Black Desert Online *XBOX ONE* – Full Witch Walkthrough – Part 1 – The Epic Beginning

Black Desert Online[a] (Korean: 검은사막) is a sandbox-oriented massively multiplayer online role-playing game by Korean video game developer Pearl Abyss. The game has been in development since 2010, and entered closed beta testing (CBT) in October 2013. Black Desert Online uses Pearl Abyss’ own “Black Desert” engine specifically created to handle the fast rendering required for its seamless world and large-scale castle sieges.

The combat in Black Desert Online is action based, requiring manual aiming similar to those found in third-person shooters. Skills can be activated through use of combos for attacking, dodging or blocking. The game offers housing, fishing, farming, and trading, as well as large player versus player (PvP) siege, and castle battles.

Black Desert Online takes place in a high fantasy setting and revolves around the conflict between two rival nations, the Republic of Calpheon and the Kingdom of Valencia. Calpheon is very materialistic whereas Valencia is very spiritual.

Long before Black Desert Online starts, the four main areas, Calpheon, Serendia, Balenos, and Mediah, are at peace. This all changes when merchants from Valencia, an area east of Mediah that controls trade, starts to spread the Black Plague. Many people from around the world die due to this sickness. If people don’t die they sometimes get expelled due to paranoia. Eventually, the three main areas realize the enemy, Valencia. The three regions make an alliance and start a war. The war lasts 30 years and Mediah profits the most. This is because Mediah, during the war, harvests black stones and trades with everyone. After the war, the alliance slowly starts to trade with Valencia again. Tensions rise again when the others discover the importance of black stones. Desperate to gain wealth, the others start to search for black stones. Calpheon has no area that harbors the precious black stones and because of this they start to steal from others. This raises conflicts with Valencia due to Valencia’s vast Black Desert that holds the black stones.

The MMORPG Black Desert is a revolutionary MMORPG
that delivers intense, fast-paced combat, profitable life skills and an expansive open world.
Slay monsters, abominations and gods, or engage in relaxing life skills like crafting, fishing and cooking.
Become your true self in this truly open, open world MMORPG.

The mysterious [Black Stone] is a source of energy known to Ancients,
and was a basis for the ancient civilization.
However, legend has it that it also was the very reason that corrupted
the minds of the Ancients through unknown phenomena
causing the fall of their civilization.

The Black Stones are commonly found in the great desert between
the capitalist Republic of Calpheon,
and Valencia Kingdom, the land of absolute monarchy.

Calpheonians call this area the Black Desert and have declared a war
to claim the resources there.
Valencians call it the Red Desert due to all of the blood spilled there.
You will uncover the hidden secrets of the ancient civilization through
the histories of Calpheon and Valencia.
Lost memories and the secret of the Black Spirit will be unveiled.

A journey to seek the true face of the ancient
civilization around the Black Desert awaits you.


