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what is going on guys it's precise and today we are going to be going over the best settings for fortnight season six so there have been a few things I've changed in the settings that I want to go over refer to you further because they're new to the channel makes you guys subscribe that the absolutely amazing drop alike acid is vid if you guys do enjoy it and if this does help you guys out you comment down below your guys's fortnight sensitivity currently personally mine we're gonna be going over it and it's a little bit different I changed it up and I'm really feeling it I think it's been working out pretty well for me so without further ado let's get right on into it though as you guys see man I purchased a battle pass I'm tier level 31 I haven't played the game yet I've been messing around playground quite a bit though I'm seeing what the symptoms are like if they've changed the key bindings all that type of good stuff so I can get the settings video out for you guys so without further ado let's get running into it so we're gonna go straight to our settings man and we're gonna go right at it so matchmaking region makes you guys just had this on auto or whatever has the lowest number that means you won't be lagging as much so for instance Brazil a hundred and seventy eight that's a no don't be doing that oh she up the row don't even get me started this one to 219 it's good the one that's close to so mind auto and they East I would be rocking that that's for the best connection now as you can see for the controller sensitivity I planted eight seven so the eight is going horizontal and the Y is going vertical so in my opinion usually for building I like to you know have a super quick and you want to move side to side as quick as you can to build walls and I feel like what you do you don't need to be going super quick I'm in a vertical direction so it does really make sense to me so I decided plan eight seven so I can control my sensitivity a little bit better now this sensitivity is definitely a little tricky get used to so I definitely recommend starting off on a seven seventh and then once you feel comfortable with that move up to an eight seven I telling you it's so so good building is a lot easier and then you can land your shots now going over the controller targeting sensitivity this is when you're aimed sights down so I have a 0.35 I just felt like this was very very comfortable it wasn't too slow it wasn't too quick it was only perfect for how quickly the enemies can move and I've realized my shots are on point like the absolutely amazing definitely give that a try right off the bat uh it might feel a little too slow for you since you most of you guys probably play on a higher sensitivity but I'm telling you this is absolutely amazing I'm your shots are going to be hitting right away I'm it's definitely worth giving a try it's absolutely amazing in review you can keep that off stream road obviously if you guys are streamers or you know you like to just play in front of a group of people definitely put that down so people aren't trying to screen side view I'm hidden matchmaking delay and I have this 2-0 man um this it takes a long time to find matches when you turn it on it's actually really really annoying so definitely keep it off you find games way quicker when you have this off so don't do that set the skill of the HUD I just have mine just one I didn't touch that whatsoever I'm show spectator count I have that on I like to do you know what I'm taking kids out I like to see respecting me I think it's pretty cool I'm sprint by default this is just Auto sprint I have this off I'm not a big fan of it sprint cancels reloading ad that off as well I'm not the biggest fan of using that either have search and in Iraq now what this does is instead of holding down square or whatever it may be on your controller how to open chest and open up ammo crates you could just press it and let go and it'll open up the chest or the ammo cream in my opinion it's very very efficient you don't need a you know sit there and hold it down you know maybe you'll take your thumb off work like a second before you actually open it and I feel like this is just a fantastic setting not a lot of people are actually using this I told a lot of my friends about this and they didn't have this on it sound like bro what are you doing so I've told a lot of my friend to turn this on now I'm telling you guys I'm telling you it's absolutely awesome when you open a chest tube room oh I don't want to reset my setting my bad like I do is just press square and it's good to go so it's absolutely awesome and it's just super super efficient reset building choice I have this on so when you start building it doesn't go to work the last thing you bill is and just Reese that's to what it normally would be I feel like it gets really confusing when you have off so I've been on a missus man you guys better have a missus Todd oh this just helps you hit your shots a little bit easier definitely make sure you have the signs I'm pretty sure this is actually a default setting so you should have it on and if you took it off row what are you doing wrong I don't know so have that on edit mode aim-assist I have that on as well turbo building and you can just hold you know I hold on the trigger when you're building and it keeps bubbling you don't want