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In this video I am showing you the iKONIK SKIN In Fortnite: Battle Royale for the PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch & Mobile Devices [IOS + Android] in 2019. You can now get the Ikonik Outfit and the Scenario Emote in Fortnite SEASON 8! This is NOT a Fortnite Glitch, Hack or Cheat. Enjoy the Free Items!
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oh this video I'm going to show you how to get the iconic skin for free in fortnight Battle Royale welcome back to the channel I hope you guys are having a wonderful day so far and in this video I'll be showing you guys the new iconic skin and how to get it for free in fortnight I fall the lakes information and much more now rook wag I'm going to do a special giveaway for this video only once you reach 10,000 likes I'm going to buy a scam myself as well as give one of them away to you guys so if you want to win this giveaway all we have to do is first of all subscribe to the channel leave a like on this video and also leave a comment down below in the comment section telling me what guns are you play up from there keep checking back as it will pick a random lucky subscriber from the comments section down below anyways if you are going to enjoy the video be sure to give the like down below and let's do a mirror like on this video you guys have been smash these like goals every single time lately can we get 7777 likes on this video if we can reach that like goal it would make my day and hope this video does make your day and also subscribe for more videos like these and by the way I will be replying to each and every single comment down below any comments action and if you've turned on your notifications be sure to comment hashtag notification squad and it will give your comment a heart and if you don't believe me try it out yourself and your comment will get a heart anyways let's get start into this video alright so as you guys all know around six months ago ninja and Sam Soon teamed up and brought the galaxy skin to fortnight's first we only received the galaxy skin and later on we got a matching bag blank glider and hoisting tool from there we also have the galaxy spray and the galaxy wrap but those are even more exclusive anyways Samsung themselves to the dishonor official MOA Twitter page they said attention hashtag Galaxy Note 9 and hashtag tap as for owners this galaxy skin will be officially voted on the 7th of March which is the day by the way then it continues to say this is your last chance to get this exclusive outfit and 49 so redeem yours today now there you go today is going to be the last day to get the galaxy scale in 49 I have it and I'm proud to have it in my locker I just really like this skin with its matching custom anyways do not be afraid as ninja and Sam Soon are coming together once again with a brand new bundle and this time the bed icon joined the collaboration ninja icon and Samsung are grouping together and they're bringing us a new iconic skin this is going to be a purple skin which means is from epic rarity now this is what the skin looks like in the game as you can see he is called the iconic skin and the answer description that says defined the moments part of the iconic set looking at the skin itself I think it is definitely one of the best skins in the game of course it's inspired by the South Korean I can bend and it reminds me of the kpop skin they've got to added to the file some months ago however dead skin got removed after a few weeks out of the files and now I think we know why anyways as you can see the iconic skin looks really fresh he's wearing all black and red clothing Mac's dad he's wearing a face mask gloves and ordinary microphone on his back let me know on a scale from one to ten how much you like the skin personally I would give it a nine I really do like it also leakers were able to already find a bunch of content about his skin in the files for example this loading screen and this newsfeed background from there the food trailer has also been leaked already let's take a look at it right now shall we [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] okay so that was pretty sick this can is definitely going to have a huge event around it but more about that later in the video anyways with this skin there also comes a knee mode inspired by the South Korean bent icon it is called the scenario a mouth and this is where the icon looks like the leakers were able to even find the fluey mode and they found promotion video for it as well I'll be playing it right now for you too so just enjoy and sit back now I got to say this emote looks dope I am definitely getting this one too as of now it is unsure if you get the scenario mode with the iconic skin as a bundle or if this emote is going to be available for the purchase in the item shop or maybe even both of that if it is going to be any item shop it is going to be a bluey mouth which means it is from gravity which then means it is going to cost you 500 feedbacks and then if it ends up getting released in the item shop and you decide to buy it make sure these might support a credit code shuffle gamer that would be appreciated by the way if you use my supporter creator code make sure to leave a comment saying I used your code and I will personally give your comment a heart to show my appreciation towards you now it runs a couple of days ago is something weird happens players and androids were able to get the iconic skin and bundle for absolutely free when you got over to the store where you can buy fee bucks they could see the iconic bundle and it said zero dollars now of course everyone claimed it as soon as that happen and soon after that Epic Games noticed that they messed up and so they did remove it quickly from the store however the people were able to claim it get this image or this notification in-game I'm so sorry for the low quality but that's because the screenshots were taken on the mobile phone and they're