and I'll leave they might says they are all right where is this coordinated in your here this is you welcome to DC a Manny and run comps I'm guessing the division alert brought you here damn glad to see you let me show you exactly how screwed we are ever since the JTF imploded the city's become a playground for murderous fuck heads there are several main factions and a whole lot of bottom feeders sucking up whatever the big dogs miss a few civilian settlements are still holding out against all this villainy they need more help than we've been able to provide especially since the division network went dark um that's Kelso she's one of the last surviving agents in DC she's operating under the theater settlement on a priority mission you should go check in with her if anyone knows how to get these systems back online it's her oh and um introduce yourself to the locals while you're at it it'll come for them to know there's a new sheriff in town by the way agent head downstairs and chicken with a quartermaster he continued set up with some decision tech you're gonna need the edge all right sounds good to me that's a lot of orange okay let's see what division teak we can get our hands on skill lock let's go and lock available all right skilled platforms division agents skills are based around skill platforms with a number of variants there are eight skill platforms available in total unlocked by completing missions you can unlock them in any order choose which one you want to unlock first I like that you can unlock them in any order you want there's a cool option okay so what are we looking at here a pulse I think I know the one I want already but we'll have a look at what we do have available so I've got the pulse scanner pretty basic scan the pulse remotes that's that different deployed at a set location and continually pulses the nearby area for hostiles and visually highlights them on the hood okay that kind of sounds better than the best one there in post jammer the jammer pulses outwards overloading and disabling hostile electronics they could be really useful I think I want that turret though but we'll have a look at what we've got around so standard sort of assault turret it automatically tracks in Tech's hostile targets but it can be manually overridden to target a specific enemy I think that's the one I want so the incinerator turret manually controlled okay is a flamethrower all right and then a sniper which is also manually targeted and yet the demo is showing a pretty close range shot okay so I've got the hive restorer the restorer hives seems out micro repair drones that expend themselves to repair allies armor I think there's the one I want second probably for some self healing and even Li healing as well become a bit of a healer the stinger hive seems out micro drones that are taken distract nearby enemy targets the Reviver deploys small drones to revive nearby down to allies that is really cool so you can just sort of throw out a revive rather than potentially getting yourself killed on the process the booster hive delivers a stimulant to nearby allies that increases the combat efficiency we've got a chem launcher this seems like a dangerous option to me but we've got the reinforcer disperses a cloud of gas there appears and reinforces the agents allies armor I wonder if you can deploy that on yourself like just throw to your feet thank you you probably could the fire starter creates a cloud of explosive gas that can be ignited through explosives weapon fire etc any dangerous riot foam fires a payload of sticky foam that immobilizes targets which could be really useful if you're getting rushed by a bunch of enemies the oxidizer releases a cloud of corrosive gas that damages enemy armor still proxies and causes damage over time our skilled proxies in temperatures damages over time it's pretty cool there's a lot of options here too there's only half of them though we've gone through so grab the Firefly with a blinder blinds enemies that passes over causing them to be unable to function a full combat effectiveness it would be so annoying to go up against just this then flexing here in the eyes the booster attaches explosive chat charges to targets that did Nate who are in close proximity interesting demolisher damages or destroys enemy weak points skilled proxies and environmental explosives interesting okay that could be pretty cool a seeker mine these are nasty just throwing out a little seeker man that blows up at their feet Ibis seeker mine rolls towards its tag and launches an explosive burst into the air on reaching close proximity they look so much nicer than the standard cecum hein just really flashy a cluster C command splits into smaller seekers and tracked down enemies exploding when reaching proximity like this that's just fantastic really drone so it could be some cool options and here with a drone so these striker tracks targets and attempts to maintain a line of sight while continuously firing but sounds kind of kind of nasty them it could be really strong though the defender attempts to deflect incoming bullets from a sonic emitter mounted beneath the drone I wonder if you can lightly launch there and then tell it to go defend one of your allies or something that could be really useful as well the Bombardier requires that an agent set two points and then deploys a payload of miniature explosions between them okay like a carpet bomb sort of thing The Fixer replenishes nearby allies armor or can be manually targeted on a specific Li so there's there's a few options for repairing armor it looks like and the shield the bulwarks shield provides near full-body coverage but as bulk means though any sidearms may be used while it's equipped okay the crusader shield is a lighter shield that allows all primary weapons to be equipped while it's equipped but it exposes the agents leaks sounds like a pretty fair compromise and the deflector causes an coming bullets to ricochet to a nearby highlighted target with a clear line of sight to the agent though not a full body shield lack of brace means that only a sidearm may be used alongside the show sounds really cool it