GTA Online – Stone Hatchet Challenge (Red Dead Redemption 2 Weapon)

This video shows how to complete the new Stone Hatchet Challenge (Treasure Hunt) that will unlock this weapon in both GTA Online and Red Dead Redemption 2.

In this challenge you have to capture or kill 5 bounties for Maude in order to unlock the exclusive Stone Hatchet from Red Dead Redemption 2. After that, get 25 kills with this weapon to unlock GTA$250,000 and exclusive access to the Stone Hatchet in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Log in to GTA Online in a Public or Invite Only session and wait a few minutes to receive the first text message from Maude.
You will receive $10,000 for every bounty captured, or $5,000 if you kill them.

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  1. I've killed a lot more than 25 people with the stone hatchet and nothing is happening.

  2. If only they made it so you can use red dead weapons in gta as a reward that would be cool

  3. My character doesn’t go into rage mode when using the hatchet smh

  4. Go to the beach and walk the street and you can get 25 kills in 2 minutes

  5. who plays gta online ahahhahahahha

  6. Can anyone show me how to unlock this weapon in Red Dead Redemption ?

  7. Wow i just logged in after nop playing this game for 3 moths and got 750000 for nothing

  8. If I do this on my Xbox one will I still get the weapon on red dead 2 if I bought it for ps4??

  9. 25 kills? Can it be npcs or does it have to players? 25 kills in one go or can I die between kills?

  10. The stone hatchet really isnt that cool as I thought it be I mean I did all that hard work for that

  11. Tip:get some brass knuckles and then hit them once and only once and they surrender

  12. I loved it when you take the stretch limo and the criminal go into how if he was a rich or star actor. Ha ha ha!

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