Apex Legends Co-op Gameplay: Feb. 12, 2019 pt2

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oh we that champion squad well you guys pick I don't know jump Thunderdome sure yeah dadada I actually don't know what the music in this game sounds like legit I should probably turn it on but I've had it often like after the first game I played oh the music you check out the soundtrack yeah it's because I usually put my own soundtrack I want to play those games probably do because it sounds like everyone loved it and just the intro music you know a little bit it's pretty epic LBI another squad who dropped you with us I'll call it there right here at the top of the dome oh shit okay just drop down yeah looks like he's got a small weapon all I have is a wingman so avoid Oh yup right straight ahead straight ahead maybe we can take them out together that means two squads because once aiming at the other Castle shit Wow because I'm fucking pinned down with no healing I'm running away his armor over here I gotta show you get to it thank God yeah the fighting of the approaching is they got shields you got you got gonna comes a whole squad we are approaching roared you're gonna have to keep bailing and I'm running there on my ass I've done nothing got a meeting up peek on hold on yeah another bad drop that's crazy you can't find some weapon sometimes we was like yeah it's just another little crappy hand go no shields and nothing what am I supposed to do whole swats coming after me man your energy can be rough sorry that's why I always think of it like an RPG you gotta spend some time look we're stuck all right I'm gonna go ahead and take this balloon up and grab bills banner go for it do you think they're chasing this way they might be going over to skull town so I think we should be okay hey chief long-range check yeah from high hill all right hold on one sec I'm gonna close banner right now all right see him the right there might be something good yeah they've gone towards me right looks like I'll cycle them fuck them see what I got all right I grabbed his banner I don't know how I wasn't gonna go pretty pretty pretty start but we can we can come back if we just kill one squad we can just take all their gear like I live that long – till to see all right well I got some weapons right over here this point I'm just chillin twirl all right you feel yeah I dropped the foot over by this town yeah here you can take out you can take this gun for now since it don't happen thank you triple T I kind of screwed over as well are you the shotty you have you got a shotgun or ng opens a good hand with it Oh God right here right here moving in oh how do I get down I guess a it's nothing at all that's weird what the squaws here there's like two squads in here each other ah oh my god there we go I can't steal life you're getting slaughtered there are hundred squads in there that's why you get some gonna do there I don't know I don't know if you'd get into this room but I'm writing in your can give me a ok let's see if I can sneak in we have be careful there's like at least two squats are fighting it out hmm and that's uh dad's August a rough landing rough everyone knew what was up dude a lot of it yeah what you gonna do start bad start we know we know good weapons and armor and hard to recover after that oh my god legendary I got a legendary what did I get a crappy weapons skin yeah my three weapons shine Oh could be purple I gotta put these out right away the be the legendary hemlock skin pressure point oh boy the alternator I of the storm skin and to the shotgun the Mastiff which I don't think I've ever even had do you have a green skin yes oh you know what the badges are on the loading screens they're like your your badges of honor like your achievements and you could show em off oh yeah yeah so we you should have pack mate which is when in a preset team of three huh cuz I got that one too and that was the one with you me and Brian all right we try again the important thing is not to die be one of the last cloth to jump from a ship yeah we try that yeah won't because included but probably the less while the drop is you may be the last squad to grab a weapon because everybody else drop before you and you know rush the good spots yes there really a trade-off you know it tops up you gotta like read the room a little bit on like what everyone's doing some cheat sometimes five teams will just jump at the same point you're like uh nope I agree they can do to add more heroes I'd be so down for the guy from the intro I think they're they're adding their first battle pass in March and that's supposed to include a couple new heroes oh shit good stuff all right what do you guys think I see one two three four it looks like it yeah we go long do something so we're gonna leave our outside of the pit you know loot that stuff and then maybe take advantage of the people who landed in the pit I guess we'll see olive anyone's going to land at the Parana oh yeah I got the alternator I just got the skin for lucky Oh amazing all right check that one whoa big sniperscope e^x yes yes it would be good if they didn't anybody drop in here hey no way to know all the supply bins are closed so that's good all right cool it's ours that we got a keeper right there my promise I still don't know how that goes like if they're any good I love this video that's part of my favorite yeah it feels like a lot of the weapons aren't good until you like kick them out by accident sniper stuff I jumped a blue sniper stack