sounds like a fun option but I think we're gonna go with the turret your salt turn yeah just make sure I'm unlocking the right one there and we've got ourselves a turret so once unlocked skills are available in the inventory we can equip them and all that sort of stuff once a new skill platform is unlocked you can unlock skilled variants to alter its functionality get the more shd tick by playing missions leveling up and looting and return to the base to unlock the skill variants all right so I've got some picks as well there's a lot of sort of tutorial stuff here it's a passive bonuses that will enhance your character in various ways they are acquired by using sh t tick they can be unlocked in any order again I appreciate that some pigs have upgrade levels to unlock the high levels you must unlock the low levels s fear pick a pick and hold square to unlock but we have to pick with and swap with and slut by the looks of things and there is fine with me because it's a good pick to have we could do with another whip and slut but do we have another weapon I don't think we do okay strongholds says a stronghold right over here it's not leaving me move the met but I've got this little light the hostile factions and DC have their main foothold in the form of strongholds weak infections by completing main missions in order to access their strongholds okay so we can't just go and raid them straight away settlements these civilian militias based on settlements their safe havens where civilians have banded together to support and protect one another from the dangers in DC the closest settlement is the theater settlement on the east side of the city cinnamons provide a number of activities main missions side missions chicken to see what they need help with in completing a settlement mission will unlock new skills and equipment all also upgrade the settlement and provide the base of operations with new staff all sounds very useful we had better head out to was this the theater means if we can help them out I'm not sure that I've picked up any new weapons along the way let's just have a quick look here though got an empty slot yeah we'll find a weapon soon enough I'm sure looks like we've got some in here field proficiency cache open that up okay some knee pads and side um does it be useful they are quite a bit better than what I've got more credit chance in more skill power ony SMG damage very nice we had a sidearm there as well didn't we like that is quite a lot better than the other one we had and this is our turret so we can equip anything right now and then our second slot there let's call though there's cool let's get out to the theater the neighborhoods you'll be moving through are hyena territory they're a bunch of vicious assholes who prey on the weak and vulnerable and kill for kicks and they destroy whatever they can't steal for themselves but they've been an especially serious problem for the theater settlement given a situation we need the help of the settlements but they can't do much if they're struggling to survive so see what you can do to take some pressure off them but don't forget that we have to get the shade Network back to full strength in a lot of places the division has been the only thing holding people together they're not gonna last long without support okay we can help them out let's see if we can help them out with a turret let's throw it out see how effective it really is oh wow Wow okay that is super effective just pull it back and then get it recharging your camp that's probably overkill for two guys oh but we've got a new gun here so let's go ahead and equip it in our second weapon slot how's that No okay so I've got two assault rifles you might prefer a little more variation but that's what we've got for that especially like in this mg right now especially with that extra 10% bonus that we've got to use mg damage there's gonna be enemies here no hang on when you see if we can close these doors oh we totally can no achievement for it though more trophy oh we're toast really right now that is perfect timing surprise and that turret can help us flank yeah there's gonna be really useful what do we got here or a victor okay let's equip they're only over this one a little echo is level two Victor and what was this one a rifle as you may be a rifle would be more useful in the slot here yeah we'll try it out so that's of again with decent range in a gun for up close yeah that's good okay the cooldown on that turret looks pretty decent oh there's someone here like I don't really take note of what the cooldown was exactly but it's almost reading now oh yeah this rifle is nice and we just save someone I don't know if that person's coming around to see me but we are going to take some glows and will equip those as well okay when level higher so they've got to be better yeah it doesn't look like that person came to see me they were just running away which is very understandable this is quite a nice looking game gotta say there's lots of stuff around as well Oh enemies – oh another one look like they were just – yeah this rifle is working really well oh wait we're safe from what I saw some movement over there Radley yeah I really like this rifle actually not sure how much a mask is gonna help us out right now but if it's a higher level we will equip it it's all about raising your stats getting up to max level getting more power oh they're good all that good stuff just make sure we pre loaded here hey the theater is not far away now but it looks like there is some gunfire up ahead where we we might not need to go through this way but we sure can so we're going to yeah this rifle is fantastic there might not be the best spot for cover I'm getting in the middle of it there note those bad idea bad idea still someone over here those in there yep got em looks like we're safe now we're saying with a cool down on that turret is sexy seconds they just there's pretty nice okay what did we get just thin poster was it and you went on seats um we're doing that we're getting just a little bit more armor which is so so useful that'll be with some National Guard buddies the word that get