I confronted my Stalker on Xbox Live… IT GOT REALLY WEIRD!

A stalker has been sending me messages on Xbox Live for over 2 years… I finally responded and we started talking. This is part 2…


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so last week I found out that I had a stalker on Xbox Live well I have finally started to message the person and it's getting really really weird here we go back at it again with yet another video good air guys I'm champ Chong and if you end up enjoying this really really strange video make sure you snap that like button real or good now just a heads up this is kind of part two of this video series so if you haven't seen part one where I actually discover the stalker and you want that basis make sure you go check it out it is linked in the description down below but in this video you guys will see that I do dive into a conversation with this guy I do finally reach out and at the end of the video please let me know if I should block this guy should I finally just block this guy or should I keep trying to actually get him to reveal himself well I didn't even know like it's getting really really strange that I'm kind of just over it because he just seems like a dead end constantly but you guys can't judge for yourself so let's let's get into it and here we are with the messages so as you can see on screen right here I have reached out to the guy and I am going to show you guys all the messages that we've been sending each other for the last week and it just gets really weird it's quite strange it does go back and forth quite a lot I'm just to quickly roll this on screen right here so you guys can see there was a portion that I was recording with the elgato just to like actually document at all just in case something crazy did happen but I'm gonna run through it and actually you kind of narrate it through and show you guys step-by-step exactly what happened so the first thing I did was I messaged him I said hello and I asked him to join my party and I asked who he is and he refused to join my party just wasn't joining it at all but he did state his name so he said well my name is Austin Powell I'm 19 years old and nice to meet you sir and I'm gonna blur out his last name I don't even know if it's real I think it's a made-up name I did a lot of googling couldn't anything it just seems like this guy's completely off the grid but then he says good morning and then I asked can we talk in party he wants to know why and he says sorry no Mike weirdo he keeps calling me a weirdo for some reason yeah I'm a strange dude but he's incredibly strange and incredibly weird so I don't understand why he keeps calling me the weirdo because he's the one that's been messaging me but then I actually go I want to talk to the legend who has sent me hundreds of messages and then he just says weirdo yet again and then I even ask him I'm like how am i the weirdo and he says he's no legend and I go what are you he goes alright oh look a listen champ Sean the reason why I have keep sending you messages is cuz you keep ignoring me and then I say but now I want to talk and he goes that other time in 2014 you have invited me to your party but you know why you left I'm guessing is what he means but I actually don't know why it's kind of weird he then says okay I'll talk to you bud remember when I asked you if your dad died wanted to left a party so badly I give up and this is where I actually kind of went okay this guy is probably a bit of a troll and this is all just a troll and he's a bit of a hater and it kind of changed my stance on it because I want to know what kind of like this guy's just a really strange guy I want to find out who he is and then it sort of made me back up a little bit then he states oh yeah I wanted to talk to you champion but here the problem and I have no mic and my Kinect is broke yeah I would but sadly I have no mic I kept inviting him to parties at this point and as you guys can see I even asked him here I'm like discord and he goes yeah and I go what's your discord he goes what that broke I he just said yeah and then he asked what like it makes no sense and then I realized that and I even go don't act dumb and he's like legitimately trying to act like he doesn't know what discord is and he's not acting dumb he's trying to back it up which is kind of weird so I even questioned that and he goes what talking trash too much homie I'm not scared to talk to anybody like you champ Tron I told you man I have no mic weirdo and then I stated everyone has some kind of might use the Xbox app on your phone and join my party and then this is where it gets really weird because he goes oh yeah champ show him to do that but here I have no here's the problem I have no cell phone I don't like cell phones man by the way his grandma is the worst I've ever seen like he writes like he's three years old of something but he claims he's 19 I even say excuses excuses excuses he says I'm being honest to god I have no cell phone mate which is quite strange that he says mate because that's either an Australian or an English thing but he claims he's from America maybe he's just throwing that out there cuz I'm Australian I don't know though but I said download discord on your computer we can voice chat there and he says he has no computer so he has no cell phone he has no computer and I really don't know and then I just continue I'm just like you're lying and he says I'm Lakota weirdo and I did some googling and Lakota means I think it's like a part of like a Native American tribe or something along those lines so I don't understand what that has to do with anything I don't know if they're allowed computers or anything like that he has an xbox an internet so I even state you have an Xbox but no phone or computer it's 2018 and then he says he drops another n-bomb I think that's the fifteenth one and then he gets a lot worse by the way trust me and I say you were not black and he goes I know champ Shawn stupid and then I go I just wanted to talk but you might talk I guess I have to block you and he goes no . y no alright okay look listen chat song I would like to download talk to you but don't own that computer my brother does okay but anyway we move on a few messages and he did ask me again why I actually didn't respond to him at all in all the years and I said my Xbox notifications were off which is true they're still off to this day but I finally looked into my messages and was like whoa this guy has been messaging me for two years and then he says I know white boy so I'm guessing is Native American if if he is I'm not even understand sure if he's telling the truth or not and I asked him if he's downloading discord on his brother's computer and he says yes and he goes oh yeah I would like to talk to you contra but here's the thing my grandma has a big problem with talking to people like you rich youtubers man she has a problem with me okay look I'm very sorry I call you a it's just not making any sense I I don't get it then I just tell him you have five minutes to get on discord or you were blocked and then he goes are you lying chattering how come you don't believe me man I thought we were best friends Bret look I don't know who you are so how could we be best friends anyway and I even tell him that and then I give him two minutes to get on discord and he goes okay now I downloaded it but what should i do from there okay and he puts his name in there again he says he