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I hope you enjoy this black ops 4 video and it helped you improve at cod black ops 4. Subscribe for more tips and advice videos for call of duty. I am making lots of how to play call of duty videos.

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what's good guys Tiger here back with another black ops 4 video this one is going to be on hardcore I've been getting a lot of comments recently asking for me to make a hardcore video and today's the day guys today is the day I'm gonna make a hardcore video I'm gonna give you 10 tips to improve at hardcore so these tips are gonna be helpful for all kinds of players whether you're a brand new player to hardcore or you're a seasoned vet because I know the hardcore community is a very strong community a lot of hardcore players have been playing for absolutely years so I get it so I really hope that these tips can help you guys but some of them you're obviously going to know anyway ok so my first tip is pre aiming pre aiming is such an important thing in black ops for anyway but in hardcore it's just so much more important because you have a very shorter time to kill in hardcore compared to normal core especially core in black ops 4 because you there's 150 health a lot of people are playing hardcore because they don't like the extra health so I think the hardcore community has has definitely grown in black ops for what I guess is a good thing for you hardcore players and pre aiming is something that you definitely are going to want to do because because the time scale is very shorter you need to be able to make sure you're there to hit those very first bullets those initial bullets in order to kill them as fast as possible so if you're going round corners pre aiming the areas where you think they're going to be so that's like on head glitches by doorways in Windows doesn't matter doesn't matter where it could be anywhere you want to make sure you're trying to pre aim as much as possible literally every corner you go around you're going to want to pre aim you're not going to want to just be sprinting around the corner that's how you die very very easily so you definitely need to be careful with the way you pre aim and it's something that you're definitely gonna want to consciously be thinking about as you play the game okay tip 2 is pre firing so this kind of works with pre aiming but the reason why pre firing is so important in hardcore is because there's a lot of two V ones I find very often because this game relies on sound hardcore it's a very audio based game mode because you haven't got any heard you haven't got the mini-map more specifically you need to focus on your hearing so a good headset is really good for hardcore players so if you hear shots go down a lot of people will just run to that situation to try and clean that person up because they have found they know where someone is so pre firing is something definitely important let's say you go round the corner you kill someone you're going to want to literally pre-fire a certain area to try and catch someone off who's going to be running towards you and because lower time to kill pre firing they're going to die very very fast also just pre firing like wolves like try and hit people through through objects is very cool in hardcore definitely tilts a lot of people if you shoot someone through a wall it's really fun to do but if you've got good tracking and you know the maps obviously it's very early in the game but as you'd get to know the maps you get to know what you can wallbang pre firing certain areas is really awesome really steps you up to that next level of of player tip three is centering or crosshair placement for some of you who are maybe not familiar with centering and it's very important in hardcore more than core because of those initial shots you need to make sure you are getting those initial shots off first because in hardcore it is all about getting the first shot on first it's not like core in black ops 4 you can outplay if you get shot first you can run away he'll come back hardcore not like that it's all about getting those initial shots off first it's being as accurate as possible over the other person in order to get the kills especially in those 1v1 gunfights it's all about hitting the first shot so if you can Center your crosshairs in the places where you assume the enemy are going to be so for example like our saying with pre aiming this is centering is when you're just not aiming down sight so as you move around the map you want to make sure you are putting your crosshairs where you think the enemy are going to be so this is like looking at dual ways as you go around the corner and you know what's around that corner if you're familiar with the map you want to put your crosshairs where you think the enemy are going to be so if they do come up there or if they are there all you need to do is just aim down sight and shoot you don't have to readjust your crosshairs your aimer in order to kill them number four is keeping track of your specialist abilities and equipment this is something I am suffering with so much I'm really struggling I'm just not used to not having a heard because I'm mainly a core player and a lot of new players as well are definitely gonna get caught out with this because you could be wasting a lot of potential because you don't have a hood you don't necessarily know when you've got your specialist ability or equipment back so you're definitely gonna want to try and keep track of it and also just keep testing the button for the ability or the equipment just so you know if you've got it up yet and then you can use it number five is best specialist for hardcore now these are my opinion and what I feel are best suited for hardcore obviously there's a lot of specialists that are just good all in general but these ones I see as hardcore specific and really important and this is recon crash talk Ajax and battery obviously there's others but these the one that I think are the most important recon because his vision pulse is just amazing as soon as you pop that it's just so Oh peed like you should definitely like your team should not die if you've got vision Pulsar because you should be pre aiming pre firing and centering all together and it's just easy easy kills now the censored art you're gonna want to use when you get your UAV but you definitely want to make sure you are using vision pulse just using it in general just making sure you don't forget about it and using it at the correct times as well you need to be careful with recon but he's a very very important specialist in hardcore I love the others as well crash crush allows you to not use the scavenger perk so you can get more bullets if you're a good player also being able to allow your teammates