I purchased an Xbox 360 in 2019… THIS IS WHAT I GOT!

I decided to buy an Xbox 360 console in 2019. Let’s see what having an Xbox 360 is like these days. Is it worth buying this Xbox console?


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ah ha ha here we go back at it again with yet another video g'day guys I'm Chad Chong and this is my first video of 2019 so let's begin the year with a bang and let's all smack that like button real real good now I wanted to start 2019 off well kind of random I was like what could be the most random video I could possibly do to kick the year off and well I thought to myself why don't I buy an xbox 360 and well that's exactly what I did I ended up buying this Xbox 360 and yeah I don't know we're gonna just do this video and see what happens now just to clarify the reason I bought one of these and I really really wanted to buy one of the originals like this the white one with the hard drive on top the reason I got one of these is because I honestly couldn't find one that was in working condition there was literally like one guy here in Sydney Australia that actually had one and then I facetimed him and it turned out it wasn't working so I was kind of upset about that and that didn't end up buying that one oh so if you guys remember way way way way back in the day I destroyed my white xbox 360 console take a look I'm Chad Chung this is my broken xbox 360 and this is my Great Australian BBQ first we raise the Xbox so we can throw it on the ground next we rip it in half in slow motion for dramatic effect then it's time for guerrilla man has set the barbeque on fire after that he decides to get creative by spraying the owner on a matchbox that is most likely designed it not to burn and now it's time for xbox 360 to burn as we put it into the barbecue goodbye a red ring hater but anyway I'm today we're gonna check out this Xbox 360 see how it works and everything it's actually cracked down the middle I don't know if you guys can't see that and I've got um this random bag of stuff that it came with it's got controllers and like the power brick and all that so we're gonna hook this baby up see how it works and play a couple of games and look at that it's got like a little USB port it's making some rattling sounds but it works it works so let's check this out and see how it all goes okay so here it is it came in this random bag this is what the guy gave to me that I bought from and it says one dollar but trust me I did not pay a dollar for this I paid 50 bucks straight up I gave him a $50 note and he took it so that's the Xbox 360 just put that right there it's got the power brick right here so did discuss some I don't even know if this the official power brick that it came with oh yeah look at that it literally says EP games so maybe this was like refurbished or something I'm gonna instead sure I just saw how to power brick I saw I had controllers I saw like he showed me a video of it working so I trusted the guy so I moved the power brick just to this idea so we've got to control hold on a sec okay um this is probably why I should have checked that up but we've got two controllers one I saw had like a white back okay they're pretty dusty and dirty but this there's no battery pack or batteries slot so this is kind of awkward so if I'm too this is really ruining my video so it's got the two controllers but they don't have like the cap for the back night dad I have an Xbox 360 controller I'll be right back 336 minutes later okay okay okay I am the luckiest person on planet Earth because I had one of these land holy crap forget how long these cords are but I had one of these controllers laying around so this is a wide Xbox 360 controller wasn't weighing around I literally went and got it out of a box so yes so luckily I had one of these and as you can see this is the wired one so we don't need the backing like it is on here so that that's all good all right so here we are I'm just currently plugging this HDMI cable in I'm actually kind of glad that I did get one of these because on the back of here you can see that they only at the end she might heavily like later models I think the white ones did eventually get them too but I like that they've actually got quite a lot of USB ports in the back they've got torn up front and then also yeah they've got the AV port so originally the Xbox 360 didn't have HDMI they would like composite AV cables which is crazy even think about the side of this console if you can see in the light there it's really scratched up and in there in the fans it's really dusty still gonna actually listen to see how loud this thing is it's not that flat here at the front where we're back for the controller and here I'm pretty sure that's a crack and not an action design maybe to decide I don't think it is there I think that's actually crack if anyone in the comments knows let me know if that if you can see that crack there but this thing is super super dusty and just scratched up so so be fun to see how this thing does work and really quickly I'm going to plug in the controller and let me grab the camera because really quickly what we're going to do is power this baby on let's do it whoo there it is it's turning on okay so that is switching back and we actually have some names I'm gonna cover those and we're gonna record and switch cameras real quick but anyway here we are on screen right here and as you can see there are some profiles this guy we forgot to take his profiles of so I'm not gonna show too much but we are going to sneak in and I'm wondering what Xbox 360 like dashboard this is going to be because this is the only screen I've seen and I noticed right away I was like oh crap this guy hasn't removed his profiles one of them is Xbox Live and the rest is you can see just like Jesse and Jordan they have like a bit of game of score not much but this one is eight thousand seven hundred ninety five games score and it's an Xbox Live account the last thing he played was fable I don't know what fable that is but it was a fable game so we are going to load in and see if I can see the profile what happens okay I'm going to connect to xbox live a system update okay so we're gonna have to actually run a system update yes apply the system update now so hopefully this doesn't take too long otherwise this video it's gonna take much longer than I expected so downloading an update it's actually going pretty quickly but one