lives in Hartford Connecticut and he's 19 nice to meet you so I don't get it he keeps reintroducing himself and telling me more details about him but it all seems to be kind of fake potentially and then I ask him at do you have a microphone on computer and he says oh yeah wish bread but I don't then discord is useless like seriously but anyway he says I will talk to you I done downloading a champ song and I go it's pointless you don't have a mic and then he actually says okay don't worry I'll get a normal mic today if my grandpa gives me cash I'm terribly sorry what I said bro I'm going to talk to you as soon as I can and then that was the first night and then I actually left I was like this is going nowhere and so we skipped forward and you can see right here this is just a few days ago and I go still no mic and he goes yeah it's not look what it looks like sadly no and then we're just kind of going through and he just starts messaging me really random stuff like chili cheese dog french fries bro and I'm literally like you make no sense you have issues and then it's just getting weird and I even tell him to stop doing drugs and he says he's not on the marihuana's bro end of statement and I I at this point I'm just like this guy's just a troll I don't know what his deal is why he keeps messaging me why he's been messaging me for two years I'm starting to get really just agitated I guess and he says invasions someone post some information crimes also how come you're telling everyone my gamertag breath oh by the way I didn't show you a game of tag I didn't and he wanted a shout I did so it's getting quite strange he's just starting to get really mad he says what's wrong with me and I even tell him I had the game is had quit crying troll I'm just at this point fed up with this guy because I wanted to talk to him I wanted to get into a party with him and so I'm starting to take a more harsh approach with him as you can see on screen right here and we continue and he goes he says and you know what champ song you know people who make really bad sins to their cousins deserve to have life sentence in state prison you know I should have known better to mess up my life bro dude and then it just continues he's just is he like admitting to something with his cousin in this I I really really don't know and he says nobody's perfect it just it doesn't make any sense you guys can read all this it's just it's really really weird I don't get what his deal is honestly this is one of the strangest things I've seen and he's just continuing to just write random random random stuff in here as you can see it just keeps going and going and going with the most random stuff and he just kept messaging me constantly the most random random stuff and then he actually brings this up which was in the previous video where he told me like a year ago something he said his dad was a drunk marine and he's the one who wrote that now he's claiming that I'm the one who's saying it but I'm only reading his messages so I don't even know so one thing to point out is he made his xbox live picture very similar to mine ever since that he's changed it a couple of times and he's trying to match it to mine I don't know I even saw he was in the Xbox avatar thing like he I think it even says it up there right now so it's getting really really weird with these messages he just keeps telling me the most random stuff he knows I enjoy country music which is something I enjoy I enjoy hip hop I enjoy rock I enjoy country I enjoy it all but he's telling me that I'm in for listen to that so he's starting to get very very very harsh in his messages because I guess I'm not responding to him at this point because I did confront him in a way that was pretty forward because I was kind of getting sick of his stuff and then he's just starting to get really really crazy he's just dropping in bombs left right and center and the f-bombs you're left right and center how to mean fuck I mean the other ones the one rhymes with maggot so yes I don't know he knows I'm making these videos now I didn't actually admit it to him at any point ride right away I didn't want to because I didn't know if he'd see the video I wanted to kind of get a natural reaction but he never joined the party or anything like that and then he says your reaction was very priceless Manuel like being dumb bro like those and I just like why why how Maya creep he's the one that's stalking me straight up like constantly messaging me he knows I play NBA 2k and he says FIFA 14 is better it's just the most random messages I've ever received online it just never stops it just keeps on going and I really don't understand why this guy keeps doing this this video is edited very differently to the last one for the fact that I think this is part two and it's done and I might block this guy I really don't know what's going on here to be honest it's just one of the strangest strangest strangest things ever and then he says holy shit I actually trolled this ugly fucker like he kind of admits to it can't talk I thought it just doesn't make any sense he continually just saying you're not Korean barbeque sauce you're too black to be that no you're my everything like what in the world so he's just quite honestly the strangest person I've ever seen 450 cans of Bud Light broats on me I'm drinking beer huffing gasoline what like it it just keeps going and this moves on to yesterday so he was messaging me over Christmas and that's why I didn't make this video I was taking a bit of a break during Christmas to relax and this guy was messaging me throughout Christmas and Boxing Day and it just keeps going and he wants me to upload and I honestly don't know anymore that's the last of the message right there he hasn't messaged me since yesterday I honestly don't know what to do at this point I want to message him but I feel like it's complete dead end because it's just either a troll or someone that's completely messed up in the head I can't tell if he's trolling I think he is I think he's maybe trying to act like he's trolling now or he's just mentally unstable you guys had quite a lot of comments in the last video the video did really really well and you had quite a lot of theories in the comments as to what he could be what he could be up to and I don't know I honestly I can't come to a conclusion but it's it's one of the strangest things I've ever dealt with but let me know in the comments down below should I just block this guy because he's clearly not budging he doesn't want to come into a voice chat isn't want to come into the Xbox Live party because I want to talk to this guy somehow but I feel like he's not going to talk to me because he's a troll and he probably can't like fake it like he can't put on an act during a call so I don't know guys I'm in a tough situation here I'm not gonna block him just yet I'm gonna wait and see what you guys think in the comments down below but it's it's quite weird this guy has been stalking me for two years more than that he clearly knows he's been watching my videos for years now which is fine I love when people watch my videos I don't make my videos for no one to watch anyway hopefully you had a wonderful Christmas everyone I took a couple days off but now I'm back and I'm reading weird messages on Xbox Live from my stalker I'll see you guys in the next video if you enjoyed this smack the like button and yeah I'm gonna go try and not get murdered by this guy