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what is up guys in his neck we are here and it is time to start up the main walkthrough playthrough a black desert online on the Xbox one X whatever you want to call it have the one excellent game on the Xbox one but I've been playing on surrender servers so I'm just gonna keep playing on surrender yeah I know you can just wait you switch for really it's not like some games where if you create a character on a server you're bound to that server it's not like that which is nice but I'm looking forward to this you guys have seen the videos of my or the video or video of yennefer because because of i uploaded videos on that that's kind of the faster paced one this is gonna be the slower paced we're gonna read everything we're gonna look through everything we're gonna get a little bit more in depth so I'm looking forward to that my family name is gonna change to The Witcher up up at the top what it's right up it's up above the camera it's right up above the camera um two witcher because it made more sense because i'm gonna have this character and then when they release more characters I'm gonna have I'm gonna have I'm gonna have a serious pretty much just a bunch of Witcher characters because I love The Witcher is my favorite game series ever but yeah we're gonna be doing which run a v8 where we have a sorceress main and then the witches is for this we're doing the witch for this um so corisco we need to focused man it's like right over wow that's like really I know you guys can't see it cuz my camera's blocking it but it's really hard to see enjoys art rational disciplined I probably should have done shield for yen but I did black dragon dreamer ambitious with an observer camel perseverance patience gentle talent I think that's it we're gonna go with camel pretty sure that's it genius honorable faithful dedicated trusted elephant would work just selfish and careful in yeah we're or to work on camel action position close I really hate the the witches a tire that you have to choose from but whatever whatever it doesn't really matter the positions are fine just change the appearance so first we need so let's see here I think I have a reference picture I mean I'm not getting like too in-depth here I just want it to look right she always wears her hair like back in that bun can i okay i wanna i don't think there's like a bun for me too yeah that's not really how she wears her hair but that is a bun neither is that or that it's not a ponytail yeah we're just gonna have to imagine Tris with long with her hair down she ever put her hair down let me see here let's let's get on my phone we got him we got to make this look official okay we can do this as best as we can Tris Tris oh my gosh let me type a frickin I kept added trois marigold like four times oh good my Safari oh my gosh why are you crashing on my wife I like stopped why are you crashing there we go um trying to predict her hair's never really down trying to just predict how long her hair would be okay let's see here let's try okay let's try I mean I kind of like that here I'm not really sure that's how she would look with her hair down but I mean I can always Genki and Jack around with the hair later it's either that one but that's the one I used for yet and that's like really lame to use the same hair twice I think we use this one okay so color it's red that's such a fluorescent why is there like blue at the bottom no because she has like four shades of color oh my gosh that's that is like that is red on red holy crap I am colorblind so it's always not the greatest thing when I'm like oh yeah this color is this color because sometimes it's about that color and then I just feel dumb about myself but I'm that's red so we're good we're good we're good okay I don't like to jack around with the face it really annoys me because let's say here let me pull up a full picture I'm gonna use let me use this one so let me save it and then I can zoom in on it I'm just gonna get a little bit of the features down I mean we don't see our character that often you want to know I'm using the picture that I used for the thumbnail I'm using that Trish Triss picture okay um what are her eyes like okay that's the closest one we got we're gonna go with these eyes I think yeah go with those eyes she is she's actually a little tanner then pasty white which is kind of interesting for a redhead that's way too tan she's like that color but like not that color she's not pasty like I think that that's the right color where can I not hold on this can't be real where where are her eyebrows because those those have definitely those cannot be okay skin face shape I'm not adjusting that makeup Tris wears makeup let's see can't even see this makeup okay you can't even see the makeup so I'm gonna do that standby spirit where the heck is the eyebrows I'm just gonna leave the shape cuz I jacked it up on my other character it made me very sad okay their voice their voices are both like deeper that's good why can't I change the eyebrows this can't be real this cannot be real bit this cannot be real where are the eyebrows come on man this can't be real eyeline where is the eyebrows this can't be real this cannot be real that I can't change the eyebrow colors we're asking a lot for me to like get into like putting lipstick and stuff on my character well here here we go here we go okay I found the eyebrows her eyebrows are more like straight across is that them I need a bet I need a better picture of her I need a picture that looks at her face on yeah they're like yeah it's about right okay that's about right it's about right that's it that's as detailed as I'm getting we all know who I made oh crap no no no no that would've been real don't have been the big said if I would have messed that up okay okay good old Tris confirm oh my gosh I was too late I actually got yennefer cuz I made the character immediately um is that available our first letter has to be uppercase um trace under strike Tris with an underscore or maybe used if they're two letters before and okay it's Triss Merigold too long cuz I'll just make it that Tris man I don't even know i spelled marigold i guess you got to get these names otherwise they're gonna be gone I can't believe I I'm happy I got yennefer on my main character name is already in use fantastic man is good thing i was on early to get yennefer on my main account Tris okay so if we put in Triss Merigold america what if I