Nintendo Switch in 2019 – worth buying? (Review)

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The Nintendo Switch came out for couple years ago now, and has been a massive success. It is an amazing console with a ton of fun games… but is it worth it to buy in 2019?
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  1. I've lately been thinking about buying switch just because its so portable. Would be nice to be outside during summer and play with it instead of just sitting behind my computer.

  2. I’m Buying next Month and there are So Many Game I want to play and I can’t wait to buy one.

  3. I see used ones for 150 or 180 they are cool but for my kid I would think twice he brakes every I'm get him a Nintendo DS cause I got him a PSP and a tablet they didn't last

  4. Iv had a PS4 for ages now and I'm hella bored of it and been looking for something new, I'm also going to uni soon so won't be playing it as much anyway, would you recommend me buying the switch? Suggestions?

  5. Why is Switch still lacking major Japanese third party support?

    >Devil May Cry V
    >Death End Re;Quest
    >Resident Evil 2
    >Code Vein
    >Babylon's Fall
    >Persona 5 R
    >Catherine: Full Body
    >Granblue Fantasy Relink
    >Granblue Fantasy Versus
    >Judge Eyes
    >Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain
    >The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 1+2
    >YS 9 Monstrum Nox
    >Arc of Alchemist
    >The Last Remnant Remastered
    >Mary Skelter 2
    >Death End Re:quest
    >Left Alive
    >Dragon Ball Action JRPG
    >13 Sentinels
    >Lost Soul Aside
    >One Piece World Seeker
    >God Eater 3
    >Project Awakening
    >Project Prelude Rune

    It only gets old ports, indies and that's it

  6. I’m waiting for a revision so I’ll wait

  7. My cousin's came other to me from Birmingham and I went on there Nintendo switch and omg it was so fun and I'm saving up for one and it's SOOOOOO MUCH FUN

  8. Five seconds into you talking I drove nails in my eardrums. I recommend you fix your inflection from a valley girl to a man for your next listener that still has the ability to hear.

  9. Well. It's made a great take anywhere minecraft machine for me…other than that I dont play anything else!

  10. Playing Rules:
    Do not say Nintendo because the Nintendo is a bad word.

  11. I had to quit watching after 20 seconds, soon after you said that the Wii U was not a fun console. It was such a boring console indeed that Nintendo is still porting its games to Switch (Zelda BotW, Bayonetta2, NSMBU Deluxe, Mario Kart 8..)..

  12. Nintendo wii in 2019; worth not-buying-but-using? Yes.

  13. Me and my buddies bought one yesterday with Smash Ultimate and we've been having a blast!

  14. No I like 3ds better and I don't have 420 dollars to get Mario kart 8 deluxe and smash Bros

  15. If you buy any console for grapich power ur lost mate, if you want grapichal power and or better preformance, buy a pc. If u can affoard a console, u can affoard a pc, fhey really arent as expensive as people make em out to be

  16. My opinion : yes but you can also wait for a lite version, its gonna be cheaper and small

  17. The switch is perfect for people in the navy like me. I love how they have sky-rum, now get FABLE!

  18. Ye pritty much sold on this one! I'm gonna buy foreshore

  19. No. Where are the games? This is like another playstation Vita to me just doing way better

  20. It was already dated at launch. Better off with the latest gen ipad.

  21. Just tired of the side scrolling games. And the ports. But everything else is great


  23. It's the same thing as the WiiU with better games and a dock…

    It even looks the same!

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