20 PS4 Games You Must Play In 2019 And Beyond!

There are loads of awesome games coming to PS4 in 2019 and beyond! Here’s a look at some of the biggest and most exciting.

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hello welcome to PlayStation access and another slightly more special welcome to our look at the 20 games you absolutely must play on ps4 in 2019 and beyond and what a year it's shaping up to be with the return of old favorites the blazing debut of what are sure to be future classics and really definitely this time Kingdom Hearts 3 that's a stone-cold promise ok but first up Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield are back in Resident Evil 2 from the ground up ps4 remake of the ps1 original that you'd have to say is one of the greatest survivor horror titles of all time if not the greatest seeing all those iconic locations you had recurring nightmares about in 1998 fleshed out in glorious 2019 Oh vision is a nostalgic thrill surpassed only by the spikes of Terror when you realize the zombies are back – and the lickers of course the multi-generational leap has also seen a switch in camera angle where / Leon and Claire's shoulder now resi for style as opposed to inching towards the edge of static screens wondering what on earth that shuffling sound is don't worry though it's still as terrifying as ever the perfect mix of compelling story thick atmosphere and making sure every single bullet counts Resident Evil 2 is out on ps4 on January the 25th we cannot wait it's difficult to describe dreams the next difficult thing to describe being made by Media Molecule the creative super heroes behind LittleBigPlanet but creativity is a good place to start like LBP Dreams focuses on the idea of play create share yes there is a story mode a single-player experience leading you through the basics of everything Dreamz has to offer but mostly it's about putting some seriously powerful developments and creative tools in the hands of players and letting them make things games music stories animations characters gameplay logic short films visual novels or a dreamlike combination of all of these and more other players can sift and sort through each other's creations to collaborate and incorporate so as the community grows the available material will cascade leading to who knows where okay we know Kingdom Hearts 3 was literally in last year's video – but the wait is absolutely definitely over now in fact if you're watching this after Kingdom Hearts theories worldwide release date of January the 29th then hello to you in a post Kingdom Hearts 3 future what's it like over there because after years of anticipation the third main line entry in Square Enix and Disney's epic RPG crossover is here and if you've never played Kingdom Hearts before and are a bit worried about not being up to speed with the story then don't worry I've been playing Kingdom Hearts since 2002 and not even I know what's going on basically it looks incredible you journey through worlds from all across the Disney verse from frozen and Toy Story to big hero 6 and Pirates of the Caribbean and there are loads of Final Fantasy characters in it get on board and enjoy the ride I know I will anthem is what the team behind the original Mass Effect trilogy did next a science fiction shared world shooter that mixes Bioware's history of RPG excellence with a vast new setting and mouth-watering first-person shooter gameplay that setting is the key to anthem story a cruel violent world abandoned by the shape of gods in which humans were left to barely survive until the invention of the javelin you're fully customizable battle armor which provides the game with its class-based mechanics you with what are essentially superpowers throwing co-op play with groups of up to four the promise of a single-player story both of which lead to exploring ancient ruins and battling terrible enemies and there's a big fat cross in our calendar in February pre-orders also grant access to a VIP demo at the end of January concrete genie is next up a uniquely beautiful ps4 exclusive set in a town called dense Kerr an urban sprawl choked with pollution and mostly abandoned you play ash a young artist scrambling through dense Kerr in search of lost pages from his sketchbook all while avoiding some rather nasty bullies but there's a splash of magic in concrete genie in the form of a paintbrush that brings ash's art to life and even more amazing than that is the fact you get to do the painting yourself using the DualShock force motion controls you can even imbue your creations with unique abilities painting them red enables them to breathe fire for example there really is nothing else quite like concrete genie on ps4 get excited there aren't many details about Mortal Kombat 11 just yet the latest installment of the Hall of Fame fighting theories is currently doing April will feature a new cinematic story and fair enough this trailer does look cinematic as well as the custom character variation system away flares to personalize roster fighters with different looks and moves otherwise we know what you know the Mortal Kombat is 25 years old leaning into his legacy to provide another uncompromising Lee brutal battle full of surprisingly creative ways of finishing off your enemy Devil May Cry 5 is a game we've been massively excited for ever since we had our first hands-on last year and were one of only a handful of people to beat the demo boss on the first go firstly because it sees the return of Nero and a all silver hairs now looking a bit like Darrell from The Walking Dead Dante but mostly because it's more Devil May Cry and that only ever means sublime combat gorgeous visuals and Titanic boss fights against demons you can't wait to slam in the dirt it's the combo system that gets us every time as you slice juggle grapple and fire your way through waves of Hell spawn the dangling carrot of that end of mission s-rank luring you back for just one more go it's so polished so slick so cool Devil May Cry 5 is out on the 8th of March so get that sword arm revved up and ready to go there's loads coming up for PlayStation