called helmet quarantine in New York okay you remember swine flu everyone freaked out for nothing you'll see in a couple of months no one will even remember what the dollar was like y2k y2k you really know how to make it I feel old I'm just messing with you but I don't know this doesn't feel like it's just gonna blow over people are scared and you know what happens when people who scare way too much old man oh that's nasty so they're deceased s' Ortega so the white house and these guys they love their names skinny John and Spyder definitely bad guys let's carry on coming up in the theater settlement the woman who runs it is named Odessa Sawyer try to stay on a good side DC is dead and we've discovered the theater I've even got guards up the top as well what image on that track beer this with the hands out like that like it's saying stop there no entry okay oh dear sir up here see how far up there there little monument on the back there looks a little bit silly dangling along there or dangling around okay let's help these people out better start with this Odessa though all right here we go if you're looking for agent Kelso she just left I should have gone with her but I'd only slow her down I know you got your own problems to deal with some hyena motherfuckers took my little girl get to me if you can help out beyond your debt and I always pay my debts well that was pretty straightforward okay new mission looks like we are already tricking it making some preparations while I wait for the new agent to arrive what kind of preparations thank you all kinda remember the point is to rescue a hostage and not bring down the building okay well we should be able to find nice quick way down here looks like there is a rope over here okay these are a good addition to the game honestly I know there in the division one but they're a good design option it's a nice way of having a quick way out so you don't have to serve dual there backtracking and we'll probably be making our way through a few buildings and they'll probably be a nice quick way out sometimes there's people of friends we don't need to worry too much about Liam let's go on and do this mission wow there's a lot of junk around here we're just piling it up suppose if you don't have an option portable oh there's something here where's the prisoners I can't tie them moaning so you let them go [Applause] okay let's break that isom jihad I think I'm getting unclose enough oh it does a lot of damage in a short amount of time that magazine is very very small for that rate of fire I understand in a rain thunder and everything going on great dramatic let's see if those gloves are an upgrade they're not okay make sure your downgrade there's not expecting that you'll right next to the Grand Washington Hotel okay here we go head to the service entrance on the east side of the building okay Oh some guys out here okay nice take them out with one magazine this one over here though sort of trying to save my tart for if I like really need it and with just a handful of guys diving on the ground instead of taking cover I don't think we really need it right now Oh mmm oh man that weather is loud to restock box workshop is this way definitely bad guys in here I get my turret on top of that no not quite okay Liz I want to give it some elevation just here might be alright and then we can sort of come around this side in that turret take care of whoever's on the lift still but they're all coming over here okay I guess that funneled them in here rather than what I actually wanted there but now they kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place come on come on I love this last guy has such a small amount oh there's another guy and there's him damn it keeps taking cover when I'm reloading thanks here no hyena Big Shot real unpleasant we need to kill this asshole Oh we'll get him faced with the hyenas and you won't be laughing for long once we see him gotta be more enemies in here okay oh I kind of want my turret now well there's a few of them around let's make sure that there are a few less of them not so worried about him sustaining next to explosives set timer at two seconds okay oh no that's not a table or anything they can't land on top oh it is no no aah there's the West that is the worst I don't think it can target anyone okay let's destroy that we'll get the attack on cooldown again probably flank around them Oh looks like there's only maybe three of them left or is he on a turn not for long Betty like a grenade let's just keep yeah it looks like we might be able to take some higher ground here oh we better take cover there right really one that turret huh this is sort of just helping me to get them into a spot where I got a good line of sight on them to be honest whoa grenades further down I thought it's right next to me I think I need to get up here a little bit more just up there as long as it doesn't fall down looks like a good spot these guys off in a jiffy come on stand up there we go well we're gonna take this a backpack with us and that looks like a battle with a loot with God there's some framerate issues here though interesting James seems to have cleared up now wasn't like a huge area though oh no it hasn't cleared up hopefully that does not persist these guys definitely know I'm here so not much point in letting them get closer than they need to be okay not bad not bad really like this rifle kind of wish that the was a knee pains I got I think they have SMG damage bonus kind of wished ahead of rifle damage bonus on it with how effective this rifles turned out to be every stuffed box here Oh Daris yeah okay there's an agent in need of backup but we are just gonna rush on in here well okay there's gates now turret and just just that shooting okay they're trying to rush at it for this fun that's fun they can rush it all they want oh hi Gus Wow are they getting destroyed okay good another wave coming in it's fine and they're taking cover though oh well actually just blow some stuff up that will help that always sounds right hmm I might need it heal up here not really paying much attention to how much damage I'm taking all right looks like