Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Review

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has both breadth and depth in all its modes, and the star is its smartly executed take on battle royale, Blackout.

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break up as a continuation of the black ops sub series call of duty black ops for both benefits from and is limited by its past all three of its major modes multiplayer zombies in the new battle royale mode black out whole from and build upon previous games multiplayer is largely successful in its mix of old and new while zombies struggles with more dated elements black out those strikes an excellent balance putting a clever Call of Duty spin on a genre entirely new to the series I'm thinking bigger than battles and Wars I brought you here to change the world what do you have in mind while black ops 4 doesn't have a traditional single-player campaign it does have a helpful set of character focused tutorial missions called specialist HQ it introduces you to each of the 10 multiplayer specialists one by one taking you through their unique abilities and a practice multiplayer match it has a bit of a story and some gorgeous and gory cutscenes starting each mission together but mainly it's there to get you acquainted with the new specialist mechanics it also weaves in a bit of zombies training and unexpected but welcome touch that helps make the largely separate modes feel a little more cohesive with the standard multiplayer black ops 4 takes a more tactical approach than previous games as promised there's no wall running your Thresh jumping movement is weighty and grounded the biggest change though is that healing is now manual and on a cooldown timer this forces you to be more thoughtful about your positioning since you can't just jet and dodge enemy fire until your health regenerates you need to make sure you have adequate cover and time to heal yourself in your immediate vicinity all this encourages they slightly slower more cautious pace individually overall time to kill is still low which ensures matches don't stagnate each specialist has a unique weapon and equipment with a specific combat focus like area control or high damage output certain specialists and strategies are more useful in some game types than others area control is best for objective based modes like domination for example but generally your choice of specialists in your team's composition won't matter if you aren't skilled in basic shooting and positioning this means you can play selfishly and still have a good time which works well for those of us who often solo queue and would rather not risk trying to communicate with randoms but it can also make playing support focus specialists less rewarding if you aren't working as a team since your efforts are useless if your teammates don't take advantage of them it's a surprisingly good balance overall though giving you the flexibility to only be as tactical as you want or able to be and enjoy the match regardless [Applause] the always over-the-top zombies mode is as broad as it is deep with two separate storylines across three maps for if you have the black ops pass included in the game special editions the first two nine and voyage of despair are part of the brand-new chaos story a lot of the dead and classified round out the selection of maps to make up the returning either story the chaos maps are strong aesthetically with rich level design and clever puzzles to match draining water that has seeped into Titanic's depth so you don't drown while searching for other secrets for example the reimagined ether maps have familiar layouts and puzzles but there are enough differences from the original maps to surprise returning players however the Ultima screw hasn't aged particularly well even considering that each of them is stereotyped to the extreme the jokes just don't land anymore especially Tokyo's overdone Japanese accent where ELLs are replaced with ours at every opportunity in blood of the dead it's distracting but in classified lines about the Emperor and eating sushi border unoffensive you'll also hear these same lines every time you start a new run which doesn't help on top of the already hefty amount of zombies content black ops 4 introduces a new mode of fighting the undead rush it's a much faster paced version of zombies where you don't have to do any thinking or puzzle solving you're just there to kill the undead horde style there's no money so you don't need to save up to buy a weapon or unlock a door you're instead told which area will have the next rush wave and you're directed from room to room as you go it's too intense to be a tutorial per se but it's a great way to familiarize yourself but map test weapons and plan where to go next if you get stuck in classic mode the third and arguably most exciting of black ops Force three main sections is of course blackout like other Battle Royale games Call of Duty's take puts a hundred players on one map with the goal of being the last person or squad standing it's unlike anything Call of Duty has ever done before and slight alterations to its mechanics like the addition of bullet drop help it adapt the single map is filled with references to previous games broken up into distinct and memorable regions like in other battle royale games positioning in situational awareness are critical and the easy to navigate map design facilitates strategic movement brilliantly experience in both multiplayer and zombies benefits you in blackout perks and specialist equipment can be looted during a match and knowing how to both use and counter them can give you a huge advantage there are also zombie infested areas that offer powerful loot at the risk of attracting human players to your position and that PvE twist in particular helps distinguish blackout from the likes of pub G the combination of these Call of Duty specific mechanics with pub G style health loot and shooting systems is executed well with quality of life improvements in the UI and on the technical side most importantly it successfully captures the tense shaky excitement that makes battle royale such a popular genre ops 4 isn't short on content and it's three main modes are substantial multiplayer introduces more tactical mechanics without forcing you into them and it largely strikes a good balance zombies has multiple deep secret filled Maps to explore though it's returning characters don't hold up and prove distracting finally blackout pushes Call of Duty in an entirely new direction making use of aspects from both multiplayer and zombies for a take on the Battle Royale genre that stands on its own sure there isn't a traditional single-player campaign but black ops 4 doesn't need it what is there has the depth and breadth to be great on its own you