thing I did notice is it runs on a different on a different like service or something like that like the the gigahertz whatever you call them for that it's different it's much older on this Xbox and everything does seem to be going pretty quickly though so that's that's pretty good so we'll see how long this takes arm it's currently just resetting and I'll be back in a second okay and it's turning back on so just click to record that hopefully that is recording and here we are as you can see um it's actually updated to the guy's current avatar and still fable is the main game II plays I don't know if that's still the case but let's see what this is all like man I haven't seen this in so long what this is strange look at these I guess we call them tiles where games aren't stuff so play xbox 360 games on the Xbox one there's advertising for the Xbox one there you can get games with gold so I believe this account I'm actually in this guy's account so I believe this might I don't even know if he's got games does he have games let's take a look at what he's got I'm gonna try and make sure I keep his account private just for the case no games downloaded so he might have some that I can I don't know we can get demos okay so real quick we are going to take a look at this guy's achievement list of the games he played and kind of get a feel for what kind of game of this guy is so let's take a look so he's got an Xbox one now and he doesn't have that much game score in it but if we do take a look modern warfare 2 so he's a classic game he's played for quite a bit he was a bit younger than me I think so he has played similar games to me though but you can see you're actually really quickly fable 2 over the 1000 game is poor on that he's pretty much gone 48 out of 66 achievements he's got pretty much everything but that's crazy that's from 2009 they got this this is 10 years ago that he's got these achievements this is nuts so let's see what else he's got mana warfare 3 black ops 2 black ops Wow no he got roughly the same score on black ops and then he's got fable anniversary which got him 800 you got 37 of those 50 achievements FIFA 13 nothing too crazy and he's got minecraft GTA 5 he's only got 10 achievements as disappointing dude game is awesome maybe he switched it up and played on Xbox one or something I don't know oh okay so I was just putting in this disc and he won't believe what I just found on the inside it's supernatural season four yeah the TV show Supernatural that was literally sitting in there sorry its season 3 episodes 11 to 13 disc 4 so yeah I guess I own that now that's the only supernatural that I own but anyway let's put rock stars table tennis in there and let's let's get back to the Xbox and hopefully let's see how this game actually loads up this is gonna be interesting if there's an update to the game I'm not sure whoa whoa it's loud oh there's an update in progress but I'm gonna quickly move my mic I don't know if you guys can hear that yes sir I really apologize if there is a buzzing I might actually take it down and put it on the floor real quick but here is um here is rock stars table tennis okay so here we are in a rock stars table tennis and this is Rockstar Games the same people make GTA Red Dead Redemption bully all those great games they made this because they were using this as sort of a training sort of simulation thing to see what character movement would be like in GTA 4 way back in the day so like let's let's just go to an exhibition I'm gonna put it on medium and try and see what this is like so I'm gonna go as looping against against Haley because we needed quality and you might as well be playing against whatever sex you are and yeah we're gonna be playing here I don't really care for the controls I have played this in the past but probably not in over five years or something so this is pretty epic really seriously we're playing a ping-pong game and I'm champ Chong so this is ping pong Chong at his best okay so I don't know I oh oh here we go come on let's go let's see how I do I can't beat her yeah yeah yeah oh let's go I want to destroy this I don't wanted to say that but I want to beat this woman oh my god people are gonna take this out of context so bad and I this is the biggest rally of all time oh I just got beaten by a woman she beat me anyway let's continue okay I'm gonna get full power on this one Oh what oh it's out I got a point okay what's her serve okay again let's see what she does I don't know what way she's going but I figured she's going this way my god let's go let's go oh my she's so good at this okay I don't need tips I'm gonna win this it's not fair man she's wearing bread I don't know what that has to do with any thing oh my I suck at this game why is it coop telling me tips I think I can disable him I just haven't let's go let's go oh that's almost max power oh this is Mac tower bang OH what she's so quick man oh she got me again she's kicking my ass I've gotta quit got to disable the tips oh this is gonna beat her this is gonna win are you kidding me are you kidding okay gonna spin that oh there we go no come on come on come on let's go let's go I'm really just beat me she just beat me she just beat me I lose well that's rock stars table tennis with a side of supernatural it's gonna quickly get this disc so I can actually lift up the console itself it's taking its sweet time to take the disc jump is it gonna I don't even here we go because the Xbox's they love if you do lift him they can ruin the disc I don't want to do that with this game but um oh supernatural that wasn't that I wasn't the disc of the game that was supernatural but here we are we're gonna lift this console up this is the Xbox 360 in 2019 is it worth getting one if you've got 50 bucks laying around why not if you've still got yours laying around um better for you I guess I daren't sadly I don't have mind anymore I do have one of my mom's house as I said but um yeah I've got one here now I've got this xbox360 oh there's a lot of dust up there so hopefully you guys enjoyed this video hopefully it's a great 20:19 this is the strangest video I could have started with and yeah I'm gonna go probably play some more table tennis probably not anyway thank you for an amazing end to 2018 hopefully this is an amazing beginning to 2019 and bigger and better things happen this year so yeah thank you for watching and I will see you guys in the next video bye bye