VR that we're excited about so much so that we'll have a separate video dedicated to it early in the new year but we couldn't wait that long to talk about blood and truth this London gangland thriller has you playing a Special Forces soldier Ryan marks tearing a hole through the capital's underworld collectively and individually while on a mission to rescue his family it's heavy on cover shooting using vias immersion to pull you from gritty council terraces to glamorous night spots the one constant being you have guns to shoot and bad people to shoot them with using the game's unexpectedly sophisticated just real enough so that reloading is still fun gunplay mechanics our next entry death stranding is the new ps4 exclusive from the brilliant mind of Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima and looks every bit as enigmatic haunting and beautiful as we'd expect from a world-renowned developer flexing his creative muscles with newfound freedom we don't know an exact release date for death stranding yet but we do know you play as Sam Porter bridges a courier who delivers boxes and bodies across landscapes of breathtaking beauty and bleakness also you're being hunted by terrifying invisible shadow creatures and occasion you've got a baby in a flotation tank strapped to your chest why we don't know and to be honest neither do we care if death stranding was simply walking across fields in the rain listening to sad music for 20 hours we'd still be excited but the fact it's so much more that it has an all-star cast including Norman Reedus layer say do Mads Mikkelsen and Lindsay Wagner just has us buzzing with anticipation I still can't watch that bit with the toenail though no Norman no sukira shadows died twice it's like Dark Souls well it is and it isn't this is the next game being made by from software the studio behind the soul series and blood-borne and it's being directed by hid attack umezaki but there are important differences too from software has leaned into the Japanese setting ditching the European dark eighties and gothic looks which have inspired its previous games and focusing on the non customizable character of a one-armed and ninja bodyguard this changes everything from combat strategic saw play and careful posture management reinvent moment-to-moment boss battle gameplay – movement which has a Grace and freedom check out the grappling hook that souls never had the world is still riddled with shortcuts of rest points so the structure will feel familiar and the deep environmental approach to storytelling remains the same in other words secure Oh should feel like a mixture of something brilliant but we already love who sharp new ingredients to keep it fresh it's currently set for a March release in the latest installment of here's your childhood but better 2019 sees the release of Medi evil a full ps4 remake of the 1998 hack-and-slash classic starring everyone's favorite undead Knight sir Daniel Fortescue much like with the insane and reignited trilogies for crash and Spyro respectively seeing medieval lit up in 4k and looking stunning on ps4 is like putting your face under a waterfall of liquid nostalgia already memories of level layouts and enemies we dread are zipping back along with the stomach churning embarrassment of thinking medieval was actually spelt with a knife for about 10 years before having our minds blown by the fact the title is actually a very clever pun welcome back sir Dan you've been missed just when it looked like there were no fresh takes on fighting the undead left available to mankind days gone shows up and says hey what about this one and it turns out that this one is an open-world biker themed post-apocalypse set in the beautiful Pacific Northwest honestly beautiful this game would still make the list if it was a camping simulator featuring swarming horde stampedes of freaker's and glimpses of a wildlife not just a civilization corrupted by whatever maligned pandemic has made things go bad the gears in grease style extends to a customizable maintenance hungry bike your growling metallic mount and an in-depth scavenging and crafting system giving hero deacons and John plenty of options to go stealthy go loud or go even louder when taking on swarms of freaker's or less scrupulous fellow survivors days gone is a ps4 exclusive which will definitely be showing you more of before it arrives in April August the 27th 2019 is a date you need to note down in your diary because it sees the release of Shenmue 3 the kick-started continuation of a cult classic series that follows the story of Ryo Hazuki and his journey to avenge his father's death set in China in 1987 Shenmue 3 will have you visiting beautiful new areas and meeting all new characters although you can have telephone catch ups with your favorites from previous installments you'll notice we avoided describing Shenmue 3 as the closing chapter in the saga because creator Yu Suzuki is hoping to make more we cannot lace even though we're going to have to some ends of the world have a tendency to be a bit gray or brown or sad so it's good to see that rage 2 is really making the effort the sequels to it software's open worlds and asteroids really mess things up shooter looks like a nuclear explosion in a rhubarb and custard Factory this is a good thing and looks to build on the solid original with an emphasis on chaotic physics heavy power fantasy action to that end Avalanche is collaborating with it on the game having impressed with the emergent murder circus of Just Cause 3 and of course it couldn't hurt that the studio also made 2015 Mad Max with rages vehicular post civilization setting I mean much to the world of the road warrior speaking of Mad Max sort of your character enraged to is a customizable Ranger Walker surely a nod to Mad Max three's Captain Walker itself a reference to the brilliant novel Ridley Walker which you should read yes you preferably before age 2 arrives in May if you were within 10 miles of me when I first heard about Crash Team Racing nitro fueled then may I offer your eardrums the sincerest of apologies I am ludicrously excited