underscore it now this makes me big sad now I'm gonna have to double underscored under short can only be used once this is the big sad this is tragic I don't know how I'm gonna do Siri where it's not taken it's a miracle I got yennefer Triss Merigold that's so sad what if I just add an extra s here guys add an extra s there's just trysts it's just an extra s alright alright we got it that's good enough that's good enough we got we got Tris which extra Etsy I got yennefer which makes me happy because now I have yennefer I was on at 3 a.m. to get yennefer and i understand understand and I got on it 3/8 I stayed up till 3 I was gonna go to sleep and then I stayed up till 3 a.m. to get that character and it's just it's just sad and I understand in the actual game it's ye and Andie fer but that was already taken at 3 a.m. but I got this version of yennefer which is close enough I mean I mean it's it's close its close enough in the game its ye and any fer but we all know who I'm talking about when when my name is Jennifer I wonder if wonder if that still wonder wonder if series taken let me just try this room i guarante wired he know it's taken I don't know why I'm like oh it might not be taken I can always adjust the appearance later I just want to see if I can get the name I know Siri will be taken yeah so surreal I have cirilla in the dick I think I might head cirilla in the beta if it didn't have to be uppercase it's really sorrow love Fiona Ellen Rhiannon okay it doesn't really matter if I can't get Sorella it doesn't really matter okay okay we can start Tris we took like 12 minutes to create the character but it's all good it's all good all right let's get this let's get this let's get this go P finally but yeah I'm really happy I have that version of yennefer I mean I understood Senoia me that someone got like who was on it beat me to yennefer like someone had to have that pre-planned like I had it planned I had the ennifer pre-planned someone got on and got ye and then efe are free for me like what kind of garbage is that how do you beat me to that at least I got yennefer ye and NIF ER i mean it's close enough I'm not gonna cry myself to sleep at night cuz I didn't get yennefer ye and any fer i was gonna steal the Cyrilla because some people don't make it they just think a serious ciri but I prefer cirilla so I was happy to have that name but I'll come up with a creative name when game releases later when the characters released later for ciri are you Elaine this was that was really funny cuz I was like these are the memories of the Forgotten wrong sorry but you should have known better but yeah it was funny let me tell the story I'll read this person I hope you got a little bit so try moving forward you didn't forget about our deal did you try moving forward using the stick okay let me pause I can't pause it this game is now pausing cuz it's online um point is is how it was it was like three ten so I didn't actually get on at three so I started it at three there was a two and a half gig update so I went to the bathroom and when I came back the update was almost done at like three oh three oh four or something like that and at like 306 it was done I didn't started immediately I went to get a snack and when I came back it was done so I started it up then there was the update within the game it was like getting everything ready then I got into the game and then it took me a minute because the server's all said crowded and it wouldn't let me in and then they uncrowded him like pretty quickly after but I I'm assuming like thousands of people got in before me and that's how someone kinda phurba for I did because I wasn't on the ball I wasn't like sitting there spamming the able and they let me into the game okay let me shut up and we can we can get the playing but I'm okay with that Tris with 3 s's I mean it doesn't look that bad it's just a character name at the end of the day does it really matter as long as I get the family name Witcher which I'm not sure I'm gonna get it'll change it at the next meeting but I'm sure someone will have taken it by then that's my issue obsession with one's heyday is for the ordinary a seaman who I'm supposed to talk to as like ran over there We Need to Talk oh we need to get our crap off the common rack a common rack you might find something useful if you look closer find something useful found a few bottles of beginner HP potions okay so now it wants us to heal ourselves do you have enough you can use a potion by applying the woofs push a left on the deep end Kiki good work I'll teach you something else now whatever you need me just press down finally you're awake it's about time I was starting to wonder whether I had chosen the right host what's with that look don't tell me you don't remember me you promised you would well that won't be that much of a problem anyways your memories will return soon enough hehehe there's someone waiting for you over there I'm going to hide now go and talk to that person don't worry you're the only one who can see me black spirit tells you to go talk to eat news waiting nearby all right Eden it must be destiny that brings you I see that you're finally awake I am Eden the Explorer Explorer I found you out cold over there and brought you here what's that how do I know who you are well this is awkward a traveler who does not remember anything you look lost and confused you're in ballet nose at the western guard camp to be precise I don't know what happened but you're safe here the black spirit tells you to go talk to eaten okay okay move towards the light I thought you were an adventurer or a mercenary hardly the kind of dress I'd expect from a farmer anyway perhaps you'll remember as you recover go and find instructor Armstrong he's very knowledgeable when it comes to two combat skills he's also quite generous so he'll help you out with whatever you need gradually experience will show you the bookshelf okay I don't thanks for telling me once again how to move around okay so we should have wow stuff is moved on this character they added they add these they added something to here since the last time I played Quest used to be over here what did they add what they move stuff around cuz beauty album used to be here and then it was beauty okay they move stuff around we have pets on here we have our pets Hey look all my pets are out um mail okay we don't have any of that on here it's my inventory okay my inventory is just expanded on all my characters oh so