to have extra health is really important as well Talk Talk is probably really good because not only can you just deny certain areas but the razor-wire only takes two hits to kill people I've died a couple of times to the razor wire and same with the radiation barricade I can't remember exactly what it's called but that is awesome as well you can put that and that can get some really easy kills so talk definitely gets a lot more kills in hardcore than core and then obviously Ajax and battering they're just two specialists who can probably get a lot more kills in hardcore especially with the cluster grenade for battery and Ajax with with his shield and his gun really get a lot more kills in hardcore over core but they're both good in court as well I'm not saying that they're not number six is best attachments these are the attachments that I think are best specifically for hardcore obviously there's attachments that are just really good just all general for like all game modes but for hardcore I think the laser sight is awesome because when you're centering you can hit fire very accurately silencer because audio is very important even though you're not necessarily using it stay off the map it's just silencing your shots so the enemy don't really have an idea at where you're shooting from and quick-draw because you want to make sure you are aiming down sight as fast as possible in order to be as accurate as possible to get those initial shots off first as well really helps for snapshotting as well quick-draw number seven is higher sensitivity now in a lot of tip videos like this you'll hear a lot of people say lower your sensitivity in order to be more accurate things like that in hardcore you don't need that because it's just about those initial shots you don't need to stay on target to track someone or anything like that it's about snapping on to someone and instantly getting them so if you're comfortable with a high sensitivity you're going to be able to react to certain situations faster than someone with lower sensitivity obviously it might hurt you at long long ranges but just in those clothes medium gunfights players who are comfortable with a higher sensitivity are really going to shine over those who are using something like a 5 or 6 sensitivity number 8 is broken sprinting and this is moving around the map by breaking up your sprinting you don't want to just constantly be sprinting around the map you want to constantly be like pressing the aim-down-sight button you're aimer just constantly breaking up your sprint because if someone does come into your line of sight you don't want to be caught sprinting because you don't want to be going through the animation of cancelling your sprint out times so you always want to be breaking the sprint out times yourself just by constantly trying to press the aim-down-sight now at the start of the games when you know this is going to be no enemies in front of you obviously you can just normally sprint but as you get closer at the map and you don't know where the enemies are going to be this is where you're going to want to try and not sprint as much and just trying to break up those sprint patterns as much as possible so you're not caught sprinting number nine don't use school streaks that kill your teammates ah if you guys played hardcore shipment on card World War two you know exactly what I mean people who use score streaks in hardcore that kill their teammates is just it's just never gonna end up well for you so just make sure you're not using score streaks like the hellstorm what I use and I managed to kill to my own teammates off because I forgot to change it so definitely want to be careful make sure you just have score streaks like the UAV UAVs definitely definitely important especially if you pair that up with the sensor dar for recon so you always want a UAV maybe a counter UAV as well to stop the enemy's UAV things like that but just stay away from score streaks that can kill your teammates number ten is the combo of dead silence and acoustic sensor this is a really good combination and something I think it's perfect for hardcore because you're silencing your footsteps and then amplifying the enemy's footsteps to just allow you to really get an understanding of where the enemies are around you it's like having awareness going on in blackout it's just really really powerful definitely recommend it because a lot of the other gear like stim shot is okay armor but a lot of them just aren't as useful as they are in core as acoustic sensor you're really getting those benefits especially when you get your UAV as well so that combo really deadly really suggest trying it out but they are my 10 tips guys in a video in the very near future I'm going to be going over my best guns for hardcore so you've got that to look forward to if you did enjoy this video if you did enjoy this video and you want to see more consider subscribing turning on notifications to stay updated on all my latest content and if you're interested in call of duty coaching for $5 a month I do too private live streams that normally lasts between three to four hours I go through as many clips as possible that my patrons send in and as I'm reviewing those clips if I'm reviewing your clip you get to join me in a Skype chat we'll go over your clips together go through your strengths go through your weaknesses I'll tell you where you need to improve I might give you some drills to do during the week so then when we next meet up in the next livestream you can tell me if you've worked on it and if it's helped you and then we can just keep helping you to improve and become a better player and you can find a link for that down in the description and in the endcard at the end of this video but that's all from me take care and I'll see you in the next video

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  1. Literally not litchrally. Learn English you dumb brit.

  2. You overcomplicated this vid and it's concepts, I hold prefiring on the same standard of corner camping, why try to change the basic concept of a twitch shooter by firing around every corner? That's like saying you should flash bang every room to prevent corner camping when realistically that's complicated and you can just check corners and clear rooms, and save a perk.

  3. On hardcore the perfect perks are cold blooded, engineer, ghost, and dead silence. Have all of these on and you’ll have an advantage over everyone.

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    but more hardcore gameplay and streams thanks

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  12. Best tip is don't play it.
    Joking aside it makes golding pistols and shotguns really easy. Only time I'm ever touching this shit

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