Meet Innocents, The Best Controller Player In The World! *XBOX* (Fortnite Moments)

In this video Ghost Innocents destroys everyone in his path and gets a 40 kill solo squad victory! Best Console/Controller Player in Fortnite Battle Royale!


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for this blows switch cars ice which shows my shit goes I'm repping the pie like crazy I don't use the scoff man regular controller my gosh power the LTS fan baby literally just put me in the skirmish man pull me in a skirmish man put me in a skirmish put me in a skirmish baby put me in a skirmish I'm begging y'all bro I'm begging y'all put me in a skirmish baby pull me in a skirmish baby put me in a skirmish baby let's go put me in a skirmish man let's go this kids ruining the clip man let's go let's go let's go I'm nasty I'm nasty hype me up chat hype me up hug me up baby come on hide me up hide me up I need you to hide me up right now I need you to hide me up right now what the heck I need a real oh my holy shit let's go baby let's go so I'm talking about no my Pompton shoe I already have this what do you softest and Dom me man there's no way No fucking crack dude really fucking crack dude holy fucking monkey nipples dude oh my god I'm literally fucking cracked oh my god I seek it through the bridge dude I want to save this rift in case like I'm dead or something dude like if I'm about to die dude I'm really able to get 40 men holy fuck dude this kid dies the storm bro on the fucking piss man imma be football I'm gonna be screaming my lungs out bro watch this could be at ETV soccer since soccer stands sweaty that's gonna build me off you I got BOTS let's go for tea bomb let's go let's go yeah like wow like Danny said up in a fed-up Bellflower cookies every crappy photos Beach

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  1. I swear to god if he says "PUT ME IN THE SKIRMISH BABY!!!!!!!" one more time im going to rip my ears off. Like if you agree

  2. Ahahahaha that guy is so noob, he exploits aim assist and uses stretch res. How bad you got to be?

  3. He’s not even good it’s all aim assist

  4. Put me in a skirmish NIGGA STFU most annoying shit in the world and he has wack ass sub sound

  5. What’s that aim in and out thing he was doing?

  6. he's just counting on aim assist when killing people although his building are not bad

  7. Xbox players are hot trash bro this guy is lucky he ain’t on ps4

  8. Lol people are just figuring him out cause now cause his record but people like me knew him since season 6 lol

  9. Put him in a skirmish

  10. Idk why people think this guys is good, well he is good but there is so much bots on xbox lobbies. On ps4 you be seeing seats every game. This is why ppl get high kill games/world records.

  11. He isnt the best console player in the world if he abuses the aim assist

  12. All these piss shit poor players talking even tho they would get smacked by him.

  13. He is playing Xbox bots… He could never do this on PlayStation or PC servers and he is talking about scrims… He will get shit all over against ps4 and of player

  14. Somebody please play on Xbox servers and tell me how sweaty the lobbies are and I have been with my boy innocents since 7k

  15. They needa put this guy in a skirmish I’m telling you dawg

  16. I swear your intros are shit lmao

  17. What’s the song when someone subscribed to him

  18. 2:37 who lowered down there volume down when he screamed no just me ok

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