Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Official Reveal Trailer REACTION

I know it’s been a while since I uploaded but here’s my reaction to the Official Reveal Trailer for the new Call of Duty title. Modern Warfare aka MW4

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alright what's up people this is Sofia Orion and first off as you can tell I am fine I am Alive I know it's been a hell of a long time since I posted anything on this channel I've generally just been busy I've been busy with work I've been busy on my other channel well I do have big plans for this channel you know within the next couple of months hopefully if all goes to plan I'm gonna be building a BCP so you may need to help me with my editing but it's it's also gonna be used for live streaming and everything so best believer and the content is gonna start coming on this channel seriously but anyway you guys ain't here for like an update you guys are here for this the chord UE Modern Warfare 2019 trailer reaction man they they need to do this right they need to do this right because called you in as far as I'm concerned has has died in the future it's just it don't work it was it really does not work every game that they pull out I played it I didn't like the last few I really didn't the advanced Warfare's and and and everything like black ops 3 and all that I can't be bothered with it I really can't in all honesty I cannot be bothered with those titles at all as far as I'm concerned core Jemmy is core duty to that was like always gonna be like one of my favorites but core gently format might have more fair – those will always stand out to me as games that like I devoted so much of my life like I remember running around quickscoping with the 50 Cal on card fall before quickscoping was even a thing I lived on modern warfare 2 I really did like I literally fell asleep with the headset on many times playing that game sat there in game lobbies was talking shit I am so fight for this I I want it to be good I miss playing core jury like I do have the Accord ue4 remaster and I play a hell of a lot but sometimes you just need something new you mean instead of running like the same strategies on the same maps using the same guns you just need something new and I have been I have been so been craving a good modern warfare game like just so long for so long like if I want to play that futuristic sci-fi shit I play Halo you know I can play Titan for those games I can play but when it comes to what military first-person shooters I want to play card and and I really hope this game is gonna be the one that I'm gonna be devoting many more years of my life playing so let's check this out man ha it better be good modern warfare 4 let's do this man actual in-game footage ok ok the rules have changed there's a fine line between right and wrong and somewhere in the shadows and send us into father oh shit Bravo six going doc there's a different actor why's that Wow I was Wow Wow roommates the ingame all stays clean modern warfare October way D is your team smokin right holy shit ok ok ok ok ok October as in this year is it really coming out this year seriously and they're going for more of a blue tint as well we'd like the logo and something what the the classic grain that actually looked really good honestly why it would be kind of interesting to know if this was one in on on Xbox Playstation or just a high-end PC but yes it's all in game but you know then again thinking about it I don't think it really matters these days you know there's not like major differences now between Xbox or Playstation and it looks good like right now visually it looks good I will it does look really really good but me personally like I need to know more about the more player like like can we get a multiplayer trainer please at some point but guaranteed out have more info at e3 you know of course but like it's it's the more player that I'm really gonna be focused on like how much are we gonna be able to customize camera to weapon-wise like either gonna be like any kind of like classic golden oldie like modern warfare 2 modern warfare 3 card 4 maps like being brought over kind of revamped when we work what's the leveling up system gonna be like are they gonna stick to the the kind of normal just play earn XP get to a certain point and then prestige and do it all over again or they're gonna have something new this time around are they going to be having some type of like skill based rank are they gonna stick to what they already know what works or are they gonna try and change it and improve on it or just do something completely different now yeah the more you play as well I'm gonna be so I need to know like as soon as that trader drops I'm gonna be all over it man I really really AM yeah like I said I think that they'll be showing more ease guaranteed I'm not too sure like once again same thing all the time it's like which which press conference is is called you ain't going to be going to Xbox or Playstation I guess it all kinda depends on which company has got the exclusive DLC if there is any we just have to wait and see for either a man and like normal I will be doing reactions to the press conferences and and everything over like the next few weeks so he's going to be content coming don't worry there is going to be content and like I said at the start man as soon as I get this PC built and it's running right I am gonna be live streaming ahead of a lot but I can do it now but it's just like the gameplay and like the voiceover I would rather have like a camera kind of locked off and you can see me but then again like if it was up to me I would have this setup you know with the toilet screen and I do this live and I know how to do it it's just like I'm limited by hardware I need more powerful hardware to do this one day one day that's the goal is to do this this live but for now I think I'm gonna have to love and leave you get this anything get this up as soon as I possibly can and then I'm just gonna go back to just chilling and drinking and relaxing around the house because it's it's my birthday week like Tuesday was my birthday so I'm not doing anything this week I shouldn't even be doing this right now man but I thought I should do it like it's gonna be a pretty big trailer so yeah give this video a thumb up if you liked it comment down below let me know what you think and subscribe if you haven't already man all right I've been safe urine I'll catch you in the next one

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  1. Great video. Thanks for the kind words! Looking forward to showing much more.

  2. Advanced , Infinite and Bo3 are just the worst everything else thats not those games is worth playing

  3. it was running on a PS4 pro according to people who attended the event.

  4. Cpt. Price is a complete different actor. I believe they did mocap and stuff so Price looks like the actor playing him.

  5. You are honestly the live-action Marcus Phoenix.

  6. You are honestly the live-action Marcus Phoenix.

  7. Some leaks do day that we will get a MP trailer sometime in July.
    Also crossplay is kind Of a thing

  8. yeah the actor is "Bear" from the show SIX which is awesome but only had 2 seasons

  9. If people in these comments actually think this game isn't gonna be good

    1. You are too young to appreciate the golden age of cod and that this is the same thing but just updated with a beautiful new engine.

    2. You are just straight up pessimistic and only see the negatives because you suck

    3. I'm glad I won't be seeing you in game when I'm playing this online because I'm gonna be having a blast.

  10. This setup is crazy…its epic. Keep it up

  11. So it's not call of duty then. Regardless if it's good or not. Realism was never important to the franchise. We are suddenly supposed to care now? Just call it modern warfighter or something. It's not cod anymore, it hasn't been for a long time.

  12. You can't mention the best cods without mentioning world at war also

  13. Dont miss out on Death Stranding man

  14. Nothing will ever top world at war best cod ever

  15. now…. i haven't played call of duty since they brought out that futuristic jumping on walls and jetpack dumpster fire…call of duty was fantastic with modern warfare and modern warfare 2….this is not a remastered version or a reboot… it is a brand new fresh modern warfare campaign with the old faces..can't wait for this.

  16. Can someone explain what the fuck this is?!

  17. I love how accurate they made the SASs gear.

  18. I think people are just bored of call of duty now day. They should work on a game that comes out in like 5 years

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