The Doritos Ramp Rush v2 (Extra Doritos) – Fortnite Battle Royale

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attention what you're about to see in this video is a complete waste of mattes and should never be used in a competitive environment if you enjoy any part of this video don't forget to drop a like and subscribe if you haven't already and there's gas to go amen I'm scared bro the fuck are they done doing oh yeah teach you oh shit let's try that she to ramp brush-up loads in a row so for every rain pressure post in this channel I always make the tutorial and how I do it um you guys should not learn this ramp brush because it's a complete waste of mats and if you want to sell your mats then go for it but this is for you guys who want to learn how to waste your mats like I do so yeah let's get into it alright so just go through real quick I'm gonna do the original Doritos ramp rush um it's really hard to start by sprinting through it but I can kind of go through it like a little bit fast like this anyways you start down here boom boom rotate rotate rotate rotate if they rotate and now I'm going to do the upgraded version of three restraint brush this is a four layer ramp brush and the next ones need six layer and brush and we go through there Oh quick so that's not the next one it's pretty much the same thing it's just you got whip your mouse around see rotate rotate and then you whip around and catch yourself so boom boom boom boom so here's the original trudeau strand brush which looks like this and here's the doritos the two ramp brush which has the two doritos behind it giving it more like layering but if we were to destroy these this is a four layer ramp brush so boom boom boom boom and then it's breaks but if you were to destroy this one right here it's a six layer round brush so at the Oh boom then it breaks so once you do the posix so this one right here uses um ad mats per level but like each levels ad mats and this one is 60ms per level but they're both are complete wasted mats and you should never do this in a match unless you're just trying to mess around like I do alright so here is the keyboard overlay if I press my left mouse button its swings like a e d WS and then I rotate with my right mouse button my right click so to do the regular og Dorito strand brush it looks like this I rotate bottom and they're rotating left side so boom rotate look down and you rotate look like that so boom boom two rotations now the next variation is the same thing but after you hit your second rotation just turn around and catch yourself but I didn't miss much so I'm gonna get into why I missed those few pieces a problem of tour building with these insane tramp brushes is some of them are not possible to do with Toro building so if you guys don't know what God building is it's basically a faster version to place your buildings it's only really good for ramp brushes because nothing else needs to be used to place buildings that fast so I place my building if I scroll wheel up and also my left mouse button and by doing that so I'll get it set up and what I'll do is I'll do get a set up and they'll get ready right here what I'll do then is I'll lick my scroll wheel up so I just flicked it and then I'll start doing the ramp brush like that and that's how I get every single place in oops on this ramp brush almost every snow place and this one right here but yeah so from school I got three sets and then I got the place building that allows me to get pretty much like 95% of placements and his ramp brushes but this one I did pretty well I just missed like one up here so this fan brush isn't too bad to learn but the other original to Rios ramp brush mastered and this should be no problem at all I promise if you enjoy this ramp brush don't pretty the drop a like and you can also support me the item shop code youtube' underscore Peaks I'll be changing my code to be soon but for the time being is still YouTube underscore Peaks so yeah guys that covers it but I'll see you tomorrow for new video or maybe the day after I'm not really sure peace out so for the few of you that stuck around till the end I helped my roommate build a PC so if any of you are interested in those types of videos I'll leave a link to his channel and video in the description below if you want to go check them out

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  1. at this point it should be called the hexagon ramp rush

  2. Hey beaks bcc trolling literally stole ur vid for the 1st compilation

  3. Stream snipe a famous twitch streamer and use that on them

  4. Would u be able to do the first one on console I already know it’s gonna be hard for the second one on console

  5. Stop it gets some damn help to all the nerds who use this

  6. it should have been "The Doritos Ramp Rush : Extra Cheesy"

  7. “The Doritos Locos Ramp Rush”

    Missed an opportunity there…

  8. When you see that in a pub and just crapp yourself

  9. 0.54 what's he doing his power level its its it's over BUILDING MATERIAL HIS GONE BEYOND THE LIMIT

  10. the real question is…..

    is it possible on mobile tho

  11. Default: sees doritos ramp rush.
    Chuckles I'm in dorito danger.

  12. I started using that method and i love it its not hard but it is effective and fun to do

  13. Can you do a v 3 even harder but better and harder to break down the ultimate one the best your the best and peace


  15. imagine yeeting a grenade in the middle of that bowl shape at the top.

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