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  1. can't Gamespot lead the global carbon economy, less is more, not everyone can afford 90$ +.

  2. I tend to rate games from 15$, up to 90$ is tops, people generally don't afford over 45$, we'd expect it to at least 7+.

  3. How long does the first installation take?

  4. For me its an 8/10. Its not exactly Black Ops without campaign

  5. Watch videogamedunkey he does a honest review of the game

  6. I here to find out how the game is not who the fuck is feminine or offended over some political bullshit ladies please leave ur emotions at the door

  7. Can anyone give me their opinion on if this games multiplayer is better or worse then bo3

  8. Being offended by accents is such a weak trait to have. The emperor wirr have you hunted.

  9. just wondering.. how much does Activision pay you for these reviews?

  10. if i buy cod black ops 4 do i get the battle royale included too?

  11. Guys , cod is not realistic like ARMA 3, it's also not unrealistic like just cause , it don't have campaign like red dead redemption 2, it don't have fun gameplay like Mario odyssey. Actually it has nothing

  12. can you people just stop getting offended about every God damn thing.

  13. It is pretty disappointment for me, it's shallow as f

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  15. Fuck this ‘game’. Fuck gamespot and the dying gaming industry.

  16. So stupid. The thing about foreign accents is a) they're real, everyone who speaks a second language has one, and b) they can be funny. Lighten the hell up.

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  21. Every character is a cartoon ish exaggerated stereotype, but only the Japanese one is offensive. Jesus, do you morons even hear yourself? Sorry, what am I saying. You're just NPCs.

  22. 1:54 "Overall time to kill is still low"

    did they even play the game??!?

  23. Gamespot and IGN are carbon copies of one another. Exact same review with the exact same technicality complain over characters that have existed for years, but suddenly are offensive. Shut the fuck up, Gamespot. You should delete your entire channel.

  24. Last time I ever watch a gamespot video. You are reviewing a game, not a political topic saying a Japanese character that has a portion of stereotypical Japanese cultural references is offensive? What is offensive about a cultural reference just because it’s common thing in a culture doesn’t make it offensive we always see over the top American characters and no one bats an eyes. Is this what happens when females review games honestly? Take t easy gamespot I’ll find new reviewers to trust who don’t mix games and ideology!

  25. How much did EA pay you for this? Was it a package deal where they bought both Gamespot and IGN and got a discount?

  26. Funny how only the over-the-top Japanese accent is problematic. This is a game review, we come here to hear about the game, not your wokeness.

  27. GameSpot and IGN be like: CoDBLOPS4 is the dark souls of racism

  28. This is why gaming journalism is so out of touch with gamers like who cares about a guys voice. People turn to independent game reviewers on YouTube cuz they are actually gamers and give things gamers want to hear unlike gaming journalist who are desperate to target a specific audience that won’t even end up playing the game.

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  31. (((Gaming Journalism)))

    I hate CoD, but now i actually might buy this game.

  32. The zombies review was kinda dumb like the quotes are a small part of it and the BOTD ones were on point there was no talks about changes to gameplay mechanics or anything

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