the single Hanley press every single time obviously helps off you're an up-and-coming builder I didn't mean to put it like that but you know if you're trying to build super easily and you know you're not the best at it and this stuff helps you out a lot what else we got auto material change yeah so if you're in the middle of a build fight and you run out of wood it automatically changes to your brick this is also you know really really nice when you're in the moment trying to build off you don't have to switch over your material kind of messes up you know your group you're in so definitely have that in as well internal auto run um what does this do turns controller auto run on and off one on double yeah I don't know I don't mess with that I'm a lot of cross-platform parties this just allows you to play with PC playing xbox players mobile players all that type of good stuff so if you guys have friends over on the Xbox and the PC you're not able to play with that make sure you have this setting on and then you can start playing with them uh auto open doors I haven't saw I don't want to just be having doors open right away especially if there's people on the corner screw that I will pick up weapons this is a brand new setting as well I believe because I never seen this before I you know what I'm gonna turn this on I didn't have that on before that I'm definitely keep that on that's really nice all right what else we got going on down here in these settings yeah doors closed Auto sort consumables so right okay guys this was also added recently as well this is such an awesome setting so for instance let's say you have nothing your inventory you just landed you pick up minis the maze are automatically gonna go all the way to the right and you can have them in like your your med spot because personally me I always have my meds on the right side I think that's how it is for a lot of people and this is absolutely awesome so you know you land you pick up mini get nothing else in your inventory it automatically goes there and you don't need to configure eight it mess with it so I think that's an awesome setting this is probably my favorite once I've added vibration I personally have this off I know some people like to play vibration on but I'm not the biggest fan of it I feel like it messes up um you know when I'm playing but not a fan of that replays I have on obviously not too big of a deal you know something cool happens I like to go back and look at it brightness I just have it at point 50 it seems to work for me we got music volume my antennas 0.20 sound effects ninety voice chat volume is a one so I can hear people in the game but I usually I keep this off as you can see voice chat is off sup tiles I've on a colorblind off you don't really need to have that I'm kind of stupid to have it on press ok that's for keyboards oh yeah now we have got brand new button assignments now personally I do not recommend best one like this just because I'm I feel like just a little bit too much and I don't want to you know make you guys try to get used to something you're not used to so we're gonna keep it simple when I build it probably the best verb building a novice to building is a big part of this game so if you want to become a very good builder obviously have this on learn how to you know do everything correctly and you're gonna be in such a good spot if you're learning that is now the custom I actually am going to I don't know what I'm gonna do what I wanted fix is my editing button I want to fix my editing button but I haven't really gone over too much so you know what I might actually just end up telling you guys in the comment section what I changed my editing button to but I'm not gonna mess with the mapping and all eyes have good stuff I'm just gonna you know stick with builder pro so definitely just keep that on and what else do we got here so we got your account ID obviously none that matters leaderboards mines on you guys can see when I'm in leaderboards and then received gifts from other players guys one like Eagles one gift like come on man we waiting for this gifting system I hasn't came out it's been a whole season thanks you guys have that on so whatever this gifting system supposedly does come out you guys are going to get gifts so other than that I think that's it I know the wireless controller settings is a pretty big thing when it comes to fortnight I play on build repel I definitely recommend you guys pulling on it since building is a big thing like I said um I know you can you know map certain buttons to what you want them to do and I have really messed with this too much but I definitely do want to some editing button I feel like if I change it to a different button when I'm editing it's it's gonna be so so useful so yeah so much it guys I hope you enjoyed the video again if these settings did help you guys out make sure to share it around drop a like show your friends the video so they can become a better for it I play here in season 6 if you guys are I'm having a lot of fun let me know in the comment section what's your favorite thing go season six and that's pretty much it thank you guys so much for watching today's video and I'll catch you guys in the next one please

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  1. 2:06 can someone explain me to how you do ps4 settings

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