if anyone needs it okay no the purple snipers die right there any ultimate accelerants not an as the Peacekeeper I like those thing hey you know what I'll grab the longbow and what is that I've got the longest until they have the yeah yep here we go trying to kid all these attachments now it's just a shitty hey no I need a body armor oh yeah let's see we could uh we could go to slum lakes and loot if there's any body armor there but I don't know people might have gone over there in only one way to find out yeah that's true looting simulator I do lovely I would I like usage the game automatically runs when you go into the map so it'll keep moving your body you know while you're looking at the map I like that a lot yeah cuz they they they use a less stick to control the map you still got something to do okay look Lou didn't well that is correct I have played your alter only for his sexual orientation and not for the skills of the character you guys are absolutely why that's how I roll before I even play a game I need to know the gender role and sex sexual preference of every character I select in every game it's very important to me to get that you know understood their issues on climate change right and you know the political affiliation all this is very important to Mike my game my game play style and selection of characters there's no some body shields here and I think there might be one more I'm checking up here by the way I'm checking the upper area it doesn't look like it's been touched there's a hemlock yeah what's better than have a look at the flatline I prefer burst or a full auto good question well find out won't we I know there's an ultimate accelerant here you asked for one commit axillary Gil nice body first drop nice learning there's a helmet over here if anyone needs it oh we're and the ones that need to run where do you say the body goes oh my I have a pink right there oh okay I got it it's okay enough they were kind of far away because there's a balloon in the area so we can just take them yeah oh oh there's also a little somewhere here nice real quick I hate going into a fight without any kind of our verb like come on man yeah I know a man it feels like an instant el at that point do you need the accelerant cagin all right else's body on right here yeah I are okay call man having good give you old stock all right yeah backpack nice all right hold up on the equipment all right I guess we're good now we gotta use the balloon yeah balloons right here where you guys gonna go from here I well I see a lot of fights here I don't know if y'all want to go to the runoff instead I know preference for dinner do you want to go for some more fighting or some more looting yeah yeah we've been at the head of a forest area the river we've seen that a lot so we can go to the other area like the right side yeah all right cool I'll just follow you thank you John scope and also I have volt I'm gonna pop this as soon as we get to the ground oh we've been able to clear the mountain oh you might be able to go around it hurry you better be already on the way up and also put your weapon away faster should be alright yeah I think we made it long as no one's camp in there god Nigel listed me six dollars has anyone seen Gavin Gavin and it won't speak of it have you seen guy that looks kind of unloaded oh shit was an enemy oh shit no wasn't okay okay my thing is coming in yep that's not in the circle we're in the circle we're good we go my god circles on my ass ah it was like right up to my foot yeah can't pass we got shield I got the Lambo hell yeah do it yo things will be so wild for you whoa okay this thing is crazy and like I said you'll be able to see people like you're playing bloodhound damn all right stupid circle here's in the way upstairs up side yeah oh sorry guys whoa and that scopes also crazy cuz it just goes on everything it goes on the Scout it goes on like a longbow goes you do your taxes with it you can no another sniper scope here if anyone needs it I don't know if you guys have anything no danger until this or it gets closer I guess that's true we were the last one we get off oh shit I found a purple armor nice pool what's good about being is uh right near the circles we can't get hit from the back so don't need to worry about getting foreign yeah with a little circle always behind us we always know that what are the ones next to the circle else oh epic epic drill when ice punch tit let's see extended heavy mag nice your people having a conversation about best uh Pokemon starters Charizard is the best no question that's all about battable offense if you say anything else already got that right he already had that okay moving on excuse me chatzi wittily disarray no I'm not saying that it's wrong to have a different opinion for me but you will be banned I am kicking you the best starter is Dragonite oh shit that's not a starter but I agree yes it is it's not for nothing here a little purple are what I need okay you know beautiful we all the purple armor now sick I've never seen legendary armor before oh it's pretty good it has the same a shielding armor you know the same properties as the purple armor but when you do a finisher off with the melee it auto regenerates the whole thing whoo the one that seems super valuable is knock down shields gold just because it instant ready onerous oh yeah I didn't understand that that's the thing it had and like just squandered it Isaac Quinn says that legendary armors only in care packages cannot just find it in the