we're done in this room said you seeeeemji I think it might be they just have a look at what we've got I don't know if it'll be better than this Victor more accurate less stability more damaged technically I just really like the Victor will stick with it so there's another restock box pretty generous with those really good if we've got someone up ahead didn't aiding us an mo stuck PO we could be in for an explosive time oh my gosh wow they help us out with them no they weren't close enough wow they were throwing a lot of bullets out there I feel like the recharge on this turret is just really really good so useful like even if it was just suppressing these guys rather than damaging them even though it would be useful but the amount of damage it does spectacular whoa that lasted a lot of I guess that was the mo stock bubble I guess that's all of them let's get our 'try charging again nothing's fantastic going up no we don't need to push the button and here we are does not look like this doors are opening automatically anymore well though maybe we shouldn't be taking the elevator when the buildings in this kind of condition just a thought that's what I was always taught anyway buildings on fire use the stairs although maybe there may be the stairs aren't there anymore Oh okay oh there's a few of them around lits without air it's somewhere where they can shoot down hopefully not sure if they will work out but it looks like has got pretty good coverage there oh wow okay there's more guys coming in this way way to fairway lady simcha shut was I thinking have it yeah all right I feel like we're getting some stuff that really puts out some good damage early on like good damage for these levels at least feeling pretty good about this loadout and just said all of them I think they might be all of them oh that's not all of them I can't see around the corner from it there's someone down here where are they oh wait I got around them okay oh so much for them flanking me I think we're in the clear here to make our way up to the roof the plant is moving way too much it's kind of strange I just saw movement not for long indeed well there's a few of them you wonder if I can reach there with the turret no not quite put it up here then and you know attack from this side oh that didn't do enough damage here we go whoa they came around here really fast okay okay we're good I didn't expect expectative flank around the side that quickly I don't think the tires gonna do us any good where it is so let's recall it these guys just fishing a barrel right now there's something in here like it's showing on the map yeah okay go like we're getting enough healing items as well which is nice we used a couple already always good to have more though just make sure everything's reloaded I think we're in for a fight here maybe here oh yeah here we go ready when you are let's go around here look so better get some higher ground here looking for a good spot for the turret feel like there's a few options in here just right up on me though I'm trying to be stealthy about this and she's just showing everyone where we are let's go ten explosive oh whoa okay there's a few explosives oh she's got a drone nice whoa everything is just going up that drone looks really useful as well like the turret I'm sure has more firepower but the drones they would have flanked and everything and just really keep the pressure on an enemy force them to move okay okay I feel like we're destroying these guys well I like out with the turret I can sort of set up my own flanking route like I can sit it up in a spot where I I want to go around the other way I do enjoy that while were they getting rekt said drones still around yes it is and is st. himself okay okay we'll take out check out these other weaker enemies as well oh I don't have a good line-of-sight you now and my drone not drone my turret is down for the count let's just get around here get a line of sight here hopefully and they see our manoeuvrable years okay it got away from that it was partially because I throw it sort of behind her who is going I guess man the Saint is tanking some damage we just can't throw a tire it out there oh we're gonna gut him that's just the weak guys lift now and made a bit more range nice nice okay this is looking like it's gonna be a really good game overall by the way I think so anyway given the what hour that we've played of it what have we got here holster and more kneepads seems to enjoy giving me knee pads though it looks like a battle the lutes that we've got around here looks like we need to go through there but let's let's equip what we've picked up so we're really for whatever might happen next around new knee pads in you better hmm cooldown reduction I do like the idea of that let's go then in this hairs Oh health on kill that's nice okay alright Eleanor are you hurt who are you what's going on she's in shock I'll bring her down when she's fit to move let's meet at the theater later okay I guess we'll just go back to the atrium maybe we should head back to the theater since she's gonna go back there anyway oh we've got to protect them all right it looks like this is our way down I would kind of take a rope if I had the option rather than an elevator but we'll go with it and here we go and now we've got the turret let's go oh wait it's bad guys here oh well they were there's more on this side suppressed no we don't want you to be suppressed it's really intent on it though okay let's throw our own turret down there so that we can be ready for whatever my ever oh the totes working on the door as well nice this thing's gonna get hot though overheated nice I'll patch you're in Odessa just arrested news for you we got Illinois okay sounds like she's happy that your daughter's okay that's good and we leveled up a bunch and stuff very nice sounds like there's some gunshots coming from out there let's just finish things off by having a check to a DISA I'm sure she'll have more for us or more information for us well did not expect someone to come sprinting out of there when I'm sending bullets in someone else in here though isn't there where are they