GTA 5 Solo Money Glitch 1.46 in this “GTA 5 Glitches” video: *NEW* GTA 5 SOLO MONEY GLITCH – *NO REQUIREMENTS!* *EASY!* *ONLY 4 STEPS!* (GTA V Money Glitch) – Working on PS4 , Xbox One and maybe PC

This “GTA 5 Money Glitch” video shows you a SOLO GTA 5 money glitch that is working now! This GTA 5 money glitch is very fast and easy. This GTA V Money Glitch will make you some easy money! Have fun with this GTA 5 Money Glitch 1.46!



Obese Giraffe ($1000 method)

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what is up guys welcome to my channel and today I am back with another GTA 5 online video and I think you guys are all having a good day and in this video I will be showing you a brand new GTA 5 solo money glitch and this is working right now now this glitch has pretty much no requirements you don't need anything expensive for this glitch you don't need to have a nightclub you don't need to have an M or C or a bank car or facility or an arena or anything like that you do if anything expensive for the split so this one is good for you guys to do if you are beginners or you just don't have any of the things that you need for other money glitches so if your going to enjoy this video then please drop a like down below and also subscribe for more GTA 5 produced like this under lots of about GTA 5 glitch videos and putting other money glitch reviews over on my channel so make sure to turn on my push notifications by clicking the bell beside the subscribe button so you don't miss any of my future GTA 5 videos but anyway guys let's just get straight into this question so yeah this glitch is 100% solo like I said it's good for beginners so if you are low on money and you can't afford the nightclub and stuff like that and this is definitely a good glitch for you to do now this glitch is almost like a money drop it's like a s'more version over money drop you'll see what I mean as I get entered right here but I just want to quickly give a shout-out to dash G so a massive shout out to you know like I said there are pretty much more requirements for this glitch all you will need to have is a guard egde with a car inside it and is literally just a regular garage that's all you need to have and I'm sure all of you guys will have that so basically you just want to go into your garage and you will then want to get into your car now it doesn't matter what car you're using so just go into your garage get into your car and when you're in the car you just want to open up your phone and then call Lester and then once you've called Lester you will want to then select walk eat a plane and drive out at the same time no locate a plane is all the way down at the bottom of the menu it's the second from the bottom and you need to make sure that you select locate a plane before Lester stops talking so as soon as you call him and as soon as he answers the phone you want to very quickly as fast as you can go and select locate the plane and drive out at the same time so as soon as he answers the phone you can just press up on the d-pad twice and then select locate a plane and drive it at the same time so I'm doing that right here hey what's up so like I said you need to do that before Lester stop stalking as you can see on the gameplay Lester is about to see something else before I drove out so I got it in time and if you did it correctly you should know have located a plane above your mini-map just like how I do in the gameplay right here and it should not go away it should just stay there the whole time and if you've got that just check your map and you should also have no plane on the map so if you check the airport there should be no plane and you can check all the other airfields and there should be no plane there as well so if you've got that know what you want to do is go over to the airport and when you get here you just want to go to any of the hangars and you just want to sit there and wait for planes to spawn and the hangar no F it doesn't work in the first hangar you try just try a different hangar but just wait here for a little while and you should get four thousand dollars eventually and after you've got that once the planes have fully spawned then you should start to get a thousand dollars every two seconds just like this so if you pay attention to my money my money is going up two thousand dollars every two seconds so as long as you stay here close to the planes it keep getting you the money just like this so you can just stay here and just keep getting money it will just keep doing it it will not stop until you leave the area or you leave this session so this thing will just keep doing so you can just keep standing here and you can keep getting the money you just have to stay close to the plains the whole time and you will keep getting the money now at this stage you can actually wrap a rubber band around your left stack on your controller so that your character keeps walking around and make sure your controller is plugged in to your console so it doesn't run out and now you can put your controller down as you should not be kicked from the session so you can put your controller down and now just go away and do something else you can start this glitch before you go to work or go to school or something like that and you can do this in an invite-only session so if you do wrap the rubber band around your controller your character should just be walking in a circle close to these planes and you should be getting the money constantly well your character is walking around like that so if you actually stand here for a while you will actually make a pretty nice amount of money so you're making $1000 every two seconds which would be thirty thousand dollars every minute which would then be three hundred thousand dollars every ten minutes and nine hundred thousand dollars every thirty minutes and then it would be 1.8 million dollars every hour so if you just made your character stand here and walk around for a few hours you'd be making a pretty nice amount of money so yeah I highly recommend you guys do this if you are a low-rank and you don't have any of the expensive stuff then you can't afford any of the expensive stuff for the other glitches this is definitely a good thing for you guys to do right now so definitely take advantage of this glitch but anyway guys that is how you do this glitch this is a very very simple glitch to do right now so I really hope you enjoyed this video if you did then please drop a like and subscribe thank you for watching and all you and next that you

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    You might not see “located a plane” but that’s fine, if you don’t see a plane on the map you can still continue with the rest of the glitch

    Make sure you don’t have a car outside before you begin

    Arena, nightclub and facility will not work. Just use a regular garage

    If you fail the glitch, just start a new invite only session and try again

    Text tutorial to help you – https://www.se7ensins.com/forums/threads/gta-5-solo-money-glitch-1-000-dollars-every-2-seconds-even-while-afk.1758155/

  2. Just mod it in. This is slow af.

  3. No wonder why I saw so many people standing in passive mode


  5. To this day Lester hasn’t found a airplane…

  6. On me the plane is at the good airport but not in de hangar

  7. Currently working, has anyone got banned? Or will be?

  8. Not sure if they tried to patch it just now because when you try to do it the plane location thing above the map is invisible now but the glitch still works so idk

  9. I’ve done as he said and no yellow plane showed on the map so I got to the hangar and there is a plane there what do I do guys ?

    EDIT – never mind guys I’ve got it, my tip is to hit the gas button half a second before hitting A, that Helped me and now I’m making the money : D

  10. Didn’t get gta because money is difficult. Just bought it on PS4, hopefully by the time I get everything it won’t be patched. Wish me luck

  11. What happens if you do it in a public session??

  12. I jus did it I had trouble but I switched sessions it finally worked

  13. Is the glitch patched bcs I've done it a few days ago but it won't let me do it now

  14. Any clue on how to make ur gta to not kick you for being idle

  15. Keep getting kicked out for being idle, even tho my controller is plugged in and my character walking around, anyone help??

  16. At first i tought it didnt work but i managed to do it after a few attempts so yeah not patched yet thanks obesegiraffe youre the best

  17. Rdr2 has a update coming out on 2/26 so yall know they gone prob send patch for this glitch with that update so you better wash ur money b4 the usual update time for ur area

  18. Why am I falling I tried 15 time
    In the car call lester quickly pick plain/don't let him say a word exit in car dut I still see a blue plain every time

  19. Tips to help: use a 10 car garage and use an older car that’s been in GTA for a while just in case

  20. Still works 12:00 A.M. Tulsa, OK

  21. If you get to much money will you get ur account banned or taken away money

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