*How To* connect a Xbox One controller to a iPhone

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we beat the ground controller and connect an xbox one controller to an Apple device so what you're gonna do is you're gonna have Bluetooth sourire and it's gonna be off make sure it's off if you make sure the Bluetooth is off now what you're gonna do they're gonna go just press the home button make sure to flash about that then I'll hold this sync button for two seconds until it's blinking like that now what you're gonna do is you're gonna turn on the Bluetooth turn on the Bluetooth sure this is still blinking but it might not work so you have to wait like another minute or two but I'm gonna wait I'm gonna I'm gonna cut this real quick working so see you guys in a second okay I finally got this to work and now there's an Xbox one controller down here make sure this is still blinking and then you like that now press Xbox one controller would like to pair with your iPad confirm the code as shown on it's around controller so part of us with that saying is you press cancel because connecting your Xbox one controller to an Apple device just doesn't work so all the videos that say that like let's show you and an Xbox controller connecting to an Apple device they don't work so you've got click baited no but yeah thank you guys so much for watching

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  1. Your intro is bad the sound quality is not ok

  2. Wow I can tell this took a lot of thought and effort especially with that intro you recorded from your phone camera

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