wait okay I guess there's some stuff I can't what oh but actually assuming that's what we can see if I have a helmet on I can choose whether to see it or not – my horse have 15 beginner potions ok so we did carry over some stuff yes okay so we don't carry over money that's pretty good and happy about that well I'm not well I don't know for endgame stuff that would probably rather it carry over you need to learn Goods finally awake haha looks like he managed to wake you up your timing could not have been any better we can always use a hand captain cliff just issued an order to mobilize mercenaries what you don't remember that's alright I can help you with that I'll shape you up soon enough do you see the soldiers training in front of me you should practice with the Scarecrow's as well you can also improve your skills by using energy if the enemy is too strong raise your strength against weaker wells some elite level some elite level draw weapon main attack really that's my main attack the lightning chain is is the shit this is this is it this is where it's at use the dagger slash and then just regular right trigger good work I'll teach you something hehe that look of confusion on your face why do we have to listen to the likes of him we're different from the other idiots in this place hehehe were strong enough let's just go or go knock a few heads off these scarecrows if it'll make you feel better your choice hehehe all right what's my talk to instructor Armstrong again captain Cliff is admirable following his command is I see I see that you're not like my everyday trainee I can see that you're quite skilled in the art of combat the moves were quite simple yes but I can definitely see potential there's no reason why you shouldn't be on the frontlines as is yo you there scribe add this recruit to your list finish getting ready for combat in western why are you so surprised I have a good eye for talent judging from your skills I can tell you're an excellent soldier do you think we mindlessly deploy soldiers to the frontline each soldier must complete a rigorous test before they are deployed to the frontlines you should take this opportunity to make your name known talk to Jamie who is currently in charge of guarding the West Gate I'll personally recommend you to Jamie hahaha obsession with one's heyday is for the ordinary ok so now we need to go meet with Jamie the squad leader alright captain cliff is the are you looking to enlist you don't look like a soldier welcome I'm Jamie currently in charge of guarding the West Gate while that sentence just doesn't make sense together but that's alright we know I don't know how you ended up here but it doesn't matter if you're a mercenary or part of the serendi an army war is a terrible thing however there will always be those who benefit from the horrors of war even for an outsider like you there are many opportunities and you're very lucky to be stationed with me one of my primary roles is to look after the well-being of others as long as you show potential I will give you a commendation it's a commendation that will be sent to the one and only princess of serandibe Jared Diamond got I'll explain more on that at a later time the first thing you need to do is build your reputation here first I want you to go investigate and learn more about the IMP soldiers yes sir there's a rumor that trees are moving in a deep forest in the south see that wasn't so bad these imps are as tough as you think now as you think now let's drive out the rest of their friends I want health potions now is your chance to learn everything you wanted to know about the EM soldiers remember that knowledge is power this place is swarming with them let's make our presence known okay so I need to go kill 15 amps oh crap I gotta draw my weapon not used to fighting like this I'm used to fighting with sorceress but yeah I'm hoping they take a real long time before they add waiting for before they add in is it dark night I think that's what it is it's the dark or dark warrior or something like that guys but that's what I'm waiting for them before I create a serie and this game pretty much I'm sure the hope is that it comes out about the time of 6:03 but the sorceress is actually pretty close up combat which is nice actually it's kind of nice because I can get on here and do some range that battles arranged fighting and then I can get on my sorcerous beautiful okay let's head on back so it doesn't look like I got any of my buffs or anything like that and I like 24 hour boosts and stuff like that so that's kind of interesting we'll see how much slower the level up is and all of that different junk unless I just get that at a later time it could very well be the case all right Jaime or Jaime however you want to here now hide it cuz there's Jaime Garcia the pitcher for the I don't know where he's pitching now she's still in the Blue Jays now there's no way still in the Blue Jays maybe is doesn't matter great I could even hear their screams all the way from here you sure showed those imps you're just who we needed or who we need out here I'm gonna take the mana we never thought thanks to you the situation at the West Gate is greatly improved as promised I shall personally submit a commendation letter to the princess she may ignore other letters but she won't ignore mine on the other hand the princess can be quite demanding so remember to show your utmost respect and I strongly recommend you wipe the sweat off your face do you need a handkerchief I can lend you mine if you need it there's a rumor that trees are moving in the deep forest and a south ok time to talk to jet Domon got alright Durrett can I talk to you they're wrong there's nothing that I like about this company you mean the insufferable man at the West Gate who keeps complaining about a few harmless loyalty is worth something I suppose but why are you asking about him are you lost you look like a wanderer where are you expecting a fanfare for defeating a few pathetic imps you're going to have to do much more than that to earn my trust ah I know where you can start talk to two Vinay at the South Gate he'll have something for you to do scolding so if you hadn't watched my other ones this is your first video mine you're watching this is going to be a character where we read everything and I'm gonna try to do everything and this is gonna be 100% on video everything I do – maybe some farming or something like that I don't know if I want a whole episode of