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  1. You know something I think he really needs professional help and I think you need to call the authority game on this God knows if he's been waiting for you at your own house watch your back what I hear that don't sound so good I am listening but what you just said

  2. He needs professional help block them and get it over with that's the only explanation I have

  3. You know something I think you really really need to block him it's going to get worse I hate to say that

  4. I've never seen anything like that. It's almost like he's talking to himself. I have a feeling he's on something or is psychopathic.

  5. When he said something and responded Obiviosly

    Is like he said something and the Obviously for example is like he’s acting like you so he’ll ask and he’ll act like u and respond with that

  6. Yes, you absolutely need to block this weirdo, this is a no-brainer, if not for the reasons he's been abusive among other things. Though you need to tell him you're blocking him, so any more messages he does he will be wasting his time because you won't be seeing them, then block him and forget about him. If he wants to send messages after that that no-one is reading, then that's on him.

  7. 6:25 Hes Cuts Something Out How Would He Know There Names

  8. im pretty sure this guy is using the predictive text thing and just spamming it. my friend does it all the time

  9. His name is Austin Clearwater deadass not lying guys… go at 7:59 at 0.25 speed and you will clearly see his name when ChampChong is about to scroll down ._.


  10. Are you a Trippie Redd fan cause your shirt is Trippie Redd lol I’m a big fan of trippie redd

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