world yeah which is again why she's so good she just drops gold of equipment actually if we're being real my first started with squirtle um actually I think squirtle was my first started to I can't remember it was either squirtle or uh uh Ivysaur and then my sister immediately picked us almost our song is like man over sir I can't remember if it was Bulbasaur squirtle I think it was squirtle was when I played pokemon blue my sister used to always like I would always pick something different than from what my sister would pick so we would just like one we'd have both versions of the game to play off each other and two we have different starters I think 13 is when everyone I knew had at supply bidding bill on open supply ban we're gonna have to move soon no no the Rings moving and we're good never mind Pikachu best are the stupid star I want that Pokemon let's go Justin them let's go away I think there's some fighting going on over at school huh I just heard a bullet I hear to accidentally yeah real quick I accidentally uh like I had ruby version for Gen 3 that's the fire version didn't know anything about it picked mud Kevin oh my huh I just came easy little did I know yeah I put Pokemon was brand new it was a new thing Yeah right on the Gameboy there yeah regular I had a gameboy Pocky the little wand alright I set up a portal here just in case if we start to lose the fight weekend retreat alright yeah patent Tetris was like the two things that just sat on the gameboy Hooters a picnic are thrown up here if I can get to the rooftop we see Oh climb fuck you didn't do it yes epic journey understand top floor here I don't know you guys need it or not oh shit wait actually Dori have one I do oh I don't know he got one as long I can get up the aremy fighting to the east nice fetoscope here oh there is fighting over there huh yes yes anyone have a triple take or a peacekeeper because there's a purple here for it damn oh yeah there's a bunch of enemies over there whole another care package right here and then I'll Scout see I see one enemy looks like ducking out that was it those snipers you go that's by the rng gods hmm big helmet oh I need that I have wait there we go yeah take that then hell yeah great helmet I'm like fully loaded on everything now lay I am good to go got that their ultimate accelerant yeah yeah ultimate celery I got everything I had that one down what did I evolve Eevee into as big daddy feel I'm not Evie Evie is in a gym with Pokemon is it three transformations at the time now it's got like nine yeah I don't think no I don't think I had it in my playthrough when I first played the game shit there's another ultimate excelling in here good lure that's kind of all made that game real special is that you didn't know what pop on you could get anywhere so like a lot of people and you would have different stuff it's like all this magic to do it everyone like looks everything about them shit Magic's kind of gone yeah no everything know that everyone knows everything there's like every game now everyone just fucking here here's the stats on line near the hitboxes yeah we could probably kick this chair pack your junk intestines right by us okay there's a squad there way out there and some mobilized a squad you saw that yeah they're all together in a little formation we're in the circle they're gonna be coming to us we should camp here and Surprise them here's a golden sniper rifle Oh seriously I'll be thinking that'll do big damage oh my god it's a 50 Cal it only has 12 shots though does it not reload it takes its own specific pool that's all the golden guns do I'm not sure I get only 12 bullets I have to come back and get my longbow I guess I can let's get there's only three squads left hopefully we won't need too many all right this whole thing the whole care package is also neither equip me big stress yeah we're down to the end and we haven't even fought anyone which is crazy we're fully loaded I know oh wait if they're fighting we can go ahead in third party then I'm down ready for the Justin that's it yeah okay I got it air strike if we know where they all just toss right on their head nice and if they if they initiate onto us well you can drop the airstrike on us and then throw down your shield so we won't get hit by it ah okay there they are thank you / – oops out already oh my god what the fuck I don't even know what happened I've no idea what shot me I didn't see anyone even opening fire on me I just went down that was so close so close hey I have no idea what hit me you know I saw him in the doorway I opened fire I felt 24 damage as you can see and the next thing I know I'm down I'm like huh there's like no one here okay great yeah that was a dude flaking on the right throwing grenades and he was like disabling me with the ninja stars I'm feeling this next one we got this all that work all that fucking anticipation eluding and then nothing can't even fucking fire killing fly dude like you go that long without firing a single up and you're like oh performance anxiety oh did you drop I guess so are you guys are you guys in a match yeah already you selecting yes no no no don't worry about it I'm loading in right now oh you're loading okay last possible second that situation you need Bangalore yeah I was really like hoping we'd get a long-range match because I'm like a week ended up all these snipers what do we do just try advantage of that of that I cold and sniper it couldn't yeah it's like for Angel yeah I was just indoors completely nothing I could do all right you are the jumpmaster oh boy all right how about so indecisive we'll go far since we already waited so long gonna be wacky three of the teams of dropping will we meet so if we go to slum legs will be fine make everything really I'll keep an eye on them people already dropping it looks like an enemy won't be there in a few seconds yeah I think I something's up around the pit area too hopefully we can find some good armor and stuff I got a handgun and an armoire basic armor so what I'm hoping well right now you know all three handguns helmet good good a lot of good beasts blue helmet nice we've gone with the start yep they're already coming down the mountain okay your mom all right holy crap all I got is a handgun it's actually good grenade causes a fight him right I am jump I am fuck I need a gun have you ever went soon oh my god I got a wingman but I can't help you guys at all this sucks it's okay right now I'm just kind of poking ya right now he hasn't pinned down in the pit which is pretty good thinking give me something might have ground nothing Oh yep right there fuck I still don't have anything to help me treaty then quit I have to Phoenix fucking heels so you guys can have one finally I got something right Spitfire she's an awkward position I'd actually have the high ground on this I don't know yeah but they're like they're never taking advantage of it they're really about easy cover all right don't come and finally I have a gun fucking use wait for it three two one nothing I don't see you nothing I'm advancing alright I'm finally here guys be careful yeah John right here him to the left in that case I will climb up this listen here violent quick yeah I hit him for quite a bit I got thermite shield down her name oh you got caught the traps in there watch definitely walked into it – another grenade look out at that guy watch out okay try to cheese this out a little bit there got a head shot they're gonna make us burn all our supplies got any hits in I him for a couple they might have sealed it up by now though no she'll go healthy I push it okay I'm coming in right here right here Oh Dulles there's one with his reward running he's running he's low I see it nice one guys we totally I guess well I five bullets left five bullets left alright we're their fucking shit delivery yeah alright unfortunately I'm like super low on supplies now huh yeah well I have a hundred Phoenix kits guys I'm not even kidding ready I fucking fun a million of them over there when I was looking for a gun in the end oh just a longbow I love that shit give me that instead of the wingman of course I seriously have five bullets so if anyone has heavy ammo I appreciate it if you need that Phoenix kiss right there still near the edge sword you guys wanna go somewhere else oops she'll be accent wrong button oh nice I'm super safe now and I'm body alright so that's it we looted I live 21 bullets so yeah we definitely need to go find somewhere in though yeah okay still look from this a friend drop oh no it was already looted right got some open crates over here some pistols chicken long ways yeah right I'm right behind you yes loaded for sure I don't see anyone oh yes some some energy I'm on a devotion over here if you guys want that thanks but I'm not gonna I see boom limos here it's a Phoenix kid how's my duck yeah I'm taking the devotion only cuz I have so little it of heavy ammo it's just made sense yeah yeah pretty more energy in my hair GMO here oh really good I need downstairs great walls coming in so inside the sir okay oh here comes there you go I'll do it healer did slight damage ammo seems limited in this game says only got one right here oh shit really yeah I got I ran out of bullets on my AR but he's super low he doesn't have any more shields I'm coming you could be healing up all this he's down my god I finish them yeah there is I don't have a gun to shoot that fire I have the long-gone oh no sight fucka shot say your strike over there good my gosh man you suck right now I think they ran whoever they were are they they ran didn't ever by themselves oh I've got the chart shot for the triple take oh my god Oh careful so I think yep there's a sniper I see him he's on the other tower recharging shoot the other tower over there is where he is so be careful if I had a freaking sniper scope I could shoot him but I don't nothing you need some chips Oh exactly also be able to get within the ring go over down that way since they're over there and they keep shooting at us yeah alright here we go let's just regroup and try to take him on later yeah better scope before I can do anything about that they get in the other side terminus oh I'm still getting shot right there no yeah he's annoying shield again you kidding me we also have a balloon right here – alright shall we belong I got a I got more shields for you too if you need them yeah friends got sites circles coming in just might go really bad time in drop right by him the other side of bunker I'm gonna try to flank if I can I don't know if I'm gonna be able to but I'm gonna try oh shit here they come I'm gonna go to this here okay I think I can flank them I could climb it will let me what the fuck they're right here I could hear them they're right on top of the Reviver my shoe yep damn it well this sucks right there I'm down this sucks there's one on the Reviver and another team walked up from the right all right let's see I just got new parts in Bangalore I can get you and look what this is revive station right here well yeah but the other teams on that revive station oh that's right let's see do you yeah it sounds like you need to believe a little bit I might be able to get yours too 15 seconds I got this it'll be a cool comeback story do you fucking believe what is he doing here what are they do they bail oh you got a lot of people here watch out ha ha ha run as soon as you guys spawn no I will plug them watch this run run run oh boy Ryan I'm ready to get take it down again exactly the same way I am running the other direction fuck this actually worked I got away oh my god door stuck fucking shit dude there now oh this guy's over here – shit mojo I got no weapon no all right Phil you have to clutch this I believe I was no weapon I have to come get you with no weapon dude he Mirage has a charge shot yeah man that starts peacekeepers strong it's so fucking wrong oh you might be able to get some good stuff get your own stuff pick ok 17 bullets great it's moving yes it is oh it's moving fuck there on your left oh yeah I'm so dead drop that seal the PVC Oh I couldn't do anything the school squad was there yeah that was rough they regard a new dude they knew we were right hmm I had to try I thought I was good you did pretty good with what we had that was a rough position yeah we were just getting fucked up because uh like once they start over we were getting sniped we're just like what the fuck do we do too much panic from the snipes yeah all right thanks everyone who's contributed so far today mojo SDA actually pretty much has the top sheer 100 bits I think a couple other people did do 100 bit cheers but it's tied and Nigel with that six dollar tip thanks guys what's the top tier right now oh man I can beat that shit clean chatter this very low I don't know slow today other people were really excited for this the other day so it's like it's very slow in stream chat today this is your champion yeah I agree get good sis very physically playing apex doesn't really leave a lot of space for interactions with the stream I agree you know when I play a blackout there's tons of downtime where I'm just running and looting and this game it's like you have your planning you got to be careful in communicating with your team and say you know who has what who needs what and there's not a lot of opportunity to just look at stream chat talk to people it's kind of the opposite of what other battle royal is at this point oh I guess with who is also pointing something out soccer's on right now that's something I was saying thinking about like let's start up again I'm watching over watch so much more time dude yeah who's using overwatch me I'm flexed but I like tank and support a lot nice so mostly well obviously because the way the game is going right now rhymer first oh my god 100 100 fucking sniper scopes here it's like if you're not caught up the strategy isn't sin she like Zarya Bray grinder go stop right go it's calm which is have so much healing and so much tank damage that the health it pool is too big and the heal pool is too big and DPS can't handle it you got so everyone shields up being a interesting game right now yeah take that backpack oops in I want that I do like though the looting system of this game it's really you if you have ammo that can't be used with any of your guns I tell you there's a big like X bite so you can just easily get rid of it yeah they should be very user-friendly and it's streamlined this is exactly what battle royal needs because a lot of the other games is cumbersome be like oh my god pop G you fucking fumbling through your inventory and shape trying to figure out what you got what you can use this just a hassle this is weight devotion over here nothing more sad than like punky just you know being forgotten by heroin and I think including the dev you know this game it's because they deal with fortnight and now they have to deal with apex legends – all right that's what happens when you don't do anything to stay on top or I see you right here Java shield [Applause] I'm sure behind done hard I'm Ewing up uh thank you battle duck 9500 bitch here I appreciate that alright I'm almost there obviously the cheerleader for today cuz it's been so slow people say they love apex but they never bothered to play titanfall – uh – it's hard though because they released in a pretty bad way no I knew that year I knew that that game was gonna fail you know because first of all titanfall one was a flop because it was an xbox one exclusive so then they went cross-platform a titanfall – and you're like okay that's great but you have to do something to make people play your game you can't just drop your game in the middle of the crowded busy gaming season I expect people are gonna give it a shot now just because you decided to go cross-platform like that's not enough and they didn't they didn't care they literally dropped the game in the middle of fucking Call of Duty and Battlefield one would just eat him alive and no one played it yeah what did you explain I played I liked it I thought the game was good I did it's pretty good well the thing is is like this is probably the this is like the best free advertising for titanfall – you there could ever be games like 20 bucks on PSN like five books at Game Stop go get it what are you doing here yeah I'll see you all later no that's pretty good that's why one of the reasons I think apex legend is doing good right now release out one of the most perfect times you know came at a time where people were getting a little bit and I call of duty' didn't really have a big as a splash the crucial body would be so yep coming at it is really good got already out also I don't want to hear shit about this is nothing like titanfall to using like the guns are all literally the same like some of these guns are just from titanfall 2 is slash the remnants of three liquid decent effort in titanfall 2 especially at the beginning its story was actually pretty good compared to a lot of first-person shooters very little yeah I thought the campaign was really well done it was fun to play right VIN boxers actually epics legends are Call of Duty blackout well they're different for me like I don't know I haven't played blackout squats ever I would say blackout solo is the best solo battle royal and this is probably the best eBay's so where you guys feeling hmm success here today I've actually besides the beta never touched the blackout mode because too much for me man I don't know if I've I mean on the new Call of Duty's play rave I guess some small switch would be fun I'm like real fat at your fault is it another team drops on the other side long ways got a long bow but I need a attachments floor see if I can get Interop on these guys all right I'm still trying to find some weapons I don't like energy is that no still a man nope nope not what I want devotion in here I never got quite a bit of energy mo have a lot here a lot of devotions no no right next change of pace sugar gotta look out for this other squad that lad it in town trying to get an eye on them in here no I know I'm bad hearing so you're gonna have been here for me the fellows right there oh shit oh sure yeah the ground level in front of me right here – yeah it was another squad here oh my god there's a middle right there there's a full squad you wanna you wanna take the zipline go for it yeah since we killed something on there we found another team's lilies get a get dicked yeah they're in the building that we started in they just find it like ran all the way to apex – dude shit where's that from Oh in the middle hey there's a firefight in the middle bit oh yeah yep there are you have any weapons I'm good I got a devotion and I got the longbow but the devotion obviously longbow sucks less attachments when she keep an eye on your back oh my god what they had they got good weapons to those a hemlock in the middle he's still fighting at that top floor area Oh during the middle of their bottom bottom bottom floor middle oh they saw us trying to snake one of them probably not a good idea what they think they're doing what do you think engage there's a couple on the bottom and there's one on the top so I see one of them jumped down alright ride a group of it's gonna get picked off I'm trying to get my ultimate up just using the accelerate and you're in here I'm coming so one right behind me I hear them running come on come on right we got your bed Oh a cursive lining they just zip lined over to the the circle the big green ball okay there on the right I hear them they're there they're just I said the thing here I just don't walk by he's still there although it's careful they are still there alright next we got lucky enough to get those revised moon down to down we actually get them that was a good fight just fine mother spun out there right thing hole then I'm positions gentleman yeah be careful that was close nine all right we're the hell are there uh corpses yes Batman over boy they got some energy Emma right here for you games what the fuck they had gold skull well I could use it and it put it online shotgun and take a thing what that's us go here's it the choke I mean I guess it is it is the shot gun and pistol attachment dude so usually if you have a happen I've never seen this thing epic shotgun purrs or a lizard shotgun pistol I got a good scope for my devotion now so we're good there alright we have to move soon yeah I have no shotgun shells with the head there we go I see there you go so we actually survived that little soiree rifle squads yeah it was a crazy fight so when we battled look nine thousand to three books it said I think the apex legends is a fitting names it's imagine with the best parts from pub G overwatch and titanfall to all right technically also colony T yeah but we're not gonna give them an already damn yeah not to take in nice fun blue armor in this building oh lucky this is unlooted oh wow so the other never even meet it out here but we got hurry oh yeah the walls coming in we get on all righty I'm on this balloon I'll meet up with you guys I was gonna go in here you have all this stuff son ludus yeah check it out yeah I made it over there to check it out more shields like ammo grenade here for Nicole Matt nice a select-fire for the Prowler that's good makes the Prowler a lot better actually makes it crazy what's on the care package longbow wingman purple shields and more shields for charge nice oh oh yeah oh nice that purple that's gonna help for my uh my wingman very nice they're not my wingman my longbow yeah yeah we got a pretty good drop this round pub GG yes good all right all right shotgun attachment David is crappy nothing really too good in these loot boxes either just grab a little bit of ammo here in there that's all not that I'm ever gonna shoot 227 sniper rounds so see well how do I us go for this thing see at the scale is oh yeah you know that's a the boss the high Lube area of Apex listen I can't even I don't room for it nice purple blue sock I guess yeah I need to find a better backpack at this boy oh I don't have heavy ammo or I don't have a heavy look another second you drop that shit BAM sure tons of ammo I could use that ammo where drop it there's a lot of heavy ammo in the bin of buildings like a ridiculous amount Hey oh shit what was that I think someone just revived that would be Behar to the east those rear does it flew this way the way I'm facing I just saw a ship pass overhead I don't know what kind of a ship it was oh yeah it's probably revive station another one of these but I think you already got it yeah you know cool syringe I do already have it yeah good builder legendary closer any objects actually I have no optic on though this thing so I wonder if it'll let me touch it nope handguns and shotguns it's it helped so a lot of people voted to see me play this today but I haven't I don't I don't take a look at you like stream attendants I have no idea how many people are on the stream and if they the people have voted actually showed up I think everyone was hoping that we'd get the whole gang back together but Brian can't make it for this one yeah you can only be due weekends basically so Trinity is not complete until he's here dude about 500 viewers Quinn says that's not bad that's certainly not slow it's not like people didn't want to see it's honest oh my pastor just goes up when everyone whenever someone's aiming at us Oh what I didn't know we've had that oh shoot love each other okay I see that I see that I don't know I just read that you know back where we were oh what the fuck oh come on alright you can back up off it I can res you oh man you like stock sauce we're dead I don't know how they killed me from that fire I was so far away I mean all of a sudden okay I believe in miracles how much time do I got two minutes that's enough time I can make it I believe you're over there fuck can't Walter go through here then I was gonna be weird if it works my brain is huge if it doesn't don't think about it hey go all the way around damn yeah doesn't think you can shit in those doors yeah this Oh God not much time no aah the confusion sets in no don't little work done someone right here you out here though alright he right there actually waiting for me are you kidding it anymore and now kicking champs it out in wins the circle kills everyone else he hides in a closet I'm still on a toilet pub cheater real thoughtfully apex hasn't excited for subnautica that I should wear it was it was interesting the first session yeah I didn't really know what I was doing I basically have people help me out play seems like it's gonna get more interesting once I got on this shit crashing shit I had a helmet this whole time are you kidding no helmet well that's a pretty good air job in a purple helmet in a puddle back bed alright yeah they're really going in yeah I don't know what's happening over there we're gonna toss this I was just camping just want to go back inside each other they gotta come your way cuz they got to fucking get out of the ring oh they could just go around yeah let's do the other way that makes us less effective what the fuck is that guy doing see that trying to survive he's fucked it's probably to be killed by the ring I knew it alright that's it i'm bout to head out see if I gonna do this I can't kill the ones even sure what's up here left my lunch yeah dog fest here lift up my surround sound oh geez which is kind of cheap it's not good coach to you I think that might be just outside probably what they did they ran around yeah yeah there's only three squads left so if you're lucky you might be able to just like third party to that last fight and get out a quick win oh sure you heard that I did oh they got ya the devotion watch this I've got an evolution they want you Oh true actually it's like upgraded as well pretty kill shout out CJ bone 542 subscribe to the channel Thank You CJ bone oh shit something over here oh no that's about good looks like I'm inside your ring how many tell me how points is that oh there's only three squads left I didn't I think if those two start fighting hopefully you'll be able to get in you step out the victory when the winner of that now I just um cheap it out there's some things right here for you I pray that no one do things to look down here I don't need that I don't need these was this good okay to the right can I find each other just it's just chill just chill until you have a go if you going on fuck you gonna split my head against this few times excuse me leads to nothing nothing three squads left what do you think worth it to go in oh yeah to squads left just kneeling here I'm the rain outside oh they're above you yeah maybe up there yeah you hear him on the walkway oh they're down aren't they I don't know they're I'm metal but I can't tell ya I can't tell Oh gather healing down there I think nope don't know how many are left I need cover well in 10 seconds the walls gonna start moving in so all that walls gonna hurt man yeah dude behind my god run run Nate to the wall mate to the wall ship just run dude the walls up against our picking him out oh where is it gray underneath oh no is lo not one nice you got one this what there's two there's two one just drop they will die oh they do the bangalore going right there oh my god I hit the guy on the ground almost almost that's almost a really awesome clutch man so close dude so sad look so close damn today I'm kicking that damaged man nice almost beautiful ten minutes by yourself not bad she is Christ

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