here we go okay so it doesn't look like she's too far away hundred or so meters hopefully there's no no more building's exploding along the way are those bad guys or no they are friendly okay I do like the navigation option to us where was it it's telling me those are monuments just the theater I've been here before but the little orange line that you get to follow that is a it's a nice nice way of navigating the world easily without it being too intrusive and I think that's probably our fastest way up I'll knock something off of all I don't know how that little gadget gets us up here so quickly but it is fantastic it's right ahead of us too it's worse than ever Oh death so we're barely holding things together what am I supposed to do help us I am helping I am helping just not the way you want me to we need you out there again your leg wouldn't stop you it's not about that I know it isn't but if we fail oh right oh right we could probably spare some people I'll be outside she said you did your part I won't forget it well looks like we've made Odessa happy saving your daughter there we have unlocked new main missions complete them to continue upgrading the settlement completing them will also unlock new skill platform say the quartermaster and the base of operations and as settlements upgrade they can save personal our personnel for the base of operations return to the settlement to recruit new staff after each upgrade staff unlocked new services in the base of operations such as crafting these new services will allow you to further enhance your character and take part in new activities sh t missions grant sh deep tech is HD tik is a core component and a division agents arsenal and can be used to unlock new skill variants in picks in the quartermaster you can also acquire tick by completing side missions leveling up in scavenging tech collocations okay there's a lot of similarities there between the scenes the division won in a good way nothing they have expanded on certain things in a great way by the looks of things seems like we've got plenty of options but a civilian entrusted you with a flee again to help them retake control points from enemy factions go to an enemy hold control point shoot the flare gun and defeat the enemies to take over the control point in addition to reducing enemy presence capturing a control point gives access to valuable equipment and resources oh wow there's more tips the gps line that's the roasting bed before the gps line is a great way to navigate I think so anyway aim you can toggle it on and off you know we'll show you the quickest route but feel free to explore got it all right oh wow it wants us to talk to a lot of people by the looks of things and to deploy secondary rappel rope okay well let's have a chat to these people around the theater and finish things up in your stomach it's gonna go a long way towards library we have reports of a lot of hyena activity in the area can you check it out okay I can check it out there's a lot going on with this game a lot of ways to unlock things lots of activities or dead batteries we can power out comms sooner or later it's gonna bite us we've had some reports of hyenas at odias office maybe they know something we don't there's still some useful tech there anyway she's gotta be worth a look okay maybe some rechargeable batteries would be a good option in the meantime though hello I'm Anaya I'm going to be helping out at the base of operations with equipment fabrication it's a pleasure to meet you oh nice okay so she is when they were actually recruiting it's good looks like everyone else just once ever a little chat seemed us on a mission and I took this person our settlement progress was this new milestone reached resilience cooperation solidarity aspiration Wow in all of them have missions it really is a lot going on here so I've got the crafting which I wouldn't get claim so settlement activities project water pipeline construction and cold storage construction and that will give us cooperation okay it sounds like there's going to be multiple of these settlements around the place with extra missions like those Gardens could be what we're looking for I think it's about time we put them back okay so he's got a mission for us as well where's the secondary rappel rope down on that level maybe oh it's right here okay we will deploy this yes okay that is the right one is there someone we need to talk to for this projects yes so gold project scavenger crew and out for hunting party okay so there's a few things to do there I wish this projects helped the settlements to solidify the safety and security of DC survivors donate to projects anywhere in the world and complete the activities required return to the project officer to retrieve your rewards our sense something I was mean to donate to okay what do we get for this blueprint streamlined iron sights or vertical grip decreases stability though where's this – maybe look at this steel is at five out of a hundred are you sure you want to donate sure I did I have five out of an okay maybe maybe there was it okay and so I saw it successfully donated steel there in noose Co and lock available at the base of operations but there's a vendor around here as well now it must be this person or just talk to them and then finish this episode off okay we have one hundred of the currency here and we cannot afford anything probably so some stuff but it's just something I'll look into between episodes I think all right this looks like it's shaping up to be a really well thought out game though there's a lot going on here from the outside witches let's just say a little bit different to some other games that have released recently you know um but it looks like they've learned a lot from the division one and all of those lessons have been just applied here is how it looks from this introductory playthrough though that we'll be continuing with our playthrough and the next episode so until then thank you so much for watching thanks once again for liking commenting and subscribing have a fantastic day and we'll see you next time

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