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  1. not a crack… and do a give away with that xbox…. and pick me pls

  2. You can't buy a used xbox 360 to see if it works good you fucking idiot

  3. it is the design my dude mine is like that to and it is not scratched at all a perfect 360

  4. Are you give away your Xbox 360 so give it to mee

  5. Lmao i got an xbox 360 2 controllers 5 games for 40 dollars

  6. When I saw a Xbox controller from a ad I was dying laughing it looked like a DJ turn table

  7. 5:15 no it isn't a crack when you flip it over you can see it on the other side.

  8. I know this isn't about playstation, but damn, I miss the time with my ps3 2009/14 🙁

  9. When mine white original xbox 360 broke I destroyed mine too.

  10. Oh my God I can't believe you bought an Xbox 360 and then received it in the mail! Unbelievable!

  11. You can use the controllers without the battery pack look up on YouTube Xbox 360 penny trick

  12. This trend of "I ____ a ___ in 2019!?" has gotten old and annoying really quick

  13. Bro I haven't watched u since 2014

  14. If this is a EB games console. Watch spawn waves video about the xbox 360. I already new the problem but didnt realize that that one is a major flaw for repair stores because the CPU cooler is tightened a way so that the mainboard will always flex and when you remove the placeholders between the screws as far as I know (could be something else I am not a pro just from seeing videos) the board can take damage and I think even the outer housing ?!

    The AV cable is the best. I dont know how it works but the cable that Ive sold with my old console has a high quality mode where in GTA 4 reflections got visible…. in other words the console ads more resolution I think for maybe for TVs with higher count of lines

    Thats strange! Why is that so loud. My first xbox 360 (sadly had to sell my old one because I want to have a parts matching xbox (back in the day) because I got a limmited editon console) hasnt sped up the drive when playing dead space but other newer dual layer (and other more advanced DVDs) made my console louder. The limmited editon console on the other hand sped up it's drive nearly always

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