How to fix black screen on Xbox one 2019

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what is a b2 so it was of you to know this thing I screamed if you see this very modular on a black screen now watch this and the first stage I'm holding right yeah I just holiday it's like look at that it's no I don't know if it's not updating or anything but y'all want to play right so let me just fix it for y'all real quick unplug this piece start from the beginning unplug this piece plug everything you got into that as possible unplug this piece this piece I got a guitar hook God get y'all Hoover all right I'm sorry 30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 1988 come on so we collected a alright now let's hold this button in this magenta one two three four five nine two we got it we got it we got it past any news team you know I want everybody to be able to play today but it's like it's happening for a lot of people just like we just started today cuz you know it's always gotta have a problem somebody i'ma show y'all sorry I bought you to cry because I'm not to take your how to fit something real quick Tamar you give it 7 min you get back into your Nino cooking we play that who got it who go deep breath I'm go D y'all see that no more black screen it's working oh yeah Monsieur Armand from another video yo peace make sure that follow every statement that sub in I like mine cuz I was a bitch dawg

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  2. Every day my Xbox has either either start a pair or be the black screen of death so thank you I will do this every time I need to play on my Xbox thank you for your help sir

  3. Just happened to me.

    and now everybody else lmao

  4. That shit just happened to me… what's that song at the end

  5. I set my display hz to 120 instead of 60 and the screen is just black i cant see anything

  6. Holy shit bro your a ducking GOD!!! I love you so much bro. (no homo) I haven’t been able to get on my box for like 4 weeks and I did this first try and it worked

  7. Am I the only one with the black screen that have a Xbox x ????

  8. You what fucking sad is that half off the xbox community if gone because of this it like the red ring of death they cant make a console that wont break that why ps4 is smart at what they do

  9. this happened to mine last night i dnt know what to do

  10. im might perform an osu usb trouble shoot update

  11. Xbox is so ass I’m really ab to probably get a PS4 ong

  12. thanks man i cant believe this happens to everyone not just me

  13. I kow what to do 1 you get a playstation 2 throw your xbox out of a window

  14. this is so fucking weird?!?! the black screen of death literally happen to me on Tuesday, January 29, 2019, I tried looking up videos, but restarting everything and deleting all your games wasn't an option for me, so I just said fuck it, if my Xbox is ruined its ruined. And thank god that one of my friends hooked me up with a link to this video! I really appreciate your help.

  15. Good lookin I was about to have a mental breakdown

  16. God of War is 2018 goty 🙂 great way to start a PlayStation collection

  17. Guys do this then when you get to move click on a game as fast you can then it will be fix

  18. I was ready to waltz in the gamestop 2morrow and return mine x1. Its only goes to show you cant do jack shit without internet nowdays.

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