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The one and only Elmo makes his return to Fortnite! DAITrickster again brings us a hilarious voice impression in a Fortnite 1v1, and I destroyed him this time! He turned off his aimbot, and he was so bad that he ended up smashing his controller. This video was a ton of fun to make, please like and subscribe if you want more Fortnite Trolling videos! STAY CHUGGLE GLUGGLE.


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Outro Song ► “Come and Get it” by Krewella

(pg family friendly fortnite gameplay)

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stop yes dude I got this guy named the dye trick oh my god today I have a fortnight video for you all with Elmo again he is back and madder than ever because I actually creamed him this time in this 1v1 we were going back and forth but I think I had the ultimate victory and he got so mad he was crying he was smashing his controller I homo just he has anger man he went to go talk to his therapist he'll be back soon but until then I hope you all enjoyed this video if you do please be sure to drop a like let's go for 69 likes on this video wink wink please subscribe to my channel if you new here if you don't subscribe then you were going to die in 87 years Jesus what do you what do you think I am annoys thank you all so much for watching I'll see you all in the next video be sure to check out all my social medias stay shoku global Elmo did you miss me why stop stop stop stop uh-huh that's it that's a good way to start the night I like see you now because because you were looking at me funny dude I'm actual hey don't cry no okay here here I'll let you kill me I'll let you kill me okay I'll give you I'll give you a gun here what do you want okay you should have opened it I was trying to and well you sound like you're in a bad mood today something happen you want to talk about it yeah yeah do last time we played you destroyed me with aimbot okay I'm coming I've been practicing just for this moment I'm back for me oh you dead again are you sure you playing last time because you still kill me a good amount of times when I are just like bad like I don't even know what this is I don't have a tick dude I do not have a tick what are you talking about oh my god get your get your drummers why didn't you didn't build anything there do I see someone I'm gonna get him stop stop stop how you play for a night what do you want me to do you I'm gonna not play the game you present me for scrap I've killed you three times your class let me first I'll keep moving let me kill it sir yeah I'm supposed to steal no yes yes yes you are that's what a good friend does nice try nice try no don't do that because I am immortal I got what's the difference yeah that's true that's a point shut up no not today maybe tomorrow look my boss I don't want to they tasted funny last time okay then get one I'm not stopping your baby stop Ronnie Wayne building play like a man Elmo when did you learn the bill I guess I just didn't realize I'm stupid hey dude who named you Elmo like what kind of name is that [Laughter] [Applause] finally your first kill yes oh thank god do you have me first thing I actually thought you might be able to kill me again dude why do you like that word so much you got a problem with female dogs stupid-ass child look you oh my god will you leave her out of this hey I think we're pretty good friends dude stop yes dude I got this guy named the dye trick oh my god why would I did oh my god because you're ugly I don't know you're that were you expecting to accomplish with that oh there's a chest I'm gonna get that shut yo I got a chest heck ya know I was right cuz I'm not a baby like you shut up I don't cry baby I'm not baby getting warmer getting warmer even though cavities you got early well actually when I came out there was green stuff all over my face and that included inside my nose holes so excuse me for having glaucoma can you show her no ah damn it what that was lucky killed those lucky kill you suck you still suck at this game I'm coming for you pepper hello you stupid furry oh what's up Bob Bob Bob huh no I'm gonna use just a shock just the shotgun brow yep common little one let's talk about this bout ha ha how's that for talking what about your smell like chicken still not anymore I don't face me no stop running away like a little bitch running away doesn't matter yes see what happens when you don't play like a man oh wait your snipers are business yeah you're lucky oh you wanna hit me think you can you wanna know why yes yeah leanness deflected my bullet that's mean that's mean well let go cry about it oh you're high huh I hope you're happy with that results because I sure I don't watch you and your stop cheering young ba why you were shooting at me a while ago Elmo I have a gift for you guys tonight me let's see let's see how close range you can snipe me okay oh my god get over here we're not done here yes no matter how many guns you have even if you have a full inventory here I'll give it all I'll give it all to you who are you expecting I'm a big fat liar I'm gonna get one and I'm gonna stop the race no I know what I'm gonna do what are you gonna hear huh Oh what are you gonna use the bush what we're gonna try to do with that huh you've like a bush finish oh you're ridiculous yes Lola hey who was that dude there's a walking Bush are you okay all that's left is a window to muscle you all that's left is a window to muscle

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