Best Solo Player on Fortnite | Best Shotgunner on PS4 | 2600+ Solo Wins

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  1. iRunYew The Only Nigga I Know Who Can Have Combat Pro Still Looking Good✅

  2. Eryctriceps is the best solo player

  3. Bro I saw your exposed video how you have people donate 100 dollar for a raid but give them it that's crazy on baby bro you scam people on god kid

  4. The pick axe swinging by itself happens to me and I am on Xbox and builderpro

  5. If you can read this boi I will be śůb!bįng to everyone who śú!bś and !įķes

  6. why do guys pick girls ? its kinda like choosing a barbie over a g.i joe

  7. Your the best on combat but you would get smacked by a lot of poeple

  8. If i rated u out of every fortnite player i would say top 200

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