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unboxing and review of the new white Xbox One Elite controller

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this morning I got an awesome little surprise something came a little bit early for Microsoft the white Xbox one elite controller so we're gonna unbox this guy take a look at it see what's different between it and the original and kind of go for once again everything you're gonna get with it so it comes in this cool little pouch right here which is just like the original black one did it looks like the coloring on this though is a little brighter and even has a little white tag so if you have multiple D controllers easy way to know which one to put in which case oh that's cool it actually looks a lot nicer so there's a lot different actually going on let's guy I mean obviously the big obvious aesthetic difference is it's white and they did a full white design which I really like you can see on the buttons right here they've done a couple of white controllers in the past like the sport white and the winter forces and those have white buttons like this but the actual symbols are kind of a dark grey this just keeps the whole thing white which i think is a much better look and it looks like there's actually been a lot of little changes they've made to the coloration to kind of differentiate it just a little bit more and I think work better with that white color for instance if you look at the original elite there's kind of just a simple chrome symbol right here for the Xbox logo is here it has more of a kind of metallic sheen similar to the tallip it's on here but just a lot more reflective I also really like all the lettering and marks on here for the buttons like for the menu and select Xbox up top instead of being just kind of a metallic gray it has that same kind of Sheen that the Xbox logo does which is really nice now one color they did keep from the original release that I really like here actually is the little green highlights you get on the switches the sync button and just a couple little notches on the d-pad seeing it here I actually kind of wish that they may be fully embraced it just a little bit more I really like this green with this white so maybe if they did something like applying the green to the anti-friction rings or doing what they've done with some of the like the grey and green controller they have having it on the stick body I think that would look really nice this is still awesome I'm just really curious to see what that would have looked like with that little adjustment and then one other area that hasn't really changed as far as I can tell it's actually hold these up side by side yet so the rubber grips here are the same kind of dark grey that we have in the elite controller but obviously the visual effect is a lot different because this is kind of a highlight versus the rest of the black body this is giving a really hard contrast to the white that you can't really see from the front too much maybe a little bit on the bottom but it does give it a really nice look move back now just like with the originally puller there are a whole lot of different added functions and extra little goodies that come with this controller so let's check those out we've got these full remappable paddles on the back which you can remove if you don't want to use them and these little switches right here will switch our triggers from being a full traditional stop to being just a quick half stop we also of course have at least by default on the controller the changed d-pad the faceted design which gives it a much better kind of Rolly feeling to it we have anti friction rings around the sticks so that when you move them around a lot it doesn't really feel like there's actually anything that's rubbing up against sometimes the normal controllers you'll feel that a little bit of resistance that can get annoying doesn't come here at all and then of course on the front of the controller you have this little switch right here that goes between one and two this is to change between two different profiles that you can have saved that you set up through the Xbox controller companion app now all of that is pretty cool but there's a lot of extra stuff that comes in the bag that you can add onto the controller as well for instance one of the things that really makes this thing awesome is how easy it is to switch out these sticks and d-pad so on the d-pad we have that faceted design but if you prefer you can just go to your carrying case and bust out a traditional d-pad that you can put right there and then it's four sticks it comes pre-loaded with these standard stick designs which have a little clunky of head and our shorter grip but you also have options for a convex head that also is a little taller really good to use for your right stick and another concave head that has that longer grip as well if you prefer it then of course we also have the carrying case for sure t-shirt off and then a ten-foot long braided cable it just does USB cable well in cable and probably have to add a little bit because it's not you know perfectly taut there okay it's like it need to have time for cable alright it's not we're gonna say it tonight and then of course you also get the carrying case security looked at and a braided cable you can use when you want to just play directly wired to your xbox overall this is a really really pretty controller I mean you're getting all the same benefits and strengths of the original Xbox one elite and if you didn't jump on getting one of those just yet this is an awesome one to grab instead I think the white plays really well with the other colors it just has a really nice clean look and if you're planning on grabbing the new white Xbox one X or you're still working with the white original Xbox 1s this is gonna pair with it perfectly

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  1. So there is nothing groundbreaking here. It's expensive, it's white so It can nicely match a KKK outfit but still no blue-tooth. .. .No Thanks!

  2. Why is everyone complaining about their elite controller breaking I’ve had mine for a year ant it’s still in mint with no problems

  3. Does this controller still have the same problem as the old controller with the loose sticks?

  4. PC only: Tested in 2019 an two new elite controllers. Xbox accessories for configuration does not run. It insists of windows being not up to date. MS support is clueless.

  5. I have to comment because I just got the white. The slight differences I notice is it is lighter weight. It feels like it is built more like the regular Xbox controller except having extra paddles on back, trigger stops, and the removable directional sticks. The bumpers do not feel feel as cheaply made. Like I said more durability like the regular Xbox controllers. And the rubber gripping on back has a slightly different feel. Maybe they have tested and perfected the formula on that one. So they don’t wear and peel over time as easy. This controller feels better over all like you can play a littler harder with it. But I will check back in so many mths to let you know how it holds up with all honesty.

  6. did u shoot this in yur mom's basement?

  7. Anybody else think thos are B&Ws in the back ?? ( tower speakers)

  8. Here I am with my controller missing an LB button with stick drift on both sticks lmfao I wish they wouldn’t make these so expensive

  9. But will the back pedals still break after 3-6 months like my last three black elite controllers?

    I've probably spent more in controllers than my xbox to replace broken elite controllers.

  10. Basically you pay more for the same controller but in white.
    Boy, do I have news about cheap case on the internet !
    They are of the same qualities and cost $10 at most.

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