Apex Legends GAMEPLAY! | Titanfall battle royale world premiere

EA shocked everyone today with the surprise announcement of Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment’s new battle royale style shooter set in the Titanfall universe. Check out some gameplay from our hands-on time with the game, which launched on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 today.

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  1. That's a game not a stuiped stuiped kid game fortnite

  2. this video inspired me to do a Apex Legends video myself.

  3. Subscribe me? Please ❤️

  4. yo i have a question do u have problems whit the game somtimes ? like random crashes

  5. Holy shit this game looks good, is it better than League of legends if not i don't bother playing.

  6. pubg left the chat
    Fortnite left the chat

    I have left the chat cause I can't afford this

  7. How about a game that is original and fun? This is just Fortnite.

  8. The game look like the combination of halo and pubg and some what fortnite is including

  9. This seems like destiny mixed with black ops 4 and pubg but my opinion is bo4 is the best one

  10. Looks mediocre at best. Another battle royale … Nothing really inspiring.

  11. I like the new concept about protection shield….

  12. Un Battleroyale más… Nada interesante, mucho menos creativo.

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