like farming oh hi welcome to this episode of black desert and today we're just gonna be farming all day like I don't know I don't know about that but everything that's related to progression or doing anything important will all be done on videos and none of it will be off-camera that's what my other main sorceress is for I can play it whenever I want if I want to play three or three hours I'm gonna play like an hour and a half before I go to bed and I don't want to record or it's late I can't record I can play that character I'll try to record all the boss fights even if some of them aren't commentated I can splice them together the Italians never lose Briana I'm do Vinay I'm in charge of guard in the South Gate the princess said we could use the health well she isn't wrong about that we can use all the hands we can get ha ha this is Weston we've been fighting the Imps for quite some time now even with cliff the fact is we ain't got enough soldiers now the princess decided to grace us with her royal presence it's only made things worse most of the remaining soldiers have been sent to the evacuation site or are busy guarding the princess as I mentioned earlier we don't have enough soldiers at the moment I told the quartermaster to deliver supplies the dig site but the lads are complaining he hasn't arrived you seem like a reliable mercenary mind helping me find the missing quartermaster princess or not I cannot afford to lose any more men I can do that for you buddy this is the place the great captain cliff resides I can help you outdo Vinay okay we need to defeat Wolf's first oh good goody there's no Wolf's pond there's too many of us here and not enough wolves there's one wolf out here come here wolf go go go there's wolves over here lightning respawning out here man so good I'll use my pets cuz I like my pets I really do I like that I like how we have pets there we go eleven all right let's sit back now I'll try to make these episodes anywhere from like 25 to 35 minutes so you know about how long an episode is gonna be every day don't want to make them like hour-long episodes we'll keep them nice and short we don't need to finish this up anytime soon take my time and have fun with this the OO delians never lose pride in them Oh was I supposed to turn it into the black spirits okay what is happening hello black spirit come here there we go let's just think about us humans always try to make us okay oh you know what I gotta go to the quartermaster maybe if I wasn't an idiot I've done this like six times now I did one on my very first playthrough I did the second playthrough I did it the other playthrough I did it on a test warrior character that I decided to scrap in the beta and another character in the beta that I decided to scrap I've done this like six times I mean I should remember the opening part here I believe I made it to the quartermaster and all of them ah oh boy help somebody help me please spare my life I'll give you anything you want oh do vinay oh boy I thought we were being ambushed by the tree spirits are you blind buddy phew don't even get me started they offered me a lot of money so I even stopped trading with lark to come out here who should have what who or who would have no earth oh my gosh who would have thought that even with Cliff assigned here we would still be encircled by monsters please help me if I fail to deliver these supplies I'll hit rock bottom I got you buddy listen closely do you hear the loud sounds around you there are a bunch of small evil tree spirits nearby I think the tree spirits that the quartermaster is afraid of are the ones making all the noise I sense hesitation don't tell me you're afraid don't worry those creatures will be easy to deal with with because they're as small as me huh oh I wasn't always this small I was far more powerful before all right so now we got to go fight tree spirits so when I did this on my Jennifer character they liked stupidest thing yet they like weren't spawned in there were like no immature trees it was just young ones and big ones there's no limit sure anywhere yeah it's like we got a good helping of immature well that dagger does a lot of damage yeah like it was just like this desolate wasteland out here and then like they wouldn't respond so you had to like run way out here to just find one guy yep I want to get the immature out of the way things happen to be the hardest to find there's nine we need oh we need one more when you one more immature one more just die get out of here I need one more mature and mature one just spawn for me please there one more immature and one more immature just fun and then we can hang out here and wait for the mature ones to spawn yeah this is tragic this is very tragic guess I'm gonna go over here because it's kind of wild they just like don't spawn I guess I'll chain these and grab a little experience here while I wait pretty much just waiting oh my gosh stop what stop change I got one shot critical nice alright I needed one more immature and three more all get they respawn and no one is here racking them yet and sweet let's grab this mature oh good it's chaining to an immature there we go I just need one more here it is oh my gosh the one shot baby the one shot on the mature tree my mind I gotta auto-replenish or do I okay it does kinda auto-replenish but man that's that's a slow auto-replenish that's really slow I could hear the sound of wood splitting all the way from here oh it was you impressive indeed thanks to you I was able to get out of that bloody place safely hehehe it's all thanks to you do you mind helping me again the princess will not be pleased to see me everyone in Saren dia knows how ill-tempered she is I'll be whipped for treason if rogue finds out I said too much please forget everything I said just inform the princess that the supplies were successfully delivered can do buddy so let's just head back and we'll call it an episode but before we talk to jet Domon got and then and the next episode we'll start it off by talking to her and we'll continue our main story here we're still making pretty good pace through this even though I'm reading everything but yeah let's wrap it up so that's gonna do it guys I hope you all enjoyed the first episode of the Triss Merigold witch playthrough I hope dude I do hope you all enjoyed drop the big fat like if you did subscribe if you have not and I will catch you guys in the next one peace

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