in Spanish it's set congratulations here is a reward from me Samson promotion and then it shows the iconic skin from there you could click on next item and the scenario mode was also given for free now does that mean the emote is not coming to the item shop then let's just wait and see anyways what I think is that this kit is eventually getting its own bag blank glider and hearting tool – very soon just like it happened with the galaxy skin anyways if you go over the Samson's on website you can find a lot of information there as you can see you they'll say get the new exclusive iconic outfit please your squad victory with a new iconic outfit it brings kpop finesse to your look get iconic wear your level of the Sam soon's most powerful lineup of gaming devices yes the galaxy s 10 es10 or s 10 plus it'll success stand out of your squad refresh or look unleash your favorite k-pop stars dance moves on the competition with a new scenario modes samsung's galaxy bringing kpop to 49 don't two separate yourself on the battlefield dude like a kpop star see how you can get the outfit inspired by kpop sensation jung chanwoo from the band icon then on a website also those give us the steps on how to claim and redeem it it says an epic games account is required to redeem your iconic skin please follow the instructions below on your galaxy beyond you will first need to install for tonight only one iconic skin is granteth per defies iconic skin redemption steps step number one download for north near a galaxy beyond from the Samsung folder galaxy apps and tap on the foredeck banner step number two death install and open in the quick installation pop-up and then read through accept edit terms conditions step number three once logged in go to the store to get your iconic skin it should be listed at zero dollar price step number four athletes app on the item you will notice a pop-up that asks you to register your credit card for future in-app purchases step number five tap next to go through the steps to register your credit card if you have already registered the credit card you'll be brought back to the store screen with the iconic skin now those are the steps to get the iconic skin but guys if you register your credit card do not be afraid it won't charge any money only if you buy something now if you guys remember back when the galaxy skin was released players were able to get it for free or just going to the store logging in and playing on a new Samsung phone and then after a couple of days they received a notification that the galaxy skin was added to the locker however it had to be the first one to do it if someone else did it before you in that shop on that phone it was not going to work however this method still works just make sure you prepare everything you have done all the steps so the only thing you have to do is pretty much log into the account and then go to this store and claim it for free pretty much just follow the steps on-screen which it just showcased you this way you're going to get it for absolutely free or of course stay tuned here on the channel as it will be getting a few of them away to you guys if you destroy that like button now ninja already has the skin in his locker and he reveals a lot of information about this I will give you guys listen at these two clips right here and after that I'll be discussing about it just enjoy these two clips real quick we aren't friends awkward I'm gonna go with no backing right now oh my god we really aren't friends we are so sad Bilbao good by the way yo yes I'm so good all of your fingers hackers my fingers out what is that what's up baby oh it was so baby sick I know right I'm sick of this so it's a new skin so why do you get yeah Samsung S ten es10 XM plus available March 8th also there's gonna be a live then March 16th in New York I'm gonna be competing with one of the guys from con and guess what guess what gets like a club or net is making a brand new map for it like a specialized watch them again what map hell I got nothing of all Blom like massive size but it's gonna be a custom map made by epic before this event that's pretty cool the skins cool are their color variations of it or no I don't think so not yet you could treat me right therefore tonight check out the new outfit inspired by kpop sensation oh my god I hope I say this right don't can move or jung chanwoo for the Banat icon and the new serie emo modeled after one of their songs guess what I'm gonna be headed to New York on March 16th to play with one of these guys in an epic cease match on a brand new map exclusive – for tonight that's right a brand new map literally built for this event if you guys can participate you can learn more about it who attend compete or watch online just type exclamation point Samsung in the chats learn more all right sash can tell ninja was checking out the skin and the mode for the first time and he showed it to his friends tendeth that man and victor lupa they Owen crazy on the skin and ninja till some brand new information afterwards he told that the skin is going to get released to the public at the 8th of March which is tomorrow by the way and next death on Saturday the 16th of March which isn't about one week from now there's going to be a live event in New York where we can see ninja and the main singer of the iCub and play foreigner together or against each other now he also announces that Epic Games making a complete new map for this event I think it's going to be a massive concert map with a mainstage and whatnot this is probably going to be another major event in the game just like with the marshmallow events anyways if we get any more information about this I will let you know in a brand new video just stay tuned here on the channel anyways thank you so much for watching this video if you enjoyed it make sure to leave a like and subscribe for more but with all that being said always remember this rush of a gamer and I am signing out

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