PlayStation VR Accessories by PowerA Unboxing

PlayStation VR Accessories by PowerA

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hey what's happening at once sir james from gamer fishing comm coming at you guys with any other video and as i count down the final days until i'm able to pick up my place you shouldn't be your lunch bundle as i've been promising all year long i figure for this video we can take a look at a couple must-have accessories for anyone who is planning on getting a place you shouldn't be our headset the two accessories in question are actually from the company known as power a no they did not send me these items i actually found these at my local game style so these are items that you might want to try to grab as soon as possible because the supplies are extremely limited the first item in question that we will take a look at is the small little case here which runs at about forty dollars which stores just basically just the headset itself it's a little bit smaller than the travel case that's much larger that would store basically everything – the controllers and this item here which i thought was extremely useful which is the charge and it's by station so this is something looks like we're going to have to put together so before I get to that also one other thing that I want to mention since we're talking about stop is that for anyone who is a big fan of destiny and is enjoying the rise of iron DLC they have this brand new t-shirt and stock that you guys might want to check out really cool t-shirt there is a little bit of gold glitter over the t-shirt so I'll kind of keep that in mind but it runs out about twenty dollars just so you guys know anyway it's the first one we're going to go ahead and take a look at is the PlayStation VR premium storage case again this is about forty dollars and this is pretty much for just the headset if you want something bigger to store all your accessories because you're going to be traveling but you might want to look into the travel case which comes out I think in about one or two weeks from today so overall this has a nice hard shell right here all the way around this is playstation vr right here on the very front then we open this up opens up like so and we have a slot for the headset which will go here which has this really soft padding right here located on the bottom and on this round cylinder piece then over here you have a little bit of a mesh net which will store that extra cable that hangs out the actual VR headset and there's also this little strap here which I'm not sure exactly what it's for I mean I don't think there's some loose cables or maybe that's just a bundle with the cables so you could store it in a little bit safely but overall the case was solid and I feel like you know if you're not going to be using your VR headset for a while or you might want to store it for a little bit of time or whatever the case may be then this will be the case to kind of put it in to ensure the safety of that and of course to keep it away from dust so again that is the premium case $40 right there you can find it at your local retailers or you can find it on a power raised official website next up again this is another useful item this is the charge and display station so pretty much what this is is that this is a station which allows you to charge all three of your controllers to move controllers and your Dual Shock 4 and of course you could also display your headset on the very top so if you're planning on playing your BR all day but you don't want to keep playing you know your headset back into a case or something like that then you can just safely stored up here I look nice in your display where it is that you want to put it in so let's go ahead and get this box open let's see if I have my knife here fortunately I don't have my knife over here so I think we're just going to tear into the box anyways which is completely fine by me because it's not like I'm going to keep the box alright there we go and there we go all right so we have the main items here again this is some assembly is required so here's a little bit of an instruction booklet you do have a power cable which has a little bit of a black box back here but it shouldn't be too much of a hassle here of course the other end will go into the dock so here is the top portion there's a little bit of a mesh padding right here so overall in the course it's all you know all made of plastic over here it says power a on it simple as let's and then if we have the docking station which has a PlayStation logo on the front yes go and then of course you have the tower piece one thing I kind of wish that the head kind of in a way is maybe like a hook or something like that to kind of place your headsets on – I think that would have been cool but that's just my opinion on that so assembly based on the picture it shouldn't be too difficult this turns like this where so says okay right so you put it on there you twist it like so it totes in there and then you twist to lock it in place ah assembly is actually quite easy and then we have the other part which should feel like this I got to find out because oh yeah there's arrows right here so there's a measure of you guys could see that but there's like a little error there and a little arrow here all you have to do is just match that up twist and lock and there you go that is the charge in the space station unfortunately I don't have any old move controllers because I'm getting new ones with the launch bundle but I do have the navigation controller here which I don't know if they're going to use this for anything but just to kind of demonstrate you know your move controllers will go in here like so so tubulin will go right there and then you have your controller which will dock right here hmm all right easy as that now I don't know if this is supposed to charge or yeah actually does okay I'll try to figure out because normally when you get a DualShock 4 controller charging and stuff like that normally have a little piece that kind of hooks up on here which there wasn't an extra part that I saw so actually just powers up through the bottom here so yeah so basically goes like that so you guys go anyways that's pretty much it for this video I just want to kind of showcase a couple of accessories that I think are a must-have for any place you should be our owners if you guys have any questions let me know in the comment section down below and of course don't forget to tune in next week where I get to unbox not only the place you shouldn't be a lunch bundle but of course I have plenty of video game coverages on this channel but once again I'll check you guys out later

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  1. I have that one. but I have to get a new one. because that charging stand won t work with the new vr headset.

  2. nice vid. I got the PowerA Charging Stand. It's great. I posted a review on my page.

  3. what crap is that dude. just trow your money away . spears all the time you have te spend on this bullshit

  4. I can foresee the stand falling over ,while you take the headset off, it seems very light.

  5. That Charge Thing with the two moves and the dualshock 4 is so cool, with all the led lights on, i would like to have it just in my room as a decoration is so cool

  6. I'm going to gamestop today hopefully they have the case

  7. Hard case looks good wonder if they will have them here in the UK. Good video

  8. Were do you get the display and charge from

  9. Don't forget to Calibrate your camera first in the XMB, before you use the in game VR calibration system.

  10. gee wonder how you got the charger, the case, and that swag t shirt????

  11. How tall is the PlayStation VR Charge and Display is by inches?

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