about this a full on ps4 remake of Crash Team Racing following the success of the n sane trilogy this game is basically my childhood turbocharged seeing my favorite tracks looking as good as this is unbelievably exciting and I've already started an intensive training program of time trials on the original CTR so that I'll be at the peak of my powers when Crash Team Racing nitro fueled hits ps4 on June the 21st basically because there's going to be online multiplayer now and if I don't win every race I'm going to be very sad see you on the track in June and prepare to choke on my exhaust fumes helping to fill out a frankly ridiculous lineup of upcoming ps4 exclusives is the latest from Sly Cooper and infamous creators sucker punch a team with a big creative heritage but here a completely new direction ghost of Toshima is a gorgeous cinematic revenge story set in a carefully recreated 13th century Japan with hero samurai jin sekai learning a new ghost fighting style to make amends for the massacre of his people what has us particularly excited is the elegance of the environment ghost of Toshima is an open world in which Sucker Punch wants people to realize a fantasy of becoming a samurai and that world is filled with bowing trees whispering windswept grass and falling leaves with our hero moving through them all with a deadly sense of purpose winging its way on to ps4 on January the 18th is Ace Combat 7 Sky's unknown the I can't quite believe how good it looks continuation of everyone's favorite dogfighting series the story sees you soaring through epic aerial battles in a fictional future war but what has is particularly excited is the inclusion of local multiplayer and here's the kicker exclusive missions for PlayStation VR if ever again was crying out to be experienced in virtual reality it's ace combat 7 we've tried it and yes it's as fast and electrifying as you'd expect all the thrill of piloting a fighter plane that rips through the sky faster than sense with crucially none of the actual danger observation is one of the smaller games on the list but we're making up for that by being extra excited about it imagine a stylish thinkI sci-fi experience developed by the team behind episodic PC horror stories untold who were also involved in the design of the fantastic alien isolation and you have this a wonderfully analogue Earth orbit disaster in which a chunky modular Space Station has been thrown into turmoil by a mysterious mishap and you'll help the mission lead dr. Emma Fisher to figure out what happened the crucial part being that you'll be doing so as the ship's AI Sam a nod to and reversal of the famous misfiring computer Hal in 2001 a Space Odyssey control is a new third-person action thriller from remedy entertainment and it looks weird which is excellent the setup is that you're Jesse Faden burdened with mysterious childhood trauma now working at Manhattan's Federal Bureau of control a government department dedicated to investigating and harnessing the power of the supernatural things go wrong of course and what we love is the originality and stark strangeness of how this plays out in everything from Jesse's reformulating pistol to the eeriness of figures hanging dormant in midair most of the game takes place in the Bureau itself at its headquarters known as very cool name the oldest house a brutalist shell warped within by the forces it's trying to contain put this style and story together with what we know about remedy and third-person action and we will see you at the oldest house next year do you really need any introduction to the Last of Us part 2 the sequel to Naughty Dog searing masterpiece is pushing ps4 further than it's ever gone before and while we don't have a definite release date what we do have is animation better than anything we've seen in the medium nuance acting performances that rival anything you'll see in the cinema and gameplay that looks even more tense tight and brutal than before le has grown up since we last saw her morphing from willful vulnerable teenager into battle-hardened survivor a character balancing the churning emotional turmoil of our own humanity with the cruel necessities of a violent post-apocalyptic world The Last of Us part two is going to be something very special indeed and we simply cannot wait to play so there you have it 20 essential ps4 games you absolutely have to play in 2019 plus a book I mentioned for some reason let us know which of these you're most excited for in the comments or if there are any you think we've missed leave a like if you enjoy the video subscribe get the notification bell so you don't miss anything from the world station for the players

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  1. Don't support anthem EA been getting away selling trash for years and years get out the game

  2. Although is a nintendo game .They should bring a big classic back The Legend of Zelda for Ps4 old good childhood memories.

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  4. The Last Of Us Pt 2 !!!! Can’t Wait !

  5. Kingdom Hearts 3, DMC 5, Rage 2, Ghost Of Tsushima & TLOU pt.2!!!!
    i am all set & more than ready for these 2019 games II arrive ~ can hardly freakn wait!!!!

  6. I own an Xbox one but next week I’m buying the ps4 because exclusives are better, let’s be honest folks

  7. Call of duty Infinite warfare is the best game ever.

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  11. Honestly they dont make games like they used too

  12. I think the last of us 2 looks better then the first but I didn't even like the the first so I'm kind of hoping some stuff is redone but I mean, if the naughty dog formula for the last of us satisfied many then I'm willing to let it slide

  13. All the other games on this list make Anthem and The Division 2 look like crayon drawings done by a 5-year-old.

  14. How much did they pay you to say days gone looked “beautiful” it looks like a ps3 game

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    LMFAO @ ANTHEM being on this list ;P Like WAAAT!